RouteEsk Valley (Middlesbrough to Whitby) Line
SectionBattersby Jn to Grosmont Jn
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Area MapsBattersby , Grosmont
Extent11M 1446y to 29M 1533y  •  18.049 miles  •  29.048 km
Measured29.020 km (Δ -28m)
GroupingMBW1 , MBW2 , MBW3
NeighboursMBW1 , MBW3
NR RegionEastern
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🏢 Administrative Area

MileageCountryAdministrative Area
11M 1446y to 29M 1533yEnglandNorth Yorkshire


📍 Nearest Place and District

MileageNearest PlaceDistrict / CountyDistance
11M 1446y to 12M 0582yBattersby JunctionNorth Yorkshire - Hambleton51m - 643m
12M 0583y to 13M 0296yBattersbyNorth Yorkshire - Hambleton487m - 1134m
13M 0297y to 15M 1506yKildaleNorth Yorkshire - Hambleton213m - 2839m
15M 1507y to 18M 1264yCommondaleNorth Yorkshire - Scarborough380m - 2840m
18M 1265y to 20M 0516yCastletonNorth Yorkshire - Scarborough496m - 1763m
20M 0517y to 20M 1594yAinthorpeNorth Yorkshire - Scarborough374m - 889m
20M 1595y to 21M 0912yDanbyNorth Yorkshire - Scarborough401m - 1044m
21M 0913y to 21M 1594yAinthorpeNorth Yorkshire - Scarborough1062m - 1606m
21M 1595y to 23M 1154yHoulsykeNorth Yorkshire - Scarborough303m - 1597m
23M 1155y to 24M 1440yLealholmNorth Yorkshire - Scarborough242m - 1239m
24M 1441y to 25M 1242yLealholm SideNorth Yorkshire - Scarborough469m - 1351m
25M 1243y to 26M 0516yGlaisdaleNorth Yorkshire - Scarborough617m - 1370m
26M 0517y to 27M 0076yCarr EndNorth Yorkshire - Scarborough266m - 632m
27M 0077y to 27M 1176yDelvesNorth Yorkshire - Scarborough410m - 832m
27M 1177y to 29M 0164yEgton BridgeNorth Yorkshire - Scarborough160m - 1322m
29M 0165y to 29M 1533yGrosmontNorth Yorkshire - Scarborough304m - 1318m


🏷️ Positional Accuracy Statistics

PropertyCountMinMaxMeanMedianStd Dev
Linear Accuracy74-10m4m-0m-0m2m
Normalised Quarter Miles74429y445y440y440y2y
Calibration Segment Length7481y440y429y440y56y