RouteBristol and Gloucester Line
Sectionformer Tuffley Jn to Westerleigh
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Area MapsGloucester , Stonehouse , Berkley Road Jn , Westerleigh
Extent94M 1298y to 122M 1500y  •  28.115 miles  •  45.246 km
Measured45.186 km (Δ -60m)
ℹ️ Variation between reported and measured extents
GroupingBGL1 , BGL2
NeighboursBGL1 , SAW , SWB , SWM1 , THO , YAT
NR RegionWales & Western
Quail Map 3 — Western & WalesTRACKmaps Book 3 — Western & Wales


🏢 Administrative Area

MileageCountryAdministrative Area
94M 1298y to 112M 0164yEnglandGloucestershire
112M 0165y to 122M 1500yEnglandSouth Gloucestershire


📍 Nearest Place and District

MileageNearest PlaceDistrict / CountyDistance
94M 1298y to 95M 0230yTuffleyGloucestershire - Gloucester285m - 576m
95M 0231y to 95M 0604yPodsmeadGloucestershire - Gloucester554m - 585m
95M 0605y to 96M 0428yLower TuffleyGloucestershire - Gloucester322m - 1021m
96M 0429y to 96M 1572yWhaddonGloucestershire - Stroud1028m - 1647m
96M 1573y to 97M 0230yBrookthorpeGloucestershire - Stroud1638m - 1653m
97M 0231y to 98M 0032yColethropGloucestershire - Stroud790m - 1636m
98M 0033y to 99M 0098yHaresfieldGloucestershire - Stroud76m - 883m
99M 0099y to 99M 1088yLittle HaresfieldGloucestershire - Stroud683m - 879m
99M 1089y to 99M 1440yStandishGloucestershire - Stroud609m - 728m
99M 1441y to 100M 1550yStroud GreenGloucestershire - Stroud352m - 1192m
100M 1551y to 101M 0494yNastendGloucestershire - Stroud955m - 1201m
101M 0495y to 101M 1528yStonehouseGloucestershire - Stroud741m - 945m
101M 1529y to 102M 0142yBridgendGloucestershire - Stroud846m - 885m
102M 0143y to 102M 1308yStanley DowntonGloucestershire - Stroud715m - 924m
102M 1309y to 103M 1616yFrocesterGloucestershire - Stroud305m - 1074m
103M 1617y to 105M 0120yCoaleyGloucestershire - Stroud548m - 1129m
105M 0121y to 105M 1682yDraycottGloucestershire - Stroud607m - 1144m
105M 1683y to 107M 0208yGossingtonGloucestershire - Stroud362m - 1342m
107M 0209y to 108M 1440yBerkeley RoadGloucestershire - Stroud144m - 1356m
108M 1441y to 108M 1550yBerkeley HeathGloucestershire - Stroud1333m - 1334m
108M 1551y to 109M 0912yHeathfieldGloucestershire - Stroud1115m - 1327m
109M 0913y to 110M 0736yLower WickGloucestershire - Stroud277m - 1171m
110M 0737y to 111M 0252yMiddle WickGloucestershire - Stroud352m - 1005m
111M 0253y to 111M 1132yDameryGloucestershire - Stroud603m - 1012m
111M 1133y to 112M 1000yHuntingfordSouth Gloucestershire32m - 868m
112M 1001y to 113M 0758yCharfieldSouth Gloucestershire103m - 862m
113M 0759y to 114M 1110yLittle BristolSouth Gloucestershire103m - 1387m
114M 1111y to 114M 1264yChurchendSouth Gloucestershire1402m - 1480m
114M 1265y to 115M 1330yWickwarSouth Gloucestershire350m - 1478m
115M 1331y to 116M 1726yWest EndSouth Gloucestershire399m - 1804m
116M 1727y to 117M 0450yBagstoneSouth Gloucestershire1619m - 1802m
117M 0451y to 118M 0054yRangeworthySouth Gloucestershire1255m - 1610m
118M 0055y to 119M 0626yEngine CommonSouth Gloucestershire521m - 1315m
119M 0627y to 119M 1440yYateSouth Gloucestershire878m - 972m
119M 1441y to 120M 0978yNibleySouth Gloucestershire915m - 1344m
120M 0979y to 122M 0340yWesterleighSouth Gloucestershire190m - 1356m
122M 0341y to 122M 1500yParkfieldSouth Gloucestershire545m - 1363m


🏷️ Positional Accuracy Statistics

PropertyCountMinMaxMeanMedianStd Dev
Linear Accuracy110-16m17m-1m-1m4m
Normalised Quarter Miles110429y458y439y439y4y
Calibration Segment Length110440y1060y450y440y72y