RouteLiverpool and Manchester Exchange Line
SectionEdge Hill Jn to Manchester Victoria
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Area MapsWavertree , Huyton , St Helens , Newton-le-Willows , Trafford Park , Manchester
Extent1M 0895y to 31M 0487y  •  29.768 miles  •  47.907 km
Measured47.895 km (Δ -12m)
NeighboursCGJ4 , COL , EEE , EHW , MVE1 , NGJ , OCD , OLL1 , OLW , OME3 , PJL , SBH1 , SCN , SCT1 , WEE , WJL3 , WJL4
NR RegionNorth West & Central
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🏢 Administrative Area

MileageCountryAdministrative Area
1M 0895y to 16M 1044yEnglandMerseyside
16M 1045y to 31M 0487yEnglandManchester


📍 Nearest Place and District

MileageNearest PlaceDistrict / CountyDistance
1M 0895y to 1M 1616yEdge HillLiverpool649m - 1268m
1M 1617y to 2M 0758yWavertreeLiverpool964m - 1276m
2M 0759y to 3M 0472yOak Hill ParkLiverpool443m - 958m
3M 0473y to 3M 1638yBroad GreenLiverpool279m - 659m
3M 1639y to 4M 0626yCourt HeyKnowsley337m - 524m
4M 0627y to 4M 1220yBowring ParkKnowsley410m - 572m
4M 1221y to 4M 1550yPage MossKnowsley510m - 582m
4M 1551y to 5M 0890yRobyKnowsley180m - 545m
5M 0891y to 5M 1484yHuyton with RobyKnowsley321m - 552m
5M 1485y to 6M 1374yHuyton ParkKnowsley69m - 1184m
6M 1375y to 7M 0142yWindy ArborKnowsley1104m - 1184m
7M 0143y to 8M 0472yWhistonKnowsley305m - 1086m
8M 0473y to 8M 0868yHoltSt. Helens748m - 911m
8M 0869y to 9M 0692yRainhillSt. Helens386m - 916m
9M 0693y to 10M 0560yLea GreenSt. Helens219m - 921m
10M 0561y to 10M 1638yMarshall’s CrossSt. Helens109m - 632m
10M 1639y to 11M 0714ySutton LeachSt. Helens265m - 561m
11M 0715y to 12M 0098ySuttonSt. Helens480m - 860m
12M 0099y to 12M 1000yMoss NookSt. Helens864m - 1147m
12M 1001y to 12M 1396yDerbyshire HillSt. Helens1123m - 1154m
12M 1397y to 13M 1616yCollins GreenWarrington76m - 1111m
13M 1617y to 14M 1044yEarlestownSt. Helens201m - 672m
14M 1045y to 14M 1506yNewton-le-WillowsSt. Helens489m - 722m
14M 1507y to 15M 1704yWargraveSt. Helens540m - 1334m
15M 1705y to 17M 0296yTown of LowtonWigan586m - 1339m
17M 0297y to 17M 1044yLane HeadWigan753m - 919m
17M 1045y to 18M 0802yKenyonWarrington453m - 894m
18M 0803y to 19M 1572yDiggle GreenWarrington57m - 1411m
19M 1573y to 22M 0648yGlazeburyWarrington173m - 2562m
22M 0649y to 23M 0934yAstley GreenWigan2472m - 2609m
23M 0935y to 24M 0054yIrlamSalford2596m - 2642m
24M 0055y to 24M 0736yCalder BankTrafford2461m - 2639m
24M 0737y to 25M 1176yPeel GreenSalford904m - 2447m
25M 1177y to 26M 0648yWintonSalford329m - 895m
26M 0649y to 26M 1726yPatricroftSalford271m - 670m
26M 1727y to 27M 0758yEcclesSalford300m - 657m
27M 0759y to 27M 1198yEllesmere ParkSalford320m - 497m
27M 1199y to 28M 0648yLittle BoltonSalford64m - 602m
28M 0649y to 28M 1286yWeasteSalford297m - 615m
28M 1287y to 29M 0010ySeedleySalford187m - 288m
29M 0011y to 29M 0978ySalfordSalford108m - 618m
29M 0979y to 30M 0164yNew WindsorSalford521m - 707m
30M 0165y to 30M 1110yOrdsallSalford667m - 969m
30M 1111y to 31M 0428yManchesterManchester756m - 979m
31M 0429y to 31M 0487yCity CentreManchester776m - 785m


🏷️ Positional Accuracy Statistics

PropertyCountMinMaxMeanMedianStd Dev
Linear Accuracy121-31m31m-0m0m6m
Normalised Quarter Miles121406y474y440y440y7y
Calibration Segment Length12147y440y433y440y50y