RouteCentral Wales Line
SectionCraven Arms Jn to Llandovery Jn
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Area MapsCraven Arms , ELR change VOT-CWL2
Extent0M -002y to 59M 0301y  •  59.172 miles  •  95.228 km
Measured95.446 km (Δ +217m)
⚠️ Large variation between reported and measured extents
GroupingCWL1 , CWL2
NeighboursCWL1 , SHL , VOT
NR RegionWales & Western
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🏢 Administrative Area

MileageCountryAdministrative Area
0M -002y to 14M 0978yEnglandShropshire
14M 0979y to 50M 1660yWalesPowys
50M 1661y to 59M 0301yWalesCarmarthenshire


📍 Nearest Place and District

MileageNearest PlaceDistrict / CountyDistance
0M -002y to 0M 1220yCraven ArmsShropshire237m - 1179m
0M 1221y to 1M 0208ySibdon CarwoodShropshire697m - 1197m
1M 0209y to 2M 0010yLong MeadowendShropshire121m - 764m
2M 0011y to 3M 0604yBroomeShropshire104m - 1344m
3M 0605y to 4M 1022yAbcottShropshire254m - 1350m
4M 1023y to 5M 1484yHoptonheathShropshire74m - 1210m
5M 1485y to 7M 0560yBedstoneShropshire207m - 1199m
7M 0561y to 8M 0978yBucknellShropshire364m - 1155m
8M 0979y to 9M 0362yHeartseasePowys690m - 976m
9M 0363y to 10M 0626yWestonShropshire98m - 915m
10M 0627y to 11M 1308yMilebrookPowys282m - 1419m
11M 1309y to 13M 1462yKnightonPowys399m - 2020m
13M 1463y to 15M 0824yKnucklasPowys12m - 2020m
15M 0825y to 17M 0780yHeyopePowys322m - 2432m
17M 0781y to 18M 1374yFerleyPowys1261m - 2415m
18M 1375y to 19M 1726yLlangunlloPowys816m - 1644m
19M 1727y to 20M 0120yFerleyPowys1342m - 1391m
20M 0121y to 21M 0450yGravelPowys204m - 1338m
21M 0451y to 21M 1572yLlanbister RoadPowys59m - 661m
21M 1573y to 23M 0802yCwm-y-gaistPowys179m - 2123m
23M 0803y to 24M 0714yLlanfihangel RhydithonPowys1340m - 2111m
24M 0715y to 26M 1022yDolauPowys219m - 2166m
26M 1023y to 27M 1352yPenybontPowys1343m - 2163m
27M 1353y to 29M 1352yCrossgatesPowys136m - 1785m
29M 1353y to 30M 0912yGwystrePowys1793m - 2231m
30M 0913y to 32M 1330yLlandrindod WellsPowys153m - 2240m
32M 1331y to 33M 1264yHoweyPowys93m - 1281m
33M 1265y to 35M 0186yCrosswayPowys130m - 1917m
35M 0187y to 35M 0824yDisserthPowys1935m - 2300m
35M 0825y to 37M 0450yCwmbach LlechrhydPowys53m - 2295m
37M 0451y to 38M 0978yBuilth RoadPowys20m - 1540m
38M 0979y to 40M 0670yCilmeryPowys372m - 1540m
40M 0671y to 42M 0384yLlanfechanPowys22m - 1466m
42M 0385y to 43M 1506yGarthPowys339m - 1447m
43M 1507y to 45M 1704yLlangammarch WellsPowys7m - 2017m
45M 1705y to 47M 0846yCefn-gorwyddPowys1057m - 2017m
47M 0847y to 49M 1396yLlanwrtyd WellsPowys414m - 2545m
49M 1397y to 50M 1682yLlanwrtydPowys2557m - 4118m
50M 1683y to 51M 1044yTirabadPowys4106m - 4491m
51M 1045y to 57M 0164yCynghordyCarmarthenshire1159m - 4486m
57M 0165y to 59M 0301yLlandoveryCarmarthenshire405m - 3329m


🏷️ Positional Accuracy Statistics

PropertyCountMinMaxMeanMedianStd Dev
Linear Accuracy239-13m25m1m1m3m
Normalised Quarter Miles239347y480y440y441y8y
Calibration Segment Length2391y440y436y440y41y