RouteGreat Western Main Line (GWML)
SectionLondon Paddington to Plymouth West
ELR MapsAtlas , Interactive
Area MapsPaddington , Willesden , West Hamstead , Southall , Airport Jn , Slough , Maidenhead , Twyford , Reading , Didcot , Swindon , Wootton Bassett , Chippenham , Bath , Bristol , Bedminster , Weston-super-Mare , Cogload Jn , Taunton , Exeter , Exmouth , Newton Abbot , Totnes , Plymouth , St Budeaux
Extent0M -021y to 246M 0565y  •  246.333 miles  •  396.434 km
Measured395.871 km (Δ -564m)
⚠️ Large variation between reported and measured extents
GroupingMLN1 , MLN2 , MLN3 , MLN4
NeighboursAHB , ANL , AWL , BAE2 , BFB , BKE , BLL , BOK5 , BRB , BRL , BSW , CCL , DAC , DCL , DEC , DPS , DWC , ERY , EXR , HAN , HED , HEN , HIW , HLL , LAN1 , LAN2 , LAS , LDD , MIN , MLN2 , MOB , OOC1 , OOC2 , PLO , POD , RDG2 , RFR , RLL , RNJ , RTC , RTR2 , RWC , SDP , SNT , STA , SUT1 , SWB , SWM1 , TJY , TOR , WBB , WEL1 , WEY , WIN , WLL , WLL9 , WMB , WSM , WTZ , XRC
NR RegionWales & Western
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🏢 Administrative Area

MileageCountryAdministrative Area
0M -021y to 0M 1660yEnglandWestminster
0M 1661y to 1M 0318yEnglandKensington and Chelsea
1M 0319y to 1M 0956yEnglandWestminster
1M 0957y to 2M 0626yEnglandBrent
2M 0627y to 2M 1374yEnglandHammersmith and Fulham
2M 1375y to 9M 0428yEnglandEaling
9M 0429y to 13M 1066yEnglandHillingdon
13M 1067y to 16M 1726yEnglandBuckinghamshire
16M 1727y to 20M 1660yEnglandBerkshire
20M 1661y to 23M 0428yEnglandBuckinghamshire
23M 0429y to 34M 1528yEnglandBerkshire
34M 1529y to 40M 0318yEnglandOxfordshire
40M 0319y to 42M 1352yEnglandBerkshire
42M 1353y to 72M 0604yEnglandOxfordshire
72M 0605y to 80M 0230yEnglandSwindon
80M 0231y to 102M 0846yEnglandWiltshire
102M 0847y to 111M 1352yEnglandBath and North East Somerset
111M 1353y to 115M 0164yEnglandSouth Gloucestershire
115M 0165y to 121M 0340yEnglandBristol
121M 0341y to 140M 0252yEnglandNorth Somerset
140M 0253y to 172M 1638yEnglandSomerset
172M 1639y to 216M 0098yEnglandDevon
216M 0099y to 218M 0714yEnglandTorbay
218M 0715y to 241M 0098yEnglandDevon
241M 0099y to 246M 0565yEnglandPlymouth


📍 Nearest Place and District

MileageNearest PlaceDistrict / CountyDistance
0M -021y to 0M 0780yPaddingtonGreater London - City of Westminster31m - 707m
0M 0781y to 0M 0868yBayswaterGreater London - City of Westminster713m - 729m
0M 0869y to 1M 0186yWestbourne GreenGreater London - City of Westminster468m - 731m
1M 0187y to 1M 1616yKensal TownGreater London - Kensington and Chelsea37m - 717m
1M 1617y to 1M 1748yNorth KensingtonGreater London - Kensington and Chelsea732m - 765m
1M 1749y to 2M 0978yKensal GreenGreater London - Brent545m - 770m
2M 0979y to 2M 1726yCollege ParkGreater London - Hammersmith and Fulham627m - 781m
2M 1727y to 3M 1726yOld Oak CommonGreater London - Ealing259m - 911m
3M 1727y to 3M 1748yEast ActonGreater London - Hammersmith and Fulham929m - 929m
