RouteBuxton Branch
SectionEdgeley Jn No. 1 to Buxton
ELR MapsAtlas , Interactive
Area MapsStockport , Cheadle Hulme , Hazel Grove , New Mills , Chinley , Chapel-en-le-Frith , Buxton
Extent0M -161y to 19M 0307y  •  19.266 miles  •  31.005 km
Measured31.004 km (Δ -2m)
NeighboursBUX , CMP1 , CMP2 , CNB1 , CNB4 , EJN , HGC , NMC1
NR RegionNorth West & Central
Quail Map 4 — Midlands & North WestTRACKmaps Book 4 — Midlands & North West


🏢 Administrative Area

MileageCountryAdministrative Area
0M -161y to 4M 0428yEnglandManchester
4M 0429y to 4M 1396yEnglandCheshire
4M 1397y to 6M 0010yEnglandManchester
6M 0011y to 7M 0648yEnglandCheshire
7M 0649y to 19M 0307yEnglandDerbyshire


📍 Nearest Place and District

MileageNearest PlaceDistrict / CountyDistance
0M -161y to 0M 0296yShaw HeathStockport362m - 564m
0M 0297y to 0M 0428yAdswoodStockport545m - 557m
0M 0429y to 0M 0846yCale GreenStockport367m - 541m
0M 0847y to 0M 1726yDavenportStockport18m - 426m
0M 1727y to 1M 0912yWoods MoorStockport135m - 480m
1M 0913y to 1M 1264yStepping HillStockport421m - 485m
1M 1265y to 1M 1748yBramhall MoorStockport381m - 446m
1M 1749y to 2M 0934yHazel GroveStockport231m - 521m
2M 0935y to 3M 0142yNorbury MoorStockport538m - 1049m
3M 0143y to 3M 1000yTorkingtonStockport1065m - 1443m
3M 1001y to 4M 1198yMiddlewoodCheshire East457m - 1427m
4M 1199y to 5M 0890yHigh LaneStockport621m - 1175m
5M 0891y to 6M 1220yDisleyCheshire East89m - 1174m
6M 1221y to 6M 1660yDanebankCheshire East607m - 676m
6M 1661y to 7M 0274yHigher DisleyCheshire East688m - 936m
7M 0275y to 8M 0428yNewtownDerbyshire - High Peak41m - 922m
8M 0429y to 9M 0142yFurness ValeDerbyshire - High Peak64m - 764m
9M 0143y to 9M 1110yBridgemontDerbyshire - High Peak57m - 551m
9M 1111y to 9M 1506yHockerleyDerbyshire - High Peak309m - 364m
9M 1507y to 10M 0472yWhaley BridgeDerbyshire - High Peak43m - 357m
10M 0473y to 10M 1088yNew HorwichDerbyshire - High Peak4m - 276m
10M 1089y to 11M 0670yOver LeighDerbyshire - High Peak19m - 943m
11M 0671y to 11M 0802yHilltopDerbyshire - High Peak920m - 952m
11M 0803y to 12M 0692yTunstead MiltonDerbyshire - High Peak303m - 908m
12M 0693y to 13M 0758yCombsDerbyshire - High Peak259m - 1056m
13M 0759y to 13M 0890yCockyardDerbyshire - High Peak1063m - 1079m
13M 0891y to 14M 0054yLower CrossingsDerbyshire - High Peak1027m - 1334m
14M 0055y to 14M 0648yChapel-en-le-FrithDerbyshire - High Peak1147m - 1344m
14M 0649y to 15M 0362yBlackbrookDerbyshire - High Peak686m - 1134m
15M 0363y to 16M 1286yDove HolesDerbyshire - High Peak142m - 1228m
16M 1287y to 17M 0252yBatham GateDerbyshire - High Peak826m - 1241m
17M 0253y to 18M 0824yTomthornDerbyshire - High Peak393m - 1498m
18M 0825y to 18M 0978yNithen EndDerbyshire - High Peak1419m - 1500m
18M 0979y to 18M 1066yThe ParkDerbyshire - High Peak1351m - 1403m
18M 1067y to 18M 1704yHigher BuxtonDerbyshire - High Peak811m - 1333m
18M 1705y to 19M 0120yBuxtonDerbyshire - High Peak673m - 794m
19M 0121y to 19M 0307yThe ParkDerbyshire - High Peak499m - 655m


🏷️ Positional Accuracy Statistics

PropertyCountMinMaxMeanMedianStd Dev
Linear Accuracy79-51m51m-0m-1m13m
Normalised Quarter Miles79384y495y440y439y15y
Calibration Segment Length7954y440y429y440y59y