RouteEdinburgh to Carstairs Line
SectionCarstairs East Jn to Slateford Jn
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Area MapsCarstairs , Midcalder Jn , Edinburgh Park , Edinburgh (West)
Extent74M 0197y to 99M 0017y  •  24.898 miles  •  40.069 km
Measured40.124 km (Δ +55m)
ℹ️ Variation between reported and measured extents
GroupingECA1 , ECA2 , ECA3
NeighboursCKT , CSP , ECA1 , ECA3 , EGS2
NR RegionScotland
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🏢 Administrative Area

MileageCountryAdministrative Area
74M 0197y to 82M 0252yScotlandSouth Lanarkshire
82M 0253y to 92M 0824yScotlandWest Lothian
92M 0825y to 99M 0017yScotlandEdinburgh


📍 Nearest Place and District

MileageNearest PlaceDistrict / CountyDistance
74M 0197y to 74M 0406yCarstairs JunctionSouth Lanarkshire779m - 959m
74M 0407y to 75M 1308yWest EndSouth Lanarkshire383m - 1489m
75M 1309y to 76M 1374yCarnwathSouth Lanarkshire1503m - 2899m
76M 1375y to 77M 1748yBraeheadSouth Lanarkshire2868m - 3248m
77M 1749y to 81M 1374yAuchengraySouth Lanarkshire482m - 3232m
81M 1375y to 83M 0274yTarbraxSouth Lanarkshire2653m - 3601m
83M 0275y to 86M 1154yHarburnWest Lothian68m - 3605m
86M 1155y to 86M 1682yBellsquarryWest Lothian1716m - 1996m
86M 1683y to 88M 1220yMuriestonWest Lothian938m - 1706m
88M 1221y to 89M 1308yOakbankWest Lothian678m - 1660m
89M 1309y to 90M 1066yLangtonWest Lothian722m - 1271m
90M 1067y to 91M 1176yKirknewtonWest Lothian366m - 1260m
91M 1177y to 92M 0692yHumbieWest Lothian534m - 1169m
92M 0693y to 93M 1198yBurnwyndCity of Edinburgh1024m - 1846m
93M 1199y to 93M 1506yGlenbrookCity of Edinburgh1851m - 1924m
93M 1507y to 94M 0956yBalernoCity of Edinburgh1717m - 1921m
94M 0957y to 95M 1528yCurrieCity of Edinburgh482m - 1750m
95M 1529y to 96M 1000yRiccartonCity of Edinburgh533m - 865m
96M 1001y to 97M 0076yBabertonCity of Edinburgh384m - 880m
97M 0077y to 97M 1022yWester HailesCity of Edinburgh280m - 660m
97M 1023y to 98M 0054yKingsknoweCity of Edinburgh316m - 659m
98M 0055y to 98M 0626yLongstoneCity of Edinburgh292m - 433m
98M 0627y to 99M 0017ySlatefordCity of Edinburgh50m - 620m


🏷️ Positional Accuracy Statistics

PropertyCountMinMaxMeanMedianStd Dev
Linear Accuracy102-19m20m1m1m5m
Normalised Quarter Miles102393y462y440y441y7y
Calibration Segment Length1023y880y430y440y88y