RouteMinehead Branch
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Area MapsTaunton , Minehead
Extent164M 1435y to 187M 0585y  •  22.517 miles  •  36.238 km
Measured37.303 km (Δ +1065m)
⚠️ Very large variation between reported and measured extents
NR RegionWales & Western
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🏢 Administrative Area

MileageCountryAdministrative Area
164M 1435y to 187M 0585yEnglandSomerset


📍 Nearest Place and District

MileageNearest PlaceDistrict / CountyDistance
164M 1435y to 166M 0252yNorton FitzwarrenSomerset - Taunton Deane268m - 1380m
166M 0253y to 166M 1506yFitzroySomerset - Taunton Deane1011m - 1397m
166M 1507y to 167M 1022yCotford St LukeSomerset - Taunton Deane837m - 1083m
167M 1023y to 167M 1550yBishops LydeardSomerset - Taunton Deane651m - 918m
167M 1551y to 168M 1572yGreenwaySomerset - Taunton Deane218m - 1063m
168M 1573y to 169M 1418yEast CombeSomerset - Taunton Deane254m - 1057m
169M 1419y to 170M 0516yCombe FloreySomerset - Taunton Deane574m - 768m
170M 0517y to 171M 0098yNethercottSomerset - Taunton Deane109m - 766m
171M 0099y to 171M 0274yTreble’s HolfordSomerset - Taunton Deane386m - 453m
171M 0275y to 171M 0978yCoursleySomerset - Taunton Deane418m - 518m
171M 0979y to 171M 1242yRich’s HolfordSomerset - Taunton Deane521m - 542m
171M 1243y to 172M 0780yCrowcombe HeathfieldSomerset - West Somerset263m - 787m
172M 0781y to 172M 1506yFlaxpoolSomerset - West Somerset799m - 1072m
172M 1507y to 173M 1154yLawfordSomerset - West Somerset642m - 1085m
173M 1155y to 174M 0384yLower VexfordSomerset - West Somerset1009m - 1440m
174M 0385y to 174M 1264yCulverhaysSomerset - West Somerset861m - 1437m
174M 1265y to 175M 0648yKingswoodSomerset - West Somerset325m - 849m
175M 0649y to 176M 0032yNewtonSomerset - West Somerset93m - 584m
176M 0033y to 176M 0912yCottifordSomerset - West Somerset306m - 580m
176M 0913y to 177M 0076yWoolstonSomerset - West Somerset105m - 514m
177M 0077y to 177M 1264ySampford BrettSomerset - West Somerset490m - 1051m
177M 1265y to 178M 0318yWillitonSomerset - West Somerset988m - 1106m
178M 0319y to 179M 0340yDonifordSomerset - West Somerset344m - 1091m
179M 0341y to 180M 0252yWatchetSomerset - West Somerset150m - 886m
180M 0253y to 181M 0164ySt DecumansSomerset - West Somerset518m - 1270m
181M 0165y to 182M 0120yWashfordSomerset - West Somerset160m - 1259m
182M 0121y to 182M 1110yBilbrookSomerset - West Somerset62m - 504m
182M 1111y to 183M 0384yOld CleeveSomerset - West Somerset435m - 867m
183M 0385y to 183M 0978yChapel CleeveSomerset - West Somerset843m - 898m
183M 0979y to 184M 1418yBlue AnchorSomerset - West Somerset533m - 1306m
184M 1419y to 184M 1748yCarhamptonSomerset - West Somerset1326m - 1495m
184M 1749y to 185M 1638yDunsterSomerset - West Somerset1131m - 1500m
185M 1639y to 186M 0736yEllicombeSomerset - West Somerset1073m - 1297m
186M 0737y to 187M 0010yAlcombeSomerset - West Somerset867m - 1072m
187M 0011y to 187M 0585yMineheadSomerset - West Somerset544m - 944m


🏷️ Positional Accuracy Statistics

PropertyCountMinMaxMeanMedianStd Dev
Linear Accuracy92-4m49m12m2m18m
Normalised Quarter Miles92435y520y454y442y21y
Calibration Segment Length922y440y431y440y56y