RouteHull to Seamer West Jn (via Bridlington)
SectionWest Parade Jn to Seamer West Jn
ELR MapsAtlas , Interactive
Area MapsHull , Seamer
Extent0M 0435y to 50M 0948y  •  50.291 miles  •  80.936 km
Measured80.924 km (Δ -12m)
NeighboursAWP , HJS , HUL1 , SPW , YMS
NR RegionEastern
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🏢 Administrative Area

MileageCountryAdministrative Area
0M 0435y to 4M 0054yEnglandKingston upon Hull
4M 0055y to 35M 1726yEnglandEast Riding of Yorkshire
35M 1727y to 50M 0948yEnglandNorth Yorkshire


📍 Nearest Place and District

MileageNearest PlaceDistrict / CountyDistance
0M 0435y to 0M 0714yLisle CourtCity of Kingston upon Hull1008m - 1253m
0M 0715y to 1M 0890yStepneyCity of Kingston upon Hull1185m - 1525m
1M 0891y to 2M 0516yEast EllaCity of Kingston upon Hull1257m - 1600m
2M 0517y to 3M 0186yInglemireCity of Kingston upon Hull1373m - 1594m
3M 0187y to 5M 0824yNew VillageEast Riding of Yorkshire478m - 2356m
5M 0825y to 7M 0208yWoodmanseyEast Riding of Yorkshire1721m - 2374m
7M 0209y to 8M 1418yBeverleyEast Riding of Yorkshire682m - 2163m
8M 1419y to 9M 1374yMolescroftEast Riding of Yorkshire893m - 1464m
9M 1375y to 10M 0164yHull BridgeEast Riding of Yorkshire1474m - 1736m
10M 0165y to 11M 0604yArramEast Riding of Yorkshire67m - 1735m
11M 0605y to 12M 1088yNew ArramEast Riding of Yorkshire25m - 1796m
12M 1089y to 12M 1462yScorboroughEast Riding of Yorkshire1807m - 1880m
12M 1463y to 13M 1748yBeswickEast Riding of Yorkshire1337m - 1877m
13M 1749y to 15M 0758yWattonEast Riding of Yorkshire828m - 1534m
15M 0759y to 15M 1440yCranswickEast Riding of Yorkshire853m - 1313m
15M 1441y to 16M 1044yHutton CranswickEast Riding of Yorkshire416m - 840m
16M 1045y to 17M 1594yHuttonEast Riding of Yorkshire589m - 1812m
17M 1595y to 18M 0428ySkerneEast Riding of Yorkshire1811m - 1863m
18M 0429y to 18M 1572yKelleythorpeEast Riding of Yorkshire1318m - 1857m
18M 1573y to 20M 0780yDriffieldEast Riding of Yorkshire585m - 1813m
20M 0781y to 22M 0934yNaffertonEast Riding of Yorkshire627m - 1825m
22M 0935y to 23M 1220yLowthorpeEast Riding of Yorkshire763m - 1635m
23M 1221y to 24M 0560yLittle KelkEast Riding of Yorkshire790m - 1163m
24M 0561y to 25M 0164yHarphamEast Riding of Yorkshire1083m - 1347m
25M 0165y to 25M 1660yBurton AgnesEast Riding of Yorkshire940m - 1355m
25M 1661y to 26M 1638yThornholmeEast Riding of Yorkshire334m - 997m
26M 1639y to 28M 0054yHaisthorpeEast Riding of Yorkshire519m - 1223m
28M 0055y to 29M 0560yCarnabyEast Riding of Yorkshire333m - 1222m
29M 0561y to 29M 1462yBessingbyEast Riding of Yorkshire893m - 944m
29M 1463y to 30M 0362yHilderthorpeEast Riding of Yorkshire691m - 941m
30M 0363y to 30M 1264yWest HillEast Riding of Yorkshire586m - 751m
30M 1265y to 31M 1726yBridlingtonEast Riding of Yorkshire219m - 1367m
31M 1727y to 33M 1154ySewerbyEast Riding of Yorkshire510m - 1685m
33M 1155y to 34M 1594yBemptonEast Riding of Yorkshire356m - 1667m
34M 1595y to 36M 0670yBucktonEast Riding of Yorkshire422m - 2071m
36M 0671y to 38M 0186ySpeetonNorth Yorkshire - Scarborough869m - 2057m
38M 0187y to 40M 0846yReightonNorth Yorkshire - Scarborough1098m - 2627m
40M 0847y to 42M 1330yHunmanbyNorth Yorkshire - Scarborough728m - 2619m
42M 1331y to 42M 1726yPrimrose ValleyNorth Yorkshire - Scarborough1485m - 1603m
42M 1727y to 43M 0516yMustonNorth Yorkshire - Scarborough1609m - 1704m
43M 0517y to 45M 0472yFileyNorth Yorkshire - Scarborough157m - 1710m
45M 0473y to 46M 1132yGristhorpeNorth Yorkshire - Scarborough477m - 1504m
46M 1133y to 47M 0670yLebberstonNorth Yorkshire - Scarborough560m - 828m
47M 0671y to 48M 0516yKillerbyNorth Yorkshire - Scarborough251m - 954m
48M 0517y to 49M 0208yCaytonNorth Yorkshire - Scarborough969m - 1557m
49M 0209y to 49M 1704yEastfieldNorth Yorkshire - Scarborough1350m - 1560m
49M 1705y to 50M 0948yCrossgatesNorth Yorkshire - Scarborough545m - 1346m


🏷️ Positional Accuracy Statistics

PropertyCountMinMaxMeanMedianStd Dev
Linear Accuracy204-26m27m-0m-0m4m
Normalised Quarter Miles204376y470y440y440y6y
Calibration Segment Length2042y440y434y440y47y