3M 1749y to 4M 0472yNorth ActonGreater London - Ealing935m - 1039m
4M 0473y to 5M 0604yWest ActonGreater London - Ealing316m - 1039m
5M 0605y to 6M 0516yEalingGreater London - Ealing92m - 796m
6M 0517y to 7M 0054yWest EalingGreater London - Ealing49m - 786m
7M 0055y to 7M 1572yHanwellGreater London - Ealing221m - 1060m
7M 1573y to 8M 0890yDormer’s WellsGreater London - Ealing796m - 1075m
8M 0891y to 9M 1154ySouthallGreater London - Ealing529m - 1304m
9M 1155y to 9M 1748yNorth HydeGreater London - Hounslow1312m - 1456m
9M 1749y to 11M 1660yHayesGreater London - Hillingdon472m - 1682m
11M 1661y to 12M 1594yWest DraytonGreater London - Hillingdon739m - 1677m
12M 1595y to 13M 1396yYiewsleyGreater London - Hillingdon383m - 910m
13M 1397y to 14M 0626yThorneyBuckinghamshire - South Bucks622m - 925m
14M 0627y to 15M 0890yRichings ParkBuckinghamshire - South Bucks88m - 1194m
15M 0891y to 15M 1616yShreding GreenBuckinghamshire - South Bucks1196m - 1280m
15M 1617y to 16M 1000yLangleySlough843m - 1276m
16M 1001y to 17M 1044yMiddle GreenBuckinghamshire - South Bucks419m - 979m
17M 1045y to 17M 1704yUpton LeaSlough840m - 983m
17M 1705y to 18M 1374ySloughSlough375m - 831m
18M 1375y to 19M 1286ySalt HillSlough425m - 1096m
19M 1287y to 20M 1440yCippenhamSlough753m - 1137m
20M 1441y to 21M 0142yBritwellSlough1145m - 1323m
21M 0143y to 22M 0714yLent RiseBuckinghamshire - South Bucks583m - 1328m
22M 0715y to 23M 0164yTaplowBuckinghamshire - South Bucks997m - 1146m
23M 0165y to 23M 1220yFisheryWindsor and Maidenhead747m - 1131m
23M 1221y to 24M 0824yMaidenheadWindsor and Maidenhead423m - 760m
24M 0825y to 25M 0340yBoyn HillWindsor and Maidenhead356m - 748m
25M 0341y to 26M 0054yCox GreenWindsor and Maidenhead348m - 877m
26M 0055y to 26M 0186yTittle RowWindsor and Maidenhead894m - 969m
26M 0187y to 27M 0296yWoolley GreenWindsor and Maidenhead644m - 1171m
27M 0297y to 28M 0802yCold HarbourWindsor and Maidenhead657m - 1277m
28M 0803y to 28M 1242yWaltham St LawrenceWindsor and Maidenhead1264m - 1284m
28M 1243y to 29M 0538yKiln GreenWokingham1023m - 1272m
29M 0539y to 29M 1528yHare HatchWokingham970m - 1097m
29M 1529y to 30M 1374yRuscombeWokingham399m - 1081m
30M 1375y to 31M 1264yTwyfordWokingham323m - 1057m
31M 1265y to 32M 0868yCharvilWokingham1067m - 1502m
32M 0869y to 32M 1198ySonningWokingham1371m - 1498m
32M 1199y to 33M 1748yWoodleyWokingham999m - 1587m
33M 1749y to 35M 0802yNew TownReading183m - 1595m
35M 0803y to 35M 1198yLower CavershamReading763m - 786m
35M 1199y to 36M 0846yReadingReading599m - 1027m
36M 0847y to 37M 0010yCavershamReading1041m - 1616m
37M 0011y to 37M 0714yCaversham HeightsReading1631m - 1979m
37M 0715y to 38M 0186yChurchendReading1632m - 1985m
38M 0187y to 38M 1220yTilehurstReading1557m - 1648m
38M 1221y to 40M 0956yPurley on ThamesWest Berkshire202m - 1616m
40M 0957y to 41M 1462yPangbourneWest Berkshire76m - 1283m
