RouteGlasgow and South Western Railway
SectionKilmarnock Jn to Gretna Jn
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Area MapsKilmarnock , Mauchline Jn , New Cumnock , Dumfries , Gretna
Extent33M 0944y to 116M 0405y  •  82.694 miles  •  133.083 km
Measured133.357 km (Δ +275m)
⚠️ Large variation between reported and measured extents
NeighboursANN , BAK , GBK , KSH , MAX , RIC1 , WCM1 , ZZA1 , ZZA7 , ZZA8 , ZZB7
NR RegionsScotland  •  33M 0944y to 115M 0010y
North West & Central  •  115M 0011y to 116M 0405y
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🏢 Administrative Area

MileageCountryAdministrative Area
33M 0944y to 58M 0802yScotlandEast Ayrshire
58M 0803y to 116M 0186yScotlandDumfries and Galloway
116M 0187y to 116M 0405yEnglandCumbria


📍 Nearest Place and District

MileageNearest PlaceDistrict / CountyDistance
33M 0944y to 33M 0978yAltonhillEast Ayrshire626m - 637m
33M 0979y to 34M 0912yKilmarnockEast Ayrshire204m - 949m
34M 0913y to 34M 1088yNew Farm LochEast Ayrshire967m - 1009m
34M 1089y to 35M 0934yCrookedholmEast Ayrshire312m - 1008m
35M 0935y to 36M 1154yHurlfordEast Ayrshire624m - 1603m
36M 1155y to 40M 0538yCrossroadsEast Ayrshire533m - 3700m
40M 0539y to 43M 0670yMauchlineEast Ayrshire743m - 3694m
43M 0671y to 44M 1374yHaughEast Ayrshire953m - 1827m
44M 1375y to 45M 1352yCatrineEast Ayrshire1834m - 2292m
45M 1353y to 47M 0582yDalshallochEast Ayrshire286m - 2297m
47M 0583y to 47M 1704yAuchinleckEast Ayrshire208m - 791m
47M 1705y to 48M 1462yThe RiggEast Ayrshire238m - 796m
48M 1463y to 48M 1550yHolmheadEast Ayrshire692m - 727m
48M 1551y to 49M 0648yCumnockEast Ayrshire720m - 814m
49M 0649y to 50M 0098yBarshareEast Ayrshire530m - 819m
50M 0099y to 50M 0340yLoganEast Ayrshire645m - 712m
50M 0341y to 50M 0626yBarshareEast Ayrshire720m - 812m
50M 0627y to 52M 1550yCraigensEast Ayrshire355m - 3060m
52M 1551y to 54M 1594yPathheadEast Ayrshire252m - 3063m
54M 1595y to 57M 0582yMansfieldEast Ayrshire110m - 3679m
57M 0583y to 58M 1462yAfton BridgendEast Ayrshire3699m - 5980m
58M 1463y to 62M 1550yKelloholmDumfries and Galloway588m - 5961m
62M 1551y to 63M 1572yKirkconnelDumfries and Galloway624m - 1922m
63M 1573y to 65M 0868yCrawickDumfries and Galloway93m - 1909m
65M 0869y to 66M 1264ySanquharDumfries and Galloway205m - 1496m
66M 1265y to 69M 1462yMennockDumfries and Galloway197m - 3395m
69M 1463y to 73M 0846yEnterkinfootDumfries and Galloway76m - 3407m
73M 0847y to 74M 0098yDurisdeermillDumfries and Galloway2121m - 2618m
74M 0099y to 74M 1044yDurisdeerDumfries and Galloway2627m - 3128m
74M 1045y to 77M 0208yCarronbridgeDumfries and Galloway791m - 3130m
77M 0209y to 77M 1022yThornhillDumfries and Galloway1466m - 1647m
77M 1023y to 78M 0692yGatelawbridgeDumfries and Galloway1164m - 1467m
78M 0693y to 79M 1418yCampleDumfries and Galloway95m - 1353m
79M 1419y to 80M 1484yCloseburnDumfries and Galloway286m - 948m
80M 1485y to 81M 0032yParkDumfries and Galloway704m - 872m
81M 0033y to 82M 1462yKirkpatrickDumfries and Galloway14m - 2053m
82M 1463y to 83M 0142yGlenmidgeDumfries and Galloway1932m - 2050m
83M 0143y to 85M 0296yAuldgirthDumfries and Galloway227m - 1918m
85M 0297y to 87M 0274yDalswintonDumfries and Galloway793m - 2441m
87M 0275y to 88M 0076yDuncowDumfries and Galloway2073m - 2450m
88M 0077y to 89M 1462yHolywoodDumfries and Galloway1175m - 2077m
89M 1463y to 91M 0054yLincludenDumfries and Galloway894m - 1532m
91M 0055y to 91M 0758yMarchmountDumfries and Galloway546m - 1060m
91M 0759y to 91M 1330yGreystoneDumfries and Galloway423m - 534m
91M 1331y to 92M 0054yDumfriesDumfries and Galloway413m - 514m
92M 0055y to 92M 0406yLarchfieldDumfries and Galloway291m - 528m
92M 0407y to 92M 1066yMilldamheadDumfries and Galloway64m - 328m
92M 1067y to 92M 1572yNoblehillDumfries and Galloway197m - 327m
92M 1573y to 93M 0362yGasstownDumfries and Galloway150m - 289m
93M 0363y to 93M 1000yGateside of TrenchDumfries and Galloway295m - 592m
93M 1001y to 94M 1000yIsle of ManDumfries and Galloway350m - 1109m
94M 1001y to 94M 1066yCollinDumfries and Galloway1089m - 1110m
94M 1067y to 95M 0604yGreenleaDumfries and Galloway486m - 1080m
95M 0605y to 96M 1506yRacksDumfries and Galloway14m - 1861m
96M 1507y to 99M 0428yMouswaldDumfries and Galloway792m - 2280m
99M 0429y to 101M 0472yClarencefieldDumfries and Galloway540m - 2295m
101M 0473y to 101M 0934yRuthwellDumfries and Galloway1064m - 1167m
101M 0935y to 103M 0208yFloshDumfries and Galloway106m - 1500m
103M 0209y to 104M 0956yCummertreesDumfries and Galloway49m - 1518m
104M 0957y to 105M 1066yPowfootDumfries and Galloway783m - 1904m
105M 1067y to 106M 0032yNewbieDumfries and Galloway1473m - 1917m
106M 0033y to 106M 1660yHowesDumfries and Galloway564m - 1454m
106M 1661y to 108M 0252yAnnanDumfries and Galloway420m - 1430m
108M 0253y to 108M 1726yBattlehillDumfries and Galloway1137m - 1435m
108M 1727y to 110M 0054yDornockDumfries and Galloway239m - 1179m
110M 0055y to 110M 0890yEastriggsDumfries and Galloway164m - 553m
110M 0891y to 111M 1638yLowthertownDumfries and Galloway185m - 2093m
111M 1639y to 112M 0604yBrowhousesDumfries and Galloway1799m - 2098m
112M 0605y to 114M 0516yRiggDumfries and Galloway397m - 1790m
114M 0517y to 114M 1088yGretnaDumfries and Galloway1026m - 1448m
114M 1089y to 115M 0758yGretna GreenDumfries and Galloway205m - 1007m
115M 0759y to 116M 0405ySpringfieldDumfries and Galloway289m - 1186m


🏷️ Positional Accuracy Statistics

PropertyCountMinMaxMeanMedianStd Dev
Linear Accuracy333-23m25m1m1m4m
Normalised Quarter Miles333415y467y441y441y4y
Calibration Segment Length33318y440y437y440y31y