RouteAberdeen to Inverness Line
SectionKeith Jn to Forres
ELR MapsAtlas , Interactive
Area MapsAlves , Keith
Extent0M -006y to 30M 0915y  •  30.523 miles  •  49.122 km
Measured49.162 km (Δ +40m)
GroupingANI1 , ANI2 , ANI3
NeighboursANI1 , ANI3 , BGD , DFN
NR RegionScotland
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🏢 Administrative Area

MileageCountryAdministrative Area
0M -006y to 30M 0915yScotlandMoray


📍 Nearest Place and District

MileageNearest PlaceDistrict / CountyDistance
0M -006y to 0M 0868yForresMoray395m - 839m
0M 0869y to 1M 0758yBogtonMoray239m - 1222m
1M 0759y to 2M 0692yWhiteinchMoray389m - 1230m
2M 0693y to 4M 0934yKinlossMoray465m - 3221m
4M 0935y to 4M 1088yLawrencetonMoray3233m - 3297m
4M 1089y to 5M 0164yColtfieldMoray2816m - 3294m
5M 0165y to 8M 0076yAlvesMoray359m - 2800m
8M 0077y to 9M 0076yNewtonMoray1514m - 1907m
9M 0077y to 9M 1308yMosstowieMoray1553m - 1713m
9M 1309y to 9M 1572yMiltonduffMoray1545m - 1593m
9M 1573y to 11M 0758yPittendreichMoray681m - 1526m
11M 0759y to 11M 1022yElginMoray1208m - 1379m
11M 1023y to 13M 0736yNew ElginMoray175m - 1702m
13M 0737y to 14M 1506yHallowoodMoray928m - 1694m
14M 1507y to 16M 1506yLhanbrydeMoray246m - 1775m
16M 1507y to 17M 0340yCranlochMoray1506m - 1770m
17M 0341y to 18M 0714yBlackburnMoray125m - 1491m
18M 0715y to 19M 1088yOrblistonMoray54m - 1505m
19M 1089y to 21M 0824yInchberryMoray32m - 1497m
21M 0825y to 23M 0934yOrtonMoray169m - 1922m
23M 0935y to 25M 0142yCraigheadMoray220m - 1907m
25M 0143y to 27M 0956yMulbenMoray148m - 3253m
27M 0957y to 27M 1572yAultmoreMoray3082m - 3271m
27M 1573y to 30M 0340yFife KeithMoray663m - 3074m
30M 0341y to 30M 0538yKeithMoray927m - 971m
30M 0539y to 30M 0915yNewmillMoray705m - 966m


🏷️ Positional Accuracy Statistics

PropertyCountMinMaxMeanMedianStd Dev
Linear Accuracy125-20m31m0m0m4m
Normalised Quarter Miles125413y474y440y440y5y
Calibration Segment Length1256y440y430y440y66y