RouteBerks and Hants Line
SectionSouthcote Jn to former Patney & Westbury (or Chirton) Jn
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Area MapsReading , ELR change SWY-BHL
Extent37M 1309y to 81M 0440y  •  43.506 miles  •  70.017 km
Measured69.916 km (Δ -101m)
⚠️ Large variation between reported and measured extents
NeighboursBKE , SWY
NR RegionWales & Western
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🏢 Administrative Area

MileageCountryAdministrative Area
37M 1309y to 63M 1308yEnglandBerkshire
63M 1309y to 81M 0440yEnglandWiltshire


📍 Nearest Place and District

MileageNearest PlaceDistrict / CountyDistance
37M 1309y to 38M 1396ySouthcoteReading441m - 921m
38M 1397y to 39M 0780yHorncastleReading892m - 1114m
39M 0781y to 39M 1550yCalcot RowWest Berkshire739m - 1121m
39M 1551y to 40M 1418yCalcotWest Berkshire410m - 984m
40M 1419y to 42M 0274yThealeWest Berkshire444m - 1500m
42M 0275y to 43M 0076ySulhamsteadWest Berkshire1088m - 1490m
43M 0077y to 43M 0714yUfton GreenWest Berkshire1130m - 1188m
43M 0715y to 44M 0912yLower PadworthWest Berkshire89m - 1192m
44M 0913y to 45M 1418yAldermaston WharfWest Berkshire73m - 1479m
45M 1419y to 47M 0670yWoolhamptonWest Berkshire246m - 1470m
47M 0671y to 48M 0956yMidghamWest Berkshire976m - 1391m
48M 0957y to 49M 1660yColthropWest Berkshire537m - 1399m
49M 1661y to 51M 0186yThatchamWest Berkshire986m - 1566m
51M 0187y to 52M 0670yHam MarshWest Berkshire115m - 1563m
52M 0671y to 52M 1638yEast FieldsWest Berkshire100m - 501m
52M 1639y to 53M 0340yNewburyWest Berkshire304m - 373m
53M 0341y to 53M 0846yCityWest Berkshire65m - 333m
53M 0847y to 54M 0494yWest FieldsWest Berkshire163m - 1238m
54M 0495y to 54M 1088ySkinners GreenWest Berkshire1172m - 1251m
54M 1089y to 55M 0736yEnborneWest Berkshire711m - 1174m
55M 0737y to 56M 0978yMarsh BenhamWest Berkshire611m - 1468m
56M 0979y to 57M 1418yHalfwayWest Berkshire1046m - 1521m
57M 1419y to 59M 0384yKintburyWest Berkshire324m - 1509m
59M 0385y to 60M 1088yAvingtonWest Berkshire344m - 1557m
60M 1089y to 60M 1616yEddingtonWest Berkshire1259m - 1574m
60M 1617y to 62M 1748yHungerfordWest Berkshire81m - 2005m
62M 1749y to 64M 1088yFroxfieldWiltshire615m - 1996m
64M 1089y to 65M 1616yLittle BedwynWiltshire20m - 1158m
65M 1617y to 67M 0472yGreat BedwynWiltshire133m - 1262m
67M 0473y to 69M 0494yCroftonWiltshire172m - 1668m
69M 0495y to 69M 1242yStibb GreenWiltshire1287m - 1674m
69M 1243y to 70M 0648yDurleyWiltshire933m - 1279m
70M 0649y to 70M 0978yStibb GreenWiltshire965m - 999m
70M 0979y to 71M 1396yRam AlleyWiltshire458m - 1112m
71M 1397y to 72M 1726yWootton RiversWiltshire10m - 1117m
72M 1727y to 73M 0296yClenchWiltshire746m - 773m
73M 0297y to 73M 1616yNew MillWiltshire66m - 734m
73M 1617y to 74M 1176yMilkhouse WaterWiltshire214m - 816m
74M 1177y to 74M 1484yKepnalWiltshire798m - 835m
74M 1485y to 75M 1198yPewseyWiltshire477m - 866m
75M 1199y to 76M 0494yEast SharcottWiltshire508m - 850m
76M 0495y to 76M 0538yWest SharcottWiltshire617m - 628m
76M 0539y to 76M 1616yLittle AbbotsWiltshire452m - 702m
76M 1617y to 77M 1418yManningford AbbotsWiltshire698m - 1492m
77M 1419y to 79M 0230yBottlesfordWiltshire581m - 1496m
79M 0231y to 79M 0340yWoodboroughWiltshire957m - 997m
79M 0341y to 79M 1682yPiccadillyWiltshire310m - 984m
79M 1683y to 80M 1220yBeechingstokeWiltshire245m - 905m
80M 1221y to 81M 0440yPatneyWiltshire710m - 913m


🏷️ Positional Accuracy Statistics

PropertyCountMinMaxMeanMedianStd Dev
Linear Accuracy176-23m24m-1m-1m5m
Normalised Quarter Miles176202y467y438y439y19y
Calibration Segment Length17611y440y435y440y44y