RouteEdinburgh to Glasgow (via Falkirk High) Main Line (E&G)
SectionGlasgow Queen Street to Haymarket West Jn
RemarksKnown anomalies with data source accuracy
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Area MapsGlasgow (West) , Glasgow , Glasgow (East) , Glasgow (North) , Greenhill , Carmuirs , Falkirk , Winchburgh Jn , Newbridge Jn , Edinburgh Park , Edinburgh (West)
Extent0M -015y to 45M 0081y  •  45.055 miles  •  72.508 km
Measured72.448 km (Δ -60m)
ℹ️ Variation between reported and measured extents
GroupingEGM1 , EGM2 , EGM3 , EGM4
NeighboursCSN , DMY , ECN2 , EGM2 , GGE , GHL , MRL1 , NBE , NEM3 , PMT , PNS , SCM3 , SGN , ZZB3 , ZZB4
NR RegionScotland
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🏢 Administrative Area

MileageCountryAdministrative Area
0M -015y to 2M 1022yScotlandGlasgow
2M 1023y to 11M 0472yScotlandEast Dunbartonshire
11M 0473y to 15M 1748yScotlandNorth Lanarkshire
15M 1749y to 28M 1154yScotlandFalkirk
28M 1155y to 36M 0230yScotlandWest Lothian
36M 0231y to 45M 0081yScotlandEdinburgh


📍 Nearest Place and District

MileageNearest PlaceDistrict / CountyDistance
0M -015y to 0M 0230yMerchant CityGlasgow City412m - 535m
0M 0231y to 0M 0912yCowcaddensGlasgow City404m - 541m
0M 0913y to 0M 1440yPort DundasGlasgow City346m - 464m
0M 1441y to 1M 0604ySighthillGlasgow City184m - 535m
1M 0605y to 1M 1572yCowlairsGlasgow City226m - 543m
1M 1573y to 2M 0692yParkhouseGlasgow City163m - 545m
2M 0693y to 2M 1308yMiltonGlasgow City556m - 830m
2M 1309y to 4M 0318yBishopbriggsEast Dunbartonshire50m - 1480m
4M 0319y to 4M 0802yCadderEast Dunbartonshire1488m - 1624m
4M 0803y to 5M 1616yBogheadEast Dunbartonshire470m - 1618m
5M 1617y to 5M 1660yHigh GallowhillEast Dunbartonshire873m - 878m
5M 1661y to 6M 1110yLenzieEast Dunbartonshire64m - 862m
6M 1111y to 7M 0384yMillersneukEast Dunbartonshire139m - 762m
7M 0385y to 7M 1176yDuntiblaeEast Dunbartonshire513m - 749m
7M 1177y to 9M 0252yWatersideEast Dunbartonshire545m - 2178m
9M 0253y to 9M 0626yTwecharEast Dunbartonshire1977m - 2185m
9M 0627y to 11M 0032yBlackwoodNorth Lanarkshire538m - 1961m
11M 0033y to 12M 0362yCroyNorth Lanarkshire259m - 1061m
12M 0363y to 13M 0758yDullaturNorth Lanarkshire21m - 1074m
13M 0759y to 13M 1440yWesterwoodNorth Lanarkshire847m - 954m
13M 1441y to 14M 0274yKelvinheadNorth Lanarkshire940m - 1004m
14M 0275y to 14M 0516yAuchinclochFalkirk928m - 1001m
14M 0517y to 15M 0186yWardparkNorth Lanarkshire623m - 918m
15M 0187y to 15M 1616yCastlecaryNorth Lanarkshire288m - 736m
15M 1617y to 16M 0010yHaggsFalkirk736m - 743m
16M 0011y to 17M 0208yAllandaleFalkirk308m - 1174m
17M 0209y to 18M 0296yGreenhillFalkirk325m - 1189m
18M 0297y to 19M 0538yHigh BonnybridgeFalkirk161m - 1318m
19M 0539y to 19M 1594yCarmuirsFalkirk688m - 1335m
19M 1595y to 20M 0890yTamfourhillFalkirk220m - 680m
20M 0891y to 20M 1682yGreenbankFalkirk230m - 462m
20M 1683y to 21M 0054ySummerfordFalkirk479m - 561m
21M 0055y to 21M 0846yBantaskinFalkirk538m - 723m
21M 0847y to 21M 0868yArnothillFalkirk721m - 721m
21M 0869y to 21M 1528yWoodlandsFalkirk607m - 711m
21M 1529y to 22M 0252yGlen VillageFalkirk420m - 690m
22M 0253y to 23M 0340yHallglenFalkirk16m - 1234m
23M 0341y to 23M 0494yEaster ShieldhillFalkirk1237m - 1255m
23M 0495y to 23M 0736yWestquarterFalkirk1092m - 1254m
23M 0737y to 24M 0208yReddingmuirheadFalkirk423m - 1077m
24M 0209y to 24M 0824yReddingFalkirk328m - 449m
24M 0825y to 24M 1462yParkhillFalkirk252m - 433m
24M 1463y to 25M 0604yBrightonsFalkirk334m - 766m
25M 0605y to 25M 1330yPolmontFalkirk771m - 1131m
25M 1331y to 26M 0780yMaddistonFalkirk1141m - 1623m
26M 0781y to 27M 1594yWhitecrossFalkirk322m - 1633m
27M 1595y to 28M 1704yLinlithgow BridgeWest Lothian210m - 907m
28M 1705y to 30M 0824yLinlithgowWest Lothian130m - 1493m
30M 0825y to 31M 1330yKingscavilWest Lothian778m - 1501m
31M 1331y to 32M 1374yPhilpstounWest Lothian147m - 1097m
32M 1375y to 34M 0164yOld PhilpstounWest Lothian244m - 1594m
34M 0165y to 34M 1132yWoodendWest Lothian1306m - 1602m
34M 1133y to 36M 0978yWinchburghWest Lothian183m - 1705m
36M 0979y to 37M 0846yBurnsideWest Lothian1292m - 1720m
37M 0847y to 39M 0494yNewbridgeCity of Edinburgh440m - 1472m
39M 0495y to 40M 0934yInglistonCity of Edinburgh1017m - 1643m
40M 0935y to 40M 1220yGogarCity of Edinburgh1499m - 1644m
40M 1221y to 42M 0120yHermistonCity of Edinburgh424m - 1482m
42M 0121y to 42M 0912ySouth GyleCity of Edinburgh651m - 999m
42M 0913y to 43M 0340ySighthillCity of Edinburgh449m - 769m
43M 0341y to 43M 1594yBroomhouseCity of Edinburgh105m - 758m
43M 1595y to 43M 1638yCarrick KnoweCity of Edinburgh397m - 397m
43M 1639y to 44M 0868ySaughtonCity of Edinburgh144m - 547m
44M 0869y to 44M 0934yStenhouseCity of Edinburgh560m - 576m
44M 0935y to 45M 0081ySaughtonhallCity of Edinburgh313m - 568m


🏷️ Positional Accuracy Statistics

PropertyCountMinMaxMeanMedianStd Dev
Linear Accuracy182-52m49m-0m-0m6m
Normalised Quarter Miles182383y493y440y440y6y
Calibration Segment Length18215y440y436y440y41y