RouteLeamside Branch
SectionTursdale Jn to Pelway Jn
RemarksUnderstood to be disused
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Area MapsTursdale Jn , Pelaw
Extent2M 1078y to 20M 1545y  •  18.265 miles  •  29.395 km
Measured29.467 km (Δ +72m)
ℹ️ Variation between reported and measured extents
NeighboursECM5 , JAW1 , LEN3 , PDL , PUL
NR RegionEastern
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🏢 Administrative Area

MileageCountryAdministrative Area
2M 1078y to 9M 1264yEnglandDurham
9M 1265y to 20M 1545yEnglandTyne and Wear


📍 Nearest Place and District

MileageNearest PlaceDistrict / CountyDistance
2M 1078y to 2M 1132yMetal BridgeCounty Durham250m - 265m
2M 1133y to 3M 1022yTursdaleCounty Durham258m - 1470m
3M 1023y to 5M 0098yBowburnCounty Durham566m - 1454m
5M 0099y to 6M 0362yHigh ShincliffeCounty Durham512m - 1155m
6M 0363y to 7M 0296ySherburn HouseCounty Durham531m - 1031m
7M 0297y to 7M 1638ySherburnCounty Durham536m - 970m
7M 1639y to 8M 0802yBelmontCounty Durham559m - 965m
8M 0803y to 9M 0582yCarrvilleCounty Durham392m - 1199m
9M 0583y to 9M 1396yRainton GateCounty Durham707m - 1213m
9M 1397y to 10M 1176yLeamsideCounty Durham260m - 769m
10M 1177y to 11M 0560yWest RaintonCounty Durham786m - 1458m
11M 0561y to 12M 0054yChilton MoorSunderland593m - 1469m
12M 0055y to 12M 1110yFence HousesSunderland443m - 709m
12M 1111y to 13M 0164yWoodstone VillageCounty Durham676m - 846m
13M 0165y to 13M 1330yBournmoorCounty Durham703m - 946m
13M 1331y to 14M 0296yShiney RowSunderland745m - 948m
14M 0297y to 15M 0406yPenshawSunderland149m - 982m
15M 0407y to 15M 0582yCox GreenSunderland982m - 996m
15M 0583y to 15M 0780yMount PleasantSunderland948m - 988m
15M 0781y to 15M 1220yFatfieldSunderland848m - 939m
15M 1221y to 16M 0692yColumbiaSunderland362m - 864m
16M 0693y to 17M 0318yBarmstonSunderland37m - 729m
17M 0319y to 18M 0978ySulgraveSunderland49m - 1462m
18M 0979y to 19M 1176yFollingsbyGateshead319m - 1467m
19M 1177y to 20M 0934yWardleyGateshead124m - 871m
20M 0935y to 20M 1545yBill QuayGateshead505m - 884m


🏷️ Positional Accuracy Statistics

PropertyCountMinMaxMeanMedianStd Dev
Linear Accuracy59-18m78m1m-0m12m
Normalised Quarter Miles59431y497y442y440y11y
Calibration Segment Length595y1760y545y440y306y