RouteAltrincham to Chester
SectionAltrincham to Mickle Trafford
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Area MapsSale , Northwich , Hartford , Mouldsworth , Mickle Trafford Jn
Extent7M 1264y to 35M 0917y  •  27.803 miles  •  44.744 km
Measured44.694 km (Δ -51m)
ℹ️ Variation between reported and measured extents
GroupingCDM1 , CDM2 , CDM3
NeighboursCDM1 , CDM3 , CGJ1 , CHW1 , HCN , HEG , HWG , MWC , NSN , SNJ
NR RegionNorth West & Central
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🏢 Administrative Area

MileageCountryAdministrative Area
7M 1264y to 9M 1132yEnglandManchester
9M 1133y to 35M 0917yEnglandCheshire


📍 Nearest Place and District

MileageNearest PlaceDistrict / CountyDistance
7M 1264y to 8M 0186yAltrinchamTrafford293m - 590m
8M 0187y to 8M 1000yHaleTrafford488m - 608m
8M 1001y to 9M 0934yAshley HeathTrafford101m - 924m
9M 0935y to 10M 1462yAshleyCheshire East74m - 1135m
10M 1463y to 12M 0582yNew MillsCheshire East100m - 1225m
12M 0583y to 12M 1594yMobberleyCheshire East997m - 1214m
12M 1595y to 13M 1506yShaw HeathCheshire East232m - 1058m
13M 1507y to 14M 0648yCross TownCheshire East95m - 499m
14M 0649y to 15M 1550yKnutsfordCheshire East240m - 2206m
15M 1551y to 16M 0230ySmithy GreenCheshire East2059m - 2213m
16M 0231y to 18M 0296yPlumleyCheshire East647m - 2051m
18M 0297y to 19M 1352yLostock GralamCheshire West and Chester346m - 1608m
19M 1353y to 19M 1528yWinchamCheshire West and Chester1080m - 1099m
19M 1529y to 20M 0780yMarstonCheshire West and Chester1011m - 1107m
20M 0781y to 20M 0934yRudheathCheshire West and Chester1107m - 1111m
20M 0935y to 21M 1308yNorthwichCheshire West and Chester519m - 1109m
21M 1309y to 22M 1066yGreenbankCheshire West and Chester65m - 1014m
22M 1067y to 23M 1242yHartfordbeachCheshire West and Chester60m - 1360m
23M 1243y to 24M 1330yGorstageCheshire West and Chester583m - 1343m
24M 1331y to 25M 1616yCuddingtonCheshire West and Chester65m - 1049m
25M 1617y to 27M 0868yStonyfordCheshire West and Chester395m - 1494m
27M 0869y to 27M 1198yOakmereCheshire West and Chester1501m - 1533m
27M 1199y to 29M 0538yHatchmereCheshire West and Chester1502m - 1933m
29M 0539y to 30M 1154yManley CommonCheshire West and Chester868m - 1926m
30M 1155y to 30M 1220yManleyCheshire West and Chester1094m - 1111m
30M 1221y to 31M 1748yMouldsworthCheshire West and Chester294m - 1111m
31M 1749y to 32M 0736yAshton HayesCheshire West and Chester1119m - 1584m
32M 0737y to 33M 0912yBroomhillCheshire West and Chester421m - 1589m
33M 0913y to 34M 0934yLittle BarrowCheshire West and Chester213m - 1152m
34M 0935y to 35M 0917yMickle TraffordCheshire West and Chester351m - 1140m


🏷️ Positional Accuracy Statistics

PropertyCountMinMaxMeanMedianStd Dev
Linear Accuracy113-27m27m-0m-0m6m
Normalised Quarter Miles113410y470y439y440y6y
Calibration Segment Length11315y462y433y440y47y