RouteHighland Main Line
SectionStanley Jn to Inverness
ELR MapsAtlas , Interactive
Area MapsELR change HGL1-HGL2 , Aviemore , Inverness
Extent6M 1755y to 118M 0241y  •  111.140 miles  •  178.862 km
Measured178.976 km (Δ +113m)
⚠️ Large variation between reported and measured extents
GroupingHGL1 , HGL2
NeighboursAFS , ANI3 , HGL1 , INS , RSW , WCK
NR RegionScotland
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🏢 Administrative Area

MileageCountryAdministrative Area
6M 1755y to 52M 1308yScotlandPerthshire and Kinross
52M 1309y to 118M 0241yScotlandHighland


📍 Nearest Place and District

MileageNearest PlaceDistrict / CountyDistance
6M 1755y to 7M 0054yStanleyPerth and Kinross632m - 671m
7M 0055y to 8M 0340yWest ToftsPerth and Kinross507m - 1131m
8M 0341y to 9M 0274yAirntullyPerth and Kinross1099m - 1677m
9M 0275y to 10M 0912yMurthlyPerth and Kinross155m - 1683m
10M 0913y to 11M 0560yGellyburnPerth and Kinross315m - 1139m
11M 0561y to 12M 0626yCaputhPerth and Kinross1154m - 2275m
12M 0627y to 13M 0912yWaterlooPerth and Kinross2035m - 2713m
13M 0913y to 15M 0890yBirnamPerth and Kinross117m - 2697m
15M 0891y to 16M 0010yLittle DunkeldPerth and Kinross240m - 578m
16M 0011y to 18M 0824yInverPerth and Kinross200m - 2817m
18M 0825y to 20M 1110yDalguisePerth and Kinross167m - 2813m
20M 1111y to 21M 0076yDowallyPerth and Kinross610m - 713m
21M 0077y to 21M 1022yGuayPerth and Kinross342m - 702m
21M 1023y to 22M 0758yKindallachanPerth and Kinross107m - 901m
22M 0759y to 23M 0538yBalmacneilPerth and Kinross758m - 1155m
23M 0539y to 25M 1550yBallinluigPerth and Kinross156m - 2816m
25M 1551y to 27M 0890yMilton of EdradourPerth and Kinross1076m - 2804m
27M 0891y to 27M 1550yPort na CraigPerth and Kinross576m - 1090m
27M 1551y to 29M 1088yPitlochryPerth and Kinross79m - 2167m
29M 1089y to 30M 0450yMoulinPerth and Kinross2180m - 2722m
30M 0451y to 32M 0890yKilliecrankiePerth and Kinross74m - 2721m
32M 0891y to 33M 1748yAldclunePerth and Kinross35m - 1729m
33M 1749y to 36M 0362yBlair AthollPerth and Kinross94m - 1817m
36M 0363y to 38M 0428yBaluainPerth and Kinross5m - 1803m
38M 0429y to 39M 0186yOld StruanPerth and Kinross430m - 1452m
39M 0187y to 42M 1660yCalvinePerth and Kinross110m - 5413m
42M 1661y to 50M 1396yTrinafourPerth and Kinross4808m - 11683m
50M 1397y to 61M 0846yDalwhinnieHighland44m - 11684m
61M 0847y to 66M 1176yEtteridgeHighland21m - 4663m
66M 1177y to 70M 0428yNewtonmoreHighland529m - 3496m
70M 0429y to 72M 1132yKingussieHighland211m - 2383m
72M 1133y to 74M 1154yLynchatHighland73m - 1773m
74M 1155y to 76M 0032yInshHighland1691m - 2342m
76M 0033y to 78M 0032yKincraigHighland172m - 2346m
78M 0033y to 79M 0736ySpeybankHighland46m - 1416m
79M 0737y to 79M 0890yDelfourHighland1433m - 1448m
79M 0891y to 81M 1242yAlvieHighland218m - 2063m
81M 1243y to 82M 1726yInverdruieHighland803m - 2080m
82M 1727y to 84M 0450yAviemoreHighland74m - 1054m
84M 0451y to 85M 0868yGranishHighland453m - 1118m
85M 0869y to 86M 1484yAvielochanHighland541m - 1182m
86M 1485y to 88M 1242yKinveachyHighland143m - 1835m
88M 1243y to 89M 1264yCarrHighland698m - 1840m
89M 1265y to 90M 1462yEllanHighland95m - 1069m
90M 1463y to 91M 1550yBogroyHighland1088m - 2691m
91M 1551y to 91M 1704yEllanHighland2711m - 2828m
91M 1705y to 95M 1572ySlochdHighland148m - 2936m
95M 1573y to 97M 1396yFindhornbridgeHighland586m - 2924m
97M 1397y to 98M 1044yRaigbegHighland342m - 833m
98M 1045y to 101M 0472yTomatinHighland337m - 2809m
101M 0473y to 104M 1176yMoyHighland102m - 2827m
104M 1177y to 107M 0252yAuchnahillinHighland743m - 2403m
107M 0253y to 108M 0934yDaviotHighland1458m - 3262m
108M 0935y to 110M 0692yLeanachHighland1505m - 3268m
110M 0693y to 111M 1550yNewlands of CullodenHighland119m - 1540m
111M 1551y to 112M 1308yFeabuieHighland40m - 700m
112M 1309y to 113M 1066yViewhillHighland244m - 732m
113M 1067y to 113M 1264yBallochHighland750m - 855m
113M 1265y to 114M 0538yCullodenHighland568m - 861m
114M 0539y to 114M 0868yCradlehallHighland627m - 666m
114M 0869y to 115M 0164ySmithtonHighland184m - 612m
115M 0165y to 115M 1176yResaurieHighland130m - 559m
115M 1177y to 116M 0054yInshesHighland567m - 892m
116M 0055y to 116M 1462yRaigmoreHighland696m - 1091m
116M 1463y to 117M 1396yMillburnHighland29m - 1082m
117M 1397y to 117M 1440yCrownHighland443m - 443m
117M 1441y to 118M 0241yInvernessHighland142m - 440m


🏷️ Positional Accuracy Statistics

PropertyCountMinMaxMeanMedianStd Dev
Linear Accuracy437-87m79m0m0m11m
Normalised Quarter Miles437345y526y440y440y12y
Calibration Segment Length4375y1760y448y440y89y