RouteBasingstoke and Exeter Line
SectionWorting Jn (Basingstoke) to Salisbury (west)
ELR MapsAtlas , Interactive
Area MapsWorting Jn , Andover , Salisbury
Extent50M 0285y to 83M 1586y  •  33.739 miles  •  54.298 km
Measured54.465 km (Δ +167m)
⚠️ Large variation between reported and measured extents
GroupingBAE1 , BAE2
NeighboursBAE2 , BML1 , LAV , LUD1 , LUD2 , RTJ2
NR RegionSouthern
Quail Map 5 — Southern & TfLTRACKmaps Book 5 — Southern & TfL


🏢 Administrative Area

MileageCountryAdministrative Area
50M 0285y to 74M 0186yEnglandHampshire
74M 0187y to 83M 1586yEnglandWiltshire


📍 Nearest Place and District

MileageNearest PlaceDistrict / CountyDistance
50M 0285y to 50M 1550yWortingHampshire - Basingstoke and Deane230m - 1338m
50M 1551y to 50M 1726yKempshottHampshire - Basingstoke and Deane1352m - 1405m
50M 1727y to 52M 0692yEast OakleyHampshire - Basingstoke and Deane305m - 1389m
52M 0693y to 52M 1374yOakleyHampshire - Basingstoke and Deane997m - 1539m
52M 1375y to 54M 0142yDeaneHampshire - Basingstoke and Deane538m - 1546m
54M 0143y to 54M 0692yAshe WarrenHampshire - Basingstoke and Deane801m - 951m
54M 0693y to 55M 0340yPolhamptonHampshire - Basingstoke and Deane425m - 786m
55M 0341y to 56M 0164yQuidhamptonHampshire - Basingstoke and Deane28m - 794m
56M 0165y to 57M 0296yLynchHampshire - Basingstoke and Deane556m - 1232m
57M 0297y to 58M 0934yFreefolkHampshire - Basingstoke and Deane611m - 1370m
58M 0935y to 60M 0736yWhitchurchHampshire - Basingstoke and Deane858m - 2316m
60M 0737y to 62M 0208ySt Mary BourneHampshire - Basingstoke and Deane1609m - 2308m
62M 0209y to 64M 0362yPicket PieceHampshire - Test Valley283m - 2068m
64M 0363y to 64M 0582yAndover DownHampshire - Test Valley1355m - 1442m
64M 0583y to 65M 0670yEast AntonHampshire - Test Valley929m - 1434m
65M 0671y to 66M 0780yAndoverHampshire - Test Valley914m - 1277m
66M 0781y to 66M 1396yCharltonHampshire - Test Valley1293m - 1568m
66M 1397y to 67M 0494yAnna ValleyHampshire - Test Valley1411m - 1568m
67M 0495y to 68M 0010yPenton CornerHampshire - Test Valley1224m - 1420m
68M 0011y to 68M 0912yAbbotts AnnHampshire - Test Valley1106m - 1359m
68M 0913y to 69M 1110yMonxtonHampshire - Test Valley739m - 1292m
69M 1111y to 70M 1066yAmportHampshire - Test Valley1299m - 2010m
70M 1067y to 72M 0736yGrateleyHampshire - Test Valley211m - 1994m
72M 0737y to 74M 0890yPalestineHampshire - Test Valley135m - 2361m
74M 0891y to 75M 1374yNewton TonyWiltshire1791m - 2360m
75M 1375y to 76M 0604yAllingtonWiltshire1545m - 1851m
76M 0605y to 76M 1550yBoscombeWiltshire1166m - 1537m
76M 1551y to 77M 1572yIdmistonWiltshire429m - 1151m
77M 1573y to 78M 0560yPortonWiltshire547m - 731m
78M 0561y to 78M 1022yEast GomeldonWiltshire197m - 568m
78M 1023y to 78M 1572yGomeldonWiltshire52m - 313m
78M 1573y to 78M 1704yWest GomeldonWiltshire329m - 388m
78M 1705y to 79M 0802yWinterbourne GunnerWiltshire171m - 473m
79M 0803y to 79M 1352yWinterbourne DauntseyWiltshire353m - 486m
79M 1353y to 80M 1088yWinterbourne EarlsWiltshire201m - 1078m
80M 1089y to 81M 0824yFordWiltshire718m - 1085m
81M 0825y to 82M 0538yBishopdownWiltshire319m - 842m
82M 0539y to 82M 1572yWyndham ParkWiltshire438m - 630m
82M 1573y to 83M 0098ySalisburyWiltshire476m - 620m
83M 0099y to 83M 1088ySt Paul’sWiltshire146m - 461m
83M 1089y to 83M 1586yChurchfieldsWiltshire39m - 349m


🏷️ Positional Accuracy Statistics

PropertyCountMinMaxMeanMedianStd Dev
Linear Accuracy138-24m31m1m1m6m
Normalised Quarter Miles138389y473y441y441y8y
Calibration Segment Length1382y440y430y440y53y