RouteAberdeen to Inverness Line
SectionAberdeen to Keith Jn
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Area MapsAberdeen , Keith
Extent0M -019y to 53M 0151y  •  53.097 miles  •  85.451 km
Measured85.427 km (Δ -23m)
GroupingANI1 , ANI2 , ANI3
NeighboursANI2 , DFN , ECN5 , WRO
NR RegionScotland
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🏢 Administrative Area

MileageCountryAdministrative Area
0M -019y to 10M 1462yScotlandAberdeen
10M 1463y to 47M 0384yScotlandAberdeenshire
47M 0385y to 53M 0151yScotlandMoray


📍 Nearest Place and District

MileageNearest PlaceDistrict / CountyDistance
0M -019y to 0M 0208yAberdeenAberdeen City697m - 790m
0M 0209y to 0M 1440yGilcomstonAberdeen City261m - 681m
0M 1441y to 1M 0010yRosemountAberdeen City527m - 708m
1M 0011y to 1M 1330yKittybrewsterAberdeen City189m - 720m
1M 1331y to 1M 1440yTillydroneAberdeen City507m - 528m
1M 1441y to 2M 0714yHaytonAberdeen City230m - 619m
2M 0715y to 3M 0032yWoodsideAberdeen City188m - 603m
3M 0033y to 3M 1044yMiddlefieldAberdeen City374m - 798m
3M 1045y to 4M 0560yBucksburnAberdeen City107m - 790m
4M 0561y to 4M 1506yBankheadAberdeen City129m - 503m
4M 1507y to 5M 1176yStoneywoodAberdeen City330m - 832m
5M 1177y to 7M 0362yDyceAberdeen City179m - 1644m
7M 0363y to 8M 1528yCothalAberdeenshire960m - 1711m
8M 1529y to 10M 0252yHatton of FintrayAberdeenshire1140m - 1718m
10M 0253y to 11M 0824yMill of FintrayAberdeenshire1205m - 2211m
11M 0825y to 11M 1638yMuir of KinellarAberdeenshire1966m - 2208m
11M 1639y to 14M 0230yKintoreAberdeenshire92m - 1982m
14M 0231y to 14M 1242yClovenstoneAberdeenshire1323m - 1531m
14M 1243y to 16M 0252yPort ElphinstoneAberdeenshire377m - 1348m
16M 0253y to 17M 1308yInverurieAberdeenshire163m - 1521m
17M 1309y to 18M 1396yBalhalgardyAberdeenshire963m - 1518m
18M 1397y to 20M 0274yDrimmiesAberdeenshire539m - 1624m
20M 0275y to 22M 0560yPitcapleAberdeenshire367m - 1628m
22M 0561y to 23M 0098yWhitefordAberdeenshire1483m - 2419m
23M 0099y to 25M 1242yOyneAberdeenshire58m - 2406m
25M 1243y to 26M 1066yKirktonAberdeenshire1466m - 1692m
26M 1067y to 29M 0516yInschAberdeenshire360m - 2735m
29M 0517y to 32M 0868yOldtownAberdeenshire96m - 2739m
32M 0869y to 34M 0516yKennethmontAberdeenshire218m - 2127m
34M 0517y to 35M 0560yCultsAberdeenshire15m - 831m
35M 0561y to 36M 0538yGartlyAberdeenshire114m - 818m
36M 0539y to 37M 0714yCuldrainAberdeenshire273m - 1019m
37M 0715y to 39M 0780yBridgendAberdeenshire381m - 2149m
39M 0781y to 42M 0538yHuntlyAberdeenshire709m - 2263m
42M 0539y to 44M 1528yKinnoirAberdeenshire1412m - 3192m
44M 1529y to 45M 0142yMilltown of RothiemayMoray3092m - 3202m
45M 0143y to 47M 1660yRuthvenAberdeenshire1143m - 3077m
47M 1661y to 49M 0054yFarmtownMoray1616m - 2352m
49M 0055y to 51M 0516yDavoch of GrangeMoray583m - 1975m
51M 0517y to 52M 0582yDrumMoray1108m - 1967m
52M 0583y to 53M 0151yNewmillMoray589m - 1106m


🏷️ Positional Accuracy Statistics

PropertyCountMinMaxMeanMedianStd Dev
Linear Accuracy215-29m29m-0m-0m3m
Normalised Quarter Miles215409y472y440y440y4y
Calibration Segment Length21519y440y435y440y45y