RouteDeepcar Jn to Cleethorpes
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Area MapsStocksbridge , Sheffield , Treeton , Woodhouse , Worksop , Manton Wood , Retford , Clarborough Jn , Gainsborough , Barnetby , Ulceby , Grimsby
Extent33M 0391y to 112M 1042y  •  79.370 miles  •  127.733 km
Measured127.995 km (Δ +262m)
⚠️ Large variation between reported and measured extents
NeighboursBEW , BKS , BRI1 , CHR , DLO , DOW , ECM1 , HAU , MAN1 , MAN2 , MWN , NOB3 , NUJ1 , NUJ2 , PSE , SHW , SKL , SPD3 , SPD4 , TJC1 , TYB1 , WBC , WHR , WME
NR RegionEastern
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🏢 Administrative Area

MileageCountryAdministrative Area
33M 0391y to 55M 1176yEnglandSouth Yorkshire
55M 1177y to 73M 0142yEnglandNottinghamshire
73M 0143y to 83M 0516yEnglandLincolnshire
83M 0517y to 100M 1198yEnglandNorth Lincolnshire
100M 1199y to 112M 1042yEnglandNorth East Lincolnshire


📍 Nearest Place and District

MileageNearest PlaceDistrict / CountyDistance
33M 0391y to 34M 0296yDeepcarSheffield762m - 1724m
34M 0297y to 35M 1352yWharncliffe SideSheffield465m - 1727m
35M 1353y to 37M 0010yOughtibridgeSheffield496m - 999m
37M 0011y to 37M 0626yWorrallSheffield1006m - 1145m
37M 0627y to 37M 1132yMiddlewoodSheffield1064m - 1140m
37M 1133y to 37M 1154yBirley EdgeSheffield1092m - 1092m
37M 1155y to 38M 0318yBirley CarrSheffield405m - 1074m
38M 0319y to 38M 1418yWadsley BridgeSheffield117m - 660m
38M 1419y to 39M 0494yOwlertonSheffield634m - 873m
39M 0495y to 39M 1242yShirecliffeSheffield684m - 887m
39M 1243y to 39M 1638yHillfootSheffield526m - 790m
39M 1639y to 40M 0692yParkwood SpringsSheffield48m - 517m
40M 0693y to 40M 1242yNeepsendSheffield173m - 429m
40M 1243y to 41M 0252yKelham IslandSheffield318m - 523m
41M 0253y to 41M 1154yBurngreaveSheffield446m - 666m
41M 1155y to 41M 1374yPark HillSheffield673m - 760m
41M 1375y to 42M 1022yCricket HousesSheffield395m - 770m
42M 1023y to 42M 1088yAttercliffeSheffield699m - 718m
42M 1089y to 43M 0648yDarnallSheffield171m - 710m
43M 0649y to 44M 0736yHandsworth HillSheffield42m - 1117m
44M 0737y to 45M 0076yWaverleyRotherham437m - 1099m
45M 0077y to 45M 1374yOrgreaveSheffield256m - 821m
45M 1375y to 47M 0098yWoodhouse MillSheffield197m - 1123m
47M 0099y to 47M 0120yBeightonSheffield1116m - 1116m
47M 0121y to 48M 0384ySwallownestRotherham690m - 1303m
48M 0385y to 49M 0692yWales BarRotherham558m - 1318m
49M 0693y to 50M 0494yWalesRotherham833m - 974m
50M 0495y to 51M 1440yKiveton ParkRotherham260m - 1445m
51M 1441y to 52M 0186ySouth AnstonRotherham1444m - 1459m
52M 0187y to 53M 0274yThorpe SalvinRotherham949m - 1446m
53M 0275y to 53M 1550yLindrick DaleRotherham854m - 1128m
53M 1551y to 54M 0164yNetherthorpeRotherham960m - 1055m
54M 0165y to 55M 0318yShireoaksNottinghamshire - Bassetlaw168m - 1049m
55M 0319y to 56M 0428yWoodhouseNottinghamshire - Bassetlaw324m - 1102m
56M 0429y to 56M 0472ySunnysideNottinghamshire - Bassetlaw1094m - 1107m
56M 0473y to 57M 0142yWorksopNottinghamshire - Bassetlaw445m - 1078m
57M 0143y to 57M 0384yKiltonNottinghamshire - Bassetlaw484m - 556m
57M 0385y to 57M 1506yBracebridgeNottinghamshire - Bassetlaw267m - 633m
57M 1507y to 58M 1286yMantonNottinghamshire - Bassetlaw648m - 1777m
58M 1287y to 60M 1374yOsbertonNottinghamshire - Bassetlaw908m - 1780m
60M 1375y to 61M 1330yUpper MortonNottinghamshire - Bassetlaw1316m - 1763m
