RouteEdinburgh to Aberdeen Line (ECML North)
Sectionformer Camperdown Jn (Dundee) to former St Vigean’s Jn (Arbroath)
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Area MapsDundee , ELR change ECN2-ECN3 , ELR change ECN3-ECN4
Extent0M 0459y to 17M 0378y  •  16.954 miles  •  27.285 km
Measured27.287 km (Δ +2m)
GroupingECN1 , ECN2 , ECN3 , ECN4 , ECN5
NeighboursECN2 , ECN4
NR RegionScotland
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🏢 Administrative Area

MileageCountryAdministrative Area
0M 0459y to 5M 1132yScotlandDundee
5M 1133y to 17M 0378yScotlandAngus


📍 Nearest Place and District

MileageNearest PlaceDistrict / CountyDistance
0M 0459y to 0M 0582yDundeeDundee City1205m - 1309m
0M 0583y to 0M 0758yHilltownDundee City1329m - 1438m
0M 0759y to 0M 1352yMaryfieldDundee City1430m - 1458m
0M 1353y to 2M 0406yStannergateDundee City73m - 1449m
2M 0407y to 2M 1748yWest FerryDundee City468m - 881m
2M 1749y to 3M 1682yBroughty FerryDundee City67m - 861m
3M 1683y to 5M 0274yBarnhillDundee City652m - 1399m
5M 0275y to 7M 0604yMonifiethAngus304m - 2177m
7M 0605y to 9M 0648yBarryAngus817m - 2187m
9M 0649y to 10M 1352yCarnoustieAngus148m - 1471m
10M 1353y to 11M 1286yInchbraeAngus43m - 766m
11M 1287y to 13M 1022yEast HavenAngus41m - 2199m
13M 1023y to 15M 1550yElliotAngus121m - 2199m
15M 1551y to 16M 1528yArbroathAngus297m - 1507m
16M 1529y to 17M 0274yCairnieAngus246m - 362m
17M 0275y to 17M 0378yDemondaleAngus332m - 376m


🏷️ Positional Accuracy Statistics

PropertyCountMinMaxMeanMedianStd Dev
Linear Accuracy70-15m15m0m-0m4m
Normalised Quarter Miles70423y493y441y440y8y
Calibration Segment Length703y440y426y440y73y