RouteMarylebone to Claydon L&NE Jn Line
SectionHarrow-on-the-Hill South Jn to former Quainton Road Jn
RemarksUnderstood to be part closed
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Area MapsKenton , Croxley Green , Aylesbury , ELR change MCJ2-MCJ3
Extent9M 0353y to 44M 1112y  •  35.431 miles  •  57.021 km
Measured57.139 km (Δ +117m)
⚠️ Large variation between reported and measured extents
GroupingMCJ1 , MCJ2 , MCJ3 , MCJ4
NeighboursMCJ1 , MCJ3 , PRA
NR RegionNorth West & Central
Quail Map 4 — Midlands & North WestTRACKmaps Book 4 — Midlands & North West


🏢 Administrative Area

MileageCountryAdministrative Area
9M 0353y to 12M 0450yEnglandHarrow
12M 0451y to 14M 0560yEnglandHillingdon
14M 0561y to 19M 0714yEnglandHertfordshire
19M 0715y to 44M 1112yEnglandBuckinghamshire


📍 Nearest Place and District

MileageNearest PlaceDistrict / CountyDistance
9M 0353y to 9M 1176yGreenhillGreater London - Harrow722m - 986m
9M 1177y to 9M 1528yHarrowGreater London - Harrow990m - 1056m
9M 1529y to 10M 0450yWest HarrowGreater London - Harrow860m - 1044m
10M 0451y to 11M 0384yNorth HarrowGreater London - Harrow383m - 889m
11M 0385y to 12M 0604yPinnerGreater London - Harrow54m - 903m
12M 0605y to 12M 0956yPinner GreenGreater London - Harrow832m - 923m
12M 0957y to 13M 0978yNorthwood HillsGreater London - Hillingdon36m - 825m
13M 0979y to 14M 0802yNorthwoodGreater London - Hillingdon26m - 768m
14M 0803y to 15M 0010yEastburyHertfordshire - Three Rivers574m - 855m
15M 0011y to 15M 1352yMoor ParkHertfordshire - Three Rivers868m - 1615m
15M 1353y to 16M 1132yCroxley GreenHertfordshire - Three Rivers973m - 1620m
16M 1133y to 17M 1462yRickmansworthHertfordshire - Three Rivers192m - 1013m
17M 1463y to 18M 0582yMoneyhillHertfordshire - Three Rivers902m - 1234m
18M 0583y to 18M 1220yMill EndHertfordshire - Three Rivers1236m - 1280m
18M 1221y to 19M 1066yChorleywood BottomHertfordshire - Three Rivers187m - 1262m
19M 1067y to 20M 0406yChorleywoodHertfordshire - Three Rivers67m - 689m
20M 0407y to 20M 1110yChorleywood WestHertfordshire - Three Rivers702m - 1160m
20M 1111y to 21M 0186yCheniesBuckinghamshire - Chiltern1081m - 1236m
21M 0187y to 22M 1110yLittle ChalfontBuckinghamshire - Chiltern74m - 1245m
22M 1111y to 23M 1022yAmersham CommonBuckinghamshire - Chiltern206m - 1190m
23M 1023y to 23M 1506yAmersham on the HillBuckinghamshire - Chiltern285m - 374m
23M 1507y to 24M 1462yAmershamBuckinghamshire - Chiltern301m - 1360m
24M 1463y to 25M 0384yChesham BoisBuckinghamshire - Chiltern1379m - 1929m
25M 0385y to 25M 0868yHyde HeathBuckinghamshire - Chiltern1682m - 1923m
25M 0869y to 27M 0626yLittle MissendenBuckinghamshire - Chiltern412m - 1664m
27M 0627y to 28M 0582yLittle KingshillBuckinghamshire - Chiltern845m - 1371m
28M 0583y to 30M 0054yGreat MissendenBuckinghamshire - Chiltern127m - 1508m
30M 0055y to 30M 0978yHunt’s GreenBuckinghamshire - Chiltern1456m - 1556m
30M 0979y to 32M 0714yWendover DeanBuckinghamshire - Aylesbury Vale71m - 1542m
32M 0715y to 32M 0934yKingsashBuckinghamshire - Chiltern1454m - 1552m
32M 0935y to 34M 0054yWendoverBuckinghamshire - Aylesbury Vale269m - 1535m
34M 0055y to 35M 0274yWorld’s EndBuckinghamshire - Aylesbury Vale710m - 1228m
35M 0275y to 35M 0582yWest EndBuckinghamshire - Aylesbury Vale1153m - 1235m
35M 0583y to 36M 1418yStoke MandevilleBuckinghamshire - Aylesbury Vale242m - 1249m
36M 1419y to 37M 0252yBedgroveBuckinghamshire - Aylesbury Vale1192m - 1244m
37M 0253y to 37M 1682yWaltonBuckinghamshire - Aylesbury Vale378m - 1193m
37M 1683y to 38M 1594yCaliforniaBuckinghamshire - Aylesbury Vale58m - 1071m
38M 1595y to 40M 0934yHaydon HillBuckinghamshire - Aylesbury Vale157m - 1521m
40M 0935y to 42M 1264yFleet MarstonBuckinghamshire - Aylesbury Vale324m - 1900m
42M 1265y to 43M 1242yWaddesdonBuckinghamshire - Aylesbury Vale1561m - 1910m
43M 1243y to 44M 1112yQuaintonBuckinghamshire - Aylesbury Vale1414m - 1630m


🏷️ Positional Accuracy Statistics

PropertyCountMinMaxMeanMedianStd Dev
Linear Accuracy93-31m30m1m0m6m
Normalised Quarter Miles93406y473y441y440y7y
Calibration Segment Length9335y1760y671y440y515y