41M 1463y to 42M 0868yWhitchurch-on-ThamesOxfordshire - South Oxfordshire803m - 1536m
42M 0869y to 44M 0274yLower BasildonWest Berkshire194m - 1547m
44M 0275y to 45M 0120yGoringOxfordshire - South Oxfordshire200m - 1143m
45M 0121y to 45M 1550yCleeveOxfordshire - South Oxfordshire276m - 995m
45M 1551y to 47M 0296ySouth StokeOxfordshire - South Oxfordshire137m - 1019m
47M 0297y to 47M 1286yMoulsfordOxfordshire - South Oxfordshire1026m - 1474m
47M 1287y to 49M 0824yCholseyOxfordshire - South Oxfordshire616m - 1549m
49M 0825y to 50M 1616ySouth MoretonOxfordshire - South Oxfordshire320m - 1550m
50M 1617y to 51M 1462yNorth MoretonOxfordshire - South Oxfordshire811m - 1720m
51M 1463y to 51M 1748yEast HagbourneOxfordshire - South Oxfordshire1640m - 1716m
51M 1749y to 54M 0692yDidcotOxfordshire - South Oxfordshire476m - 2280m
54M 0693y to 55M 0868yMiltonOxfordshire - Vale of White Horse834m - 2280m
55M 0869y to 56M 0406yMilton HeightsOxfordshire - Vale of White Horse342m - 819m
56M 0407y to 58M 0626ySteventonOxfordshire - Vale of White Horse237m - 2911m
58M 0627y to 60M 0472yEast HanneyOxfordshire - Vale of White Horse1411m - 2900m
60M 0473y to 61M 1000yGroveOxfordshire - Vale of White Horse946m - 1531m
61M 1001y to 62M 1726yDenchworthOxfordshire - Vale of White Horse953m - 1676m
62M 1727y to 64M 1462yGooseyOxfordshire - Vale of White Horse1244m - 2172m
64M 1463y to 66M 1616yBaulkingOxfordshire - Vale of White Horse86m - 2166m
66M 1617y to 68M 0208yUffingtonOxfordshire - Vale of White Horse1175m - 1867m
68M 0209y to 69M 0098yLongcotOxfordshire - Vale of White Horse1765m - 1977m
69M 0099y to 70M 0032yCompton BeauchampOxfordshire - Vale of White Horse1911m - 2224m
70M 0033y to 71M 0494yShrivenhamOxfordshire - Vale of White Horse1243m - 2232m
71M 0495y to 71M 1352yBourtonOxfordshire - Vale of White Horse616m - 1226m
71M 1353y to 73M 0538yLower BourtonOxfordshire - Vale of White Horse157m - 1863m
73M 0539y to 74M 1242ySouth MarstonSwindon791m - 1874m
74M 1243y to 75M 1308yLower StrattonSwindon495m - 995m
75M 1309y to 76M 0604yWalcot EastSwindon726m - 925m
76M 0605y to 77M 0010yGorse HillSwindon455m - 811m
77M 0011y to 77M 1132yNew TownSwindon234m - 590m
77M 1133y to 77M 1704yEven SwindonSwindon343m - 503m
77M 1705y to 78M 0582yKingshillSwindon370m - 610m
78M 0583y to 78M 0670yBridgemeadSwindon590m - 619m
78M 0671y to 79M 0670yManningtonSwindon81m - 1011m
79M 0671y to 79M 0978yToothillSwindon1024m - 1154m
79M 0979y to 81M 1088yBlagroveSwindon487m - 2198m
81M 1089y to 81M 1176yCotmarshWiltshire2201m - 2209m
81M 1177y to 81M 1330yCoped HallWiltshire2136m - 2192m
81M 1331y to 83M 0978yRoyal Wootton BassettWiltshire683m - 2118m
83M 0979y to 84M 1110yVasternWiltshire569m - 998m
84M 1111y to 84M 1660yGrittenhamWiltshire1001m - 1076m
84M 1661y to 86M 0010yTockenham WickWiltshire1011m - 1755m
86M 0011y to 87M 0384ySodomWiltshire713m - 1742m
87M 0385y to 88M 0340yDauntsey LockWiltshire175m - 789m
