RouteHope Valley (Dore and Chinley) Line
SectionTotley Tunnel East to Chinley North Jn
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Area MapsDore and Totley , Chinley
Extent153M 1557y to 174M 0101y  •  20.173 miles  •  32.465 km
Measured32.453 km (Δ -12m)
NeighboursCNB1 , CYC , DWS , TJC1 , TTA1
NR RegionsEastern  •  153M 1557y to 154M 0428y
North West & Central  •  154M 0429y to 174M 0101y
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🏢 Administrative Area

MileageCountryAdministrative Area
153M 1557y to 158M 0538yEnglandSouth Yorkshire
158M 0539y to 174M 0101yEnglandDerbyshire


📍 Nearest Place and District

MileageNearest PlaceDistrict / CountyDistance
153M 1557y to 154M 0186yBradway BankSheffield572m - 625m
154M 0187y to 154M 1198yAbbeydale ParkSheffield271m - 591m
154M 1199y to 154M 1286yTotley RiseSheffield411m - 451m
154M 1287y to 154M 1396yTotley BrookSheffield408m - 442m
154M 1397y to 155M 0142yNew TotleySheffield374m - 492m
155M 0143y to 156M 0670yTotleySheffield308m - 1721m
156M 0671y to 157M 0714yOwler BarDerbyshire - North East Derbyshire1737m - 2515m
157M 0715y to 159M 1176yUpper PadleyDerbyshire - Derbyshire Dales73m - 2500m
159M 1177y to 160M 0538yHathersage BoothsDerbyshire - Derbyshire Dales406m - 1020m
160M 0539y to 160M 1286yLeadmillDerbyshire - Derbyshire Dales398m - 554m
160M 1287y to 161M 1044yHathersageDerbyshire - Derbyshire Dales299m - 971m
161M 1045y to 162M 0494yOffertonDerbyshire - Derbyshire Dales901m - 1161m
162M 0495y to 163M 0516yShattonDerbyshire - High Peak464m - 1165m
163M 0517y to 163M 1176yThornhillDerbyshire - High Peak635m - 893m
163M 1177y to 164M 0648yBroughDerbyshire - High Peak540m - 889m
164M 0649y to 164M 0670yAstonDerbyshire - High Peak794m - 794m
164M 0671y to 166M 0384yHopeDerbyshire - High Peak398m - 2415m
166M 0385y to 168M 0868yNether BoothDerbyshire - High Peak120m - 2420m
168M 0869y to 169M 0868yEdaleDerbyshire - High Peak102m - 983m
169M 0869y to 170M 0582yBarber BoothDerbyshire - High Peak159m - 782m
170M 0583y to 171M 0846yUpper BoothDerbyshire - High Peak798m - 2029m
171M 0847y to 173M 0186yMalcoffDerbyshire - High Peak143m - 2020m
173M 0187y to 173M 0758yWashDerbyshire - High Peak242m - 601m
173M 0759y to 173M 1242yBreckendDerbyshire - High Peak104m - 263m
173M 1243y to 173M 1528yChapel MiltonDerbyshire - High Peak267m - 355m
173M 1529y to 174M 0101yNew SmithyDerbyshire - High Peak77m - 356m


🏷️ Positional Accuracy Statistics

PropertyCountMinMaxMeanMedianStd Dev
Linear Accuracy83-6m6m-0m-0m2m
Normalised Quarter Miles83434y447y440y440y2y
Calibration Segment Length8312y440y428y440y65y