RouteEast Coast Main Line (ECML)
SectionYork to Newcastle West Jn
ELR MapsAtlas , Interactive
Area MapsYork , Northallerton , Darlington , Ferryhill South Jn , Tursdale Jn , Tyne Yard , Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Extent0M -011y to 80M 0253y  •  80.150 miles  •  128.989 km
Measured128.827 km (Δ -162m)
⚠️ Large variation between reported and measured extents
GroupingECM1 , ECM2 , ECM3 , ECM4 , ECM5 , ECM6 , ECM7 , ECM8 , ECM9
NeighboursCHN , DAE1 , DSN1 , ECM4 , ECM6 , ECM7 , FEP , HAY1 , HLK , HOS , KBF , KEB , LEN2 , LFL , LLP1 , LLP2 , LLP3 , NEC1 , NEN1 , NLF , REB4 , STF , TEY , YMS
NR RegionEastern
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🏢 Administrative Area

MileageCountryAdministrative Area
0M -011y to 4M 1572yEnglandYork
4M 1573y to 41M 0054yEnglandNorth Yorkshire
41M 0055y to 47M 1154yEnglandDarlington
47M 1155y to 74M 0406yEnglandDurham
74M 0407y to 80M 0253yEnglandTyne and Wear


📍 Nearest Place and District

MileageNearest PlaceDistrict / CountyDistance
0M -011y to 0M 0758yYorkYork697m - 1030m
0M 0759y to 0M 1550yHolgateYork751m - 1026m
0M 1551y to 1M 1616yOuse AcresYork305m - 1021m
1M 1617y to 2M 1154yRawcliffeYork832m - 1037m
2M 1155y to 3M 0890yNether PoppletonYork632m - 989m
3M 0891y to 3M 0956ySkeltonYork861m - 874m
3M 0957y to 4M 0956yOvertonNorth Yorkshire - Hambleton766m - 1422m
4M 0957y to 6M 1748yShiptonNorth Yorkshire - Hambleton248m - 2529m
6M 1749y to 7M 1638yNewton-on-OuseNorth Yorkshire - Hambleton2510m - 2759m
7M 1639y to 10M 0692yTollertonNorth Yorkshire - Hambleton347m - 2754m
10M 0693y to 12M 0384yAlneNorth Yorkshire - Hambleton1118m - 2583m
12M 0385y to 15M 0362yRaskelfNorth Yorkshire - Hambleton1195m - 2777m
15M 0363y to 16M 1682yLittle SessayNorth Yorkshire - Hambleton879m - 2779m
16M 1683y to 17M 1748ySessayNorth Yorkshire - Hambleton463m - 1004m
17M 1749y to 18M 0934yLittle HuttonNorth Yorkshire - Hambleton1014m - 1552m
18M 0935y to 19M 0912yDaltonNorth Yorkshire - Hambleton1505m - 1909m
19M 0913y to 21M 1000yThorpefieldNorth Yorkshire - Hambleton458m - 1900m
21M 1001y to 23M 0846yCarlton MiniottNorth Yorkshire - Hambleton751m - 1918m
23M 0847y to 23M 1506yBreckenbroughNorth Yorkshire - Hambleton1782m - 1931m
23M 1507y to 25M 1044yNewshamNorth Yorkshire - Hambleton960m - 1777m
25M 1045y to 27M 0450ySouth OtteringtonNorth Yorkshire - Hambleton958m - 1677m
27M 0451y to 27M 0494yNewby WiskeNorth Yorkshire - Hambleton1611m - 1623m
27M 0495y to 28M 1528yNorth OtteringtonNorth Yorkshire - Hambleton1234m - 1935m
28M 1529y to 30M 0824yRomanbyNorth Yorkshire - Hambleton321m - 1925m
30M 0825y to 31M 0428yNorthallertonNorth Yorkshire - Hambleton734m - 1522m
31M 0429y to 32M 0472yYafforthNorth Yorkshire - Hambleton1530m - 2292m
32M 0473y to 32M 1088yOaktree HillNorth Yorkshire - Hambleton1944m - 2305m
32M 1089y to 34M 0142yDanby WiskeNorth Yorkshire - Hambleton765m - 1929m
34M 0143y to 35M 0428yHutton BonvilleNorth Yorkshire - Hambleton656m - 1347m
35M 0429y to 36M 1374yBirkbyNorth Yorkshire - Hambleton305m - 1355m
36M 1375y to 38M 1022yEast CowtonNorth Yorkshire - Hambleton1053m - 2523m
38M 1023y to 40M 1330yDalton-on-TeesNorth Yorkshire - Richmondshire569m - 2513m