61M 1331y to 63M 0450yMortonNottinghamshire - Bassetlaw407m - 1369m
63M 0451y to 64M 0406yOrdsallNottinghamshire - Bassetlaw122m - 1159m
64M 0407y to 64M 0560yWest FieldNottinghamshire - Bassetlaw439m - 464m
64M 0561y to 64M 1264ySouth RetfordNottinghamshire - Bassetlaw213m - 457m
64M 1265y to 65M 0428yNewtownNottinghamshire - Bassetlaw140m - 637m
65M 0429y to 65M 1088yBalk FieldNottinghamshire - Bassetlaw647m - 912m
65M 1089y to 66M 1308yWelhamNottinghamshire - Bassetlaw588m - 1063m
66M 1309y to 68M 0098yClarboroughNottinghamshire - Bassetlaw1059m - 2471m
68M 0099y to 68M 0604yLittle GringleyNottinghamshire - Bassetlaw2486m - 2830m
68M 0605y to 69M 0406yNorth Leverton with HabblesthorpeNottinghamshire - Bassetlaw1931m - 2817m
69M 0407y to 71M 0208ySturton le SteepleNottinghamshire - Bassetlaw751m - 1920m
71M 0209y to 73M 0318yBoleNottinghamshire - Bassetlaw608m - 2024m
73M 0319y to 75M 0604yGainsboroughLincolnshire - West Lindsey262m - 2012m
75M 0605y to 77M 0406yMortonLincolnshire - West Lindsey869m - 2898m
77M 0407y to 77M 0450yPilhamLincolnshire - West Lindsey2885m - 2904m
77M 0451y to 77M 1044yBlytonLincolnshire - West Lindsey2360m - 2866m
77M 1045y to 80M 0582yPilhamLincolnshire - West Lindsey588m - 2341m
80M 0583y to 80M 0868yAisbyLincolnshire - West Lindsey2220m - 2382m
80M 0869y to 83M 0296yNorthorpeLincolnshire - West Lindsey1144m - 2377m
83M 0297y to 85M 1132yKirton in LindseyNorth Lincolnshire936m - 2207m
85M 1133y to 86M 1176yMantonNorth Lincolnshire2111m - 2360m
86M 1177y to 88M 0384yHibaldstowNorth Lincolnshire1213m - 2348m
88M 0385y to 89M 0934ySturtonNorth Lincolnshire960m - 1554m
89M 0935y to 90M 0868yScawby BrookNorth Lincolnshire985m - 1551m
90M 0869y to 91M 1726yBriggNorth Lincolnshire321m - 1438m
91M 1727y to 93M 0736yWrawbyNorth Lincolnshire1312m - 1844m
93M 0737y to 94M 0670yCoskillsNorth Lincolnshire690m - 1843m
94M 0671y to 95M 0714yBarnetby le WoldNorth Lincolnshire144m - 917m
95M 0715y to 96M 1462yMelton RossNorth Lincolnshire115m - 1413m
96M 1463y to 98M 1330yCroxtonNorth Lincolnshire394m - 1772m
98M 1331y to 98M 1374yKirmingtonNorth Lincolnshire1790m - 1803m
98M 1375y to 99M 0450yUlcebyNorth Lincolnshire1750m - 1813m
99M 0451y to 100M 0736yUlceby SkitterNorth Lincolnshire1090m - 1759m
100M 0737y to 102M 0978yHabroughNorth East Lincolnshire225m - 2082m
102M 0979y to 104M 0648yLittle LondonNorth East Lincolnshire191m - 2100m
104M 0649y to 105M 0714yStallingboroughNorth East Lincolnshire71m - 842m
105M 0715y to 106M 1000yHealingNorth East Lincolnshire74m - 1051m
106M 1001y to 107M 0978yGreat CoatesNorth East Lincolnshire94m - 1070m
107M 0979y to 108M 0054yThe WillowsNorth East Lincolnshire515m - 907m
108M 0055y to 108M 0252yYarboroughNorth East Lincolnshire799m - 896m
108M 0253y to 108M 1352yWest MarshNorth East Lincolnshire399m - 787m
108M 1353y to 108M 1704yLittlefieldNorth East Lincolnshire522m - 650m
108M 1705y to 109M 1308yGrimsbyNorth East Lincolnshire129m - 640m
109M 1309y to 110M 1110yEast MarshNorth East Lincolnshire232m - 650m
110M 1111y to 111M 1286yGrant ThoroldNorth East Lincolnshire439m - 1311m
111M 1287y to 112M 1042yCleethorpesNorth East Lincolnshire110m - 1312m


🏷️ Positional Accuracy Statistics

PropertyCountMinMaxMeanMedianStd Dev
Linear Accuracy310-64m56m1m0m10m
Normalised Quarter Miles310370y502y441y440y11y
Calibration Segment Length31038y1760y451y440y111y