RouteEly to March to Peterborough
SectionEly North Jn to Crescent Jn
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Area MapsEly , March , Peterborough
Extent71M 1261y to 101M 0313y  •  29.461 miles  •  47.413 km
Measured47.428 km (Δ +15m)
NeighboursBGK , ECM1 , ETN , EWC , MSG2 , MWL , PMJ , WIG , WMY
NR RegionEastern
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🏢 Administrative Area

MileageCountryAdministrative Area
71M 1261y to 97M 1418yEnglandCambridgeshire
97M 1419y to 101M 0313yEnglandPeterborough


📍 Nearest Place and District

MileageNearest PlaceDistrict / CountyDistance
71M 1261y to 72M 1550yQueen AdelaideCambridgeshire - East Cambridgeshire371m - 1229m
72M 1551y to 74M 0846yChettishamCambridgeshire - East Cambridgeshire110m - 1323m
74M 0847y to 75M 1638yBlack BankCambridgeshire - East Cambridgeshire0m - 1324m
75M 1639y to 77M 0780yDunkirkCambridgeshire - East Cambridgeshire744m - 1887m
77M 0781y to 78M 0362yPymoorCambridgeshire - East Cambridgeshire1899m - 2347m
78M 0363y to 81M 0978yManeaCambridgeshire - Fenland1246m - 3627m
81M 0979y to 83M 1616yHookCambridgeshire - Fenland2189m - 3639m
83M 1617y to 84M 0120yTown EndCambridgeshire - Fenland2247m - 2356m
84M 0121y to 85M 0648yMarchCambridgeshire - Fenland1310m - 2231m
85M 0649y to 86M 0956yNorwoodsideCambridgeshire - Fenland101m - 1388m
86M 0957y to 87M 1110yPeas HillCambridgeshire - Fenland313m - 1342m
87M 1111y to 89M 0230yWestryCambridgeshire - Fenland1357m - 3341m
89M 0231y to 91M 1726yTurvesCambridgeshire - Fenland135m - 3323m
91M 1727y to 93M 0604yOldeamereCambridgeshire - Fenland219m - 1276m
93M 0605y to 94M 0604yEastreaCambridgeshire - Fenland737m - 1249m
94M 0605y to 95M 0252yInham’s EndCambridgeshire - Fenland603m - 1257m
95M 0253y to 96M 0010yBriggateCambridgeshire - Fenland307m - 862m
96M 0011y to 96M 1352yChurch FieldCambridgeshire - Fenland587m - 866m
96M 1353y to 98M 0208yKing’s DykeCambridgeshire - Fenland447m - 1477m
98M 0209y to 99M 0516yStangroundCity of Peterborough856m - 1496m
99M 0517y to 99M 0582yFengateCity of Peterborough1078m - 1084m
99M 0583y to 99M 1418yEastgateCity of Peterborough802m - 1071m
99M 1419y to 100M 0032yOld FlettonCity of Peterborough748m - 801m
100M 0033y to 100M 0604yNew FlettonCity of Peterborough564m - 745m
100M 0605y to 101M 0313yPeterboroughCity of Peterborough433m - 997m


🏷️ Positional Accuracy Statistics

PropertyCountMinMaxMeanMedianStd Dev
Linear Accuracy119-20m35m0m0m5m
Normalised Quarter Miles119418y478y440y440y5y
Calibration Segment Length11972y499y436y440y39y