RouteCambrian Coast Line
SectionDovey Jn to Pwllheli
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Area MapsDovey Junction , Pwllheli
Extent78M 1260y to 132M 1644y  •  54.218 miles  •  87.256 km
Measured87.215 km (Δ -41m)
NR RegionWales & Western
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🏢 Administrative Area

MileageCountryAdministrative Area
78M 1260y to 132M 1644yWalesGwynedd


📍 Nearest Place and District

MileageNearest PlaceDistrict / CountyDistance
78M 1260y to 80M 0252yGlandyfiCeredigion935m - 1769m
80M 0253y to 81M 1374yPant EidalGwynedd130m - 1787m
81M 1375y to 83M 0648yAber-TafolGwynedd58m - 1774m
83M 0649y to 86M 1220yAberdoveyGwynedd102m - 2773m
86M 1221y to 88M 0582yPendreGwynedd508m - 2760m
88M 0583y to 89M 1484yTywynGwynedd270m - 1959m
89M 1485y to 91M 1616yTonfanauGwynedd11m - 1965m
91M 1617y to 92M 1110yRhoslefainGwynedd926m - 1301m
92M 1111y to 94M 1110yLlangelyninGwynedd119m - 2097m
94M 1111y to 96M 1462yLlwyngwrilGwynedd79m - 2079m
96M 1463y to 97M 1088yFriogGwynedd402m - 1394m
97M 1089y to 98M 1374yFairbourneGwynedd133m - 1515m
98M 1375y to 99M 0802yArthogGwynedd1264m - 1623m
99M 0803y to 101M 0450yBarmouthGwynedd20m - 1610m
101M 0451y to 103M 0516yLlanaberGwynedd223m - 2128m
103M 0517y to 104M 1396yTal-y-bontGwynedd428m - 2112m
104M 1397y to 105M 0362yLlanddwyweGwynedd449m - 550m
105M 0363y to 105M 0780yDyffryn ArdudwyGwynedd473m - 541m
105M 0781y to 105M 1682yLlanenddwynGwynedd182m - 466m
105M 1683y to 106M 1572yCoed YstumgwernGwynedd420m - 1560m
106M 1573y to 108M 0406yLlanbedrGwynedd203m - 1557m
108M 0407y to 108M 1330yPen-sarnGwynedd472m - 793m
108M 1331y to 109M 1110yLlandanwgGwynedd59m - 779m
109M 1111y to 110M 0604yLlanfairGwynedd427m - 1022m
110M 0605y to 110M 1572yHarlechGwynedd287m - 1036m
110M 1573y to 112M 0670yLower HarlechGwynedd112m - 2121m
112M 0671y to 114M 0076yYnysGwynedd631m - 2133m
114M 0077y to 115M 0230yTalsarnauGwynedd277m - 946m
115M 0231y to 116M 0164yLlandecwynGwynedd434m - 939m
116M 0165y to 117M 0450yPenrhyndeudraethGwynedd136m - 1034m
117M 0451y to 118M 1660yMinfforddGwynedd215m - 1372m
118M 1661y to 120M 0384yPorthmadogGwynedd477m - 1362m
120M 0385y to 120M 1550yTremadogGwynedd835m - 1190m
120M 1551y to 121M 1396yPenmorfaGwynedd1015m - 1426m
121M 1397y to 123M 1110yPentrefelinGwynedd1355m - 1988m
123M 1111y to 125M 1264yCricciethGwynedd82m - 1970m
125M 1265y to 127M 0758yLlanystumdwyGwynedd725m - 1959m
127M 0759y to 128M 1330yAfon WenGwynedd401m - 1954m
128M 1331y to 130M 0406yHafan y MorGwynedd299m - 1703m
130M 0407y to 131M 1242yAbererchGwynedd695m - 1704m
131M 1243y to 132M 0076yLlwyn-hudolGwynedd1063m - 1189m
132M 0077y to 132M 1644yPwllheliGwynedd175m - 1174m


🏷️ Positional Accuracy Statistics

PropertyCountMinMaxMeanMedianStd Dev
Linear Accuracy219-17m17m-0m-0m3m
Normalised Quarter Miles219421y459y440y440y3y
Calibration Segment Length21960y440y436y440y37y