40M 1331y to 42M 0010yCroft-on-TeesNorth Yorkshire - Richmondshire421m - 1127m
42M 0011y to 42M 1066yHurworth-on-TeesDarlington1142m - 1709m
42M 1067y to 43M 1396ySkerne ParkDarlington592m - 1715m
43M 1397y to 44M 1066yBank TopDarlington137m - 670m
44M 1067y to 45M 1066yAlbert HillDarlington224m - 973m
45M 1067y to 46M 0714yHarrowgate HillDarlington533m - 956m
46M 0715y to 46M 1154yHarrowgate VillageDarlington690m - 712m
46M 1155y to 47M 0912yBeaumont HillDarlington332m - 824m
47M 0913y to 48M 0230yCoatham MundevilleDarlington566m - 842m
48M 0231y to 49M 0208yBraffertonDarlington313m - 1077m
49M 0209y to 50M 0890yAycliffe VillageCounty Durham269m - 1286m
50M 0891y to 52M 0780yPreston-le-SkerneCounty Durham145m - 1778m
52M 0781y to 53M 0868yMordonCounty Durham1175m - 1771m
53M 0869y to 55M 0538yBradburyCounty Durham419m - 1592m
55M 0539y to 55M 1440yMainsforthCounty Durham1127m - 1574m
55M 1441y to 57M 0824yChilton LaneCounty Durham127m - 1564m
57M 0825y to 57M 1726yCornforthCounty Durham893m - 1552m
57M 1727y to 58M 1110yEast HowleCounty Durham390m - 879m
58M 1111y to 58M 1616yMetal BridgeCounty Durham242m - 436m
58M 1617y to 59M 1506yTursdaleCounty Durham264m - 1502m
59M 1507y to 61M 0582yHettCounty Durham655m - 1512m
61M 0583y to 61M 0978ySunderland BridgeCounty Durham570m - 821m
61M 0979y to 61M 1198yCroxdaleCounty Durham436m - 556m
61M 1199y to 62M 1374ySunderland BridgeCounty Durham299m - 1382m
62M 1375y to 62M 1726yBrowneyCounty Durham1145m - 1371m
62M 1727y to 63M 1638yLittleburnCounty Durham27m - 1131m
63M 1639y to 64M 0780yLangley MoorCounty Durham164m - 487m
64M 0781y to 65M 0164yStonebridgeCounty Durham392m - 704m
65M 0165y to 65M 1242yCrossgate MoorCounty Durham358m - 707m
65M 1243y to 66M 0340yDurhamCounty Durham58m - 539m
66M 0341y to 66M 0736yWestern HillCounty Durham267m - 473m
66M 0737y to 66M 1506yThe SandsCounty Durham477m - 884m
66M 1507y to 67M 1506yNewton HallCounty Durham281m - 871m
67M 1507y to 69M 0142yBrassideCounty Durham356m - 1411m
69M 0143y to 69M 1506yPlawsworth GateCounty Durham753m - 1407m
69M 1507y to 70M 0340yPlawsworthCounty Durham765m - 873m
70M 0341y to 71M 0692yChester MoorCounty Durham444m - 1312m
71M 0693y to 71M 1374yBridge EndCounty Durham741m - 1317m
71M 1375y to 72M 1000yCanadaCounty Durham210m - 723m
72M 1001y to 73M 0252ySouth PelawCounty Durham556m - 940m
73M 0253y to 74M 0252yBarley MowCounty Durham594m - 1046m
74M 0253y to 74M 0318yOustonCounty Durham1055m - 1058m
74M 0319y to 75M 0692yBirtleyGateshead499m - 1199m
75M 0693y to 76M 0054yLow EightonGateshead834m - 1213m
76M 0055y to 76M 0780yLamesleyGateshead592m - 835m
76M 0781y to 76M 1176yAllerdeneGateshead504m - 585m
76M 1177y to 77M 0582yChowdeneGateshead249m - 646m
77M 0583y to 77M 1682yTeam ValleyGateshead497m - 765m
77M 1683y to 78M 0890ySaltwellGateshead393m - 758m
78M 0891y to 79M 0054yBenshamGateshead78m - 469m
79M 0055y to 79M 0670yTeamsGateshead394m - 838m
79M 0671y to 79M 1594yGatesheadGateshead652m - 1000m
79M 1595y to 80M 0253yScience CentralNewcastle upon Tyne759m - 1017m


🏷️ Positional Accuracy Statistics

PropertyCountMinMaxMeanMedianStd Dev
Linear Accuracy321-142m25m-1m-0m10m
Normalised Quarter Miles321284y468y439y440y11y
Calibration Segment Length32111y880y439y440y49y