88M 0341y to 88M 0362ySwallett GateWiltshire805m - 805m
88M 0363y to 89M 0274yUpper TownWiltshire205m - 812m
89M 0275y to 89M 1572yThornendWiltshire457m - 791m
89M 1573y to 90M 0648yChristian MalfordWiltshire688m - 1182m
90M 0649y to 91M 0670yAvonWiltshire680m - 1181m
91M 0671y to 92M 0516yKellawaysWiltshire563m - 971m
92M 0517y to 93M 0780yLangley BurrellWiltshire478m - 1100m
93M 0781y to 94M 0494yChippenhamWiltshire464m - 1090m
94M 0495y to 95M 0912yGladstone ParadeWiltshire600m - 1972m
95M 0913y to 97M 0274yThingleyWiltshire32m - 1966m
97M 0275y to 97M 1704yWestropWiltshire372m - 853m
97M 1705y to 98M 0846yCorshamWiltshire818m - 1003m
98M 0847y to 99M 0384yGreenhillWiltshire202m - 1009m
99M 0385y to 99M 0934yHudswellWiltshire268m - 498m
99M 0935y to 99M 1418yWestwellsWiltshire512m - 740m
99M 1419y to 100M 0208yRudloeWiltshire711m - 758m
100M 0209y to 100M 1528yBox HillWiltshire406m - 763m
100M 1529y to 101M 0758yBoxWiltshire332m - 680m
101M 0759y to 101M 1286yMiddlehillWiltshire277m - 427m
101M 1287y to 102M 0472yAshleyWiltshire199m - 589m
102M 0473y to 103M 0208yShockerwickBath and North East Somerset462m - 1085m
103M 0209y to 104M 0164yBathfordBath and North East Somerset356m - 1076m
104M 0165y to 104M 0846yBatheastonBath and North East Somerset543m - 671m
104M 0847y to 105M 0274yBathamptonBath and North East Somerset478m - 787m
105M 0275y to 105M 0736yLambridgeBath and North East Somerset661m - 782m
105M 0737y to 105M 1748yGrosvenorBath and North East Somerset372m - 645m
105M 1749y to 106M 0912yBathwickBath and North East Somerset128m - 643m
106M 0913y to 106M 1418yDolemeadsBath and North East Somerset62m - 243m
106M 1419y to 107M 0054yLyncombe HillBath and North East Somerset186m - 312m
107M 0055y to 107M 0428yBeechen CliffBath and North East Somerset306m - 392m
107M 0429y to 107M 0560yKingsmeadBath and North East Somerset364m - 391m
107M 0561y to 107M 1242yWestmorelandBath and North East Somerset170m - 351m
107M 1243y to 107M 1374yOldfield ParkBath and North East Somerset351m - 361m
107M 1375y to 108M 0340yEast TwertonBath and North East Somerset175m - 374m
108M 0341y to 108M 0912yLocksbrookBath and North East Somerset288m - 382m
108M 0913y to 109M 0076yTwertonBath and North East Somerset99m - 503m
109M 0077y to 109M 1154yNewbridgeBath and North East Somerset489m - 1035m
109M 1155y to 110M 0362yNewton St LoeBath and North East Somerset777m - 1040m
110M 0363y to 111M 0032yCorstonBath and North East Somerset689m - 1121m
111M 0033y to 111M 0098yKelstonBath and North East Somerset1133m - 1144m
111M 0099y to 112M 1440ySaltfordBath and North East Somerset14m - 1652m
112M 1441y to 113M 1396yKeynshamBath and North East Somerset276m - 1638m
113M 1397y to 114M 0626ySomerdaleBath and North East Somerset112m - 639m
114M 0627y to 115M 0362yStockwood ValeBath and North East Somerset643m - 1545m
115M 0363y to 116M 0604yBroom HillCity of Bristol287m - 1562m
116M 0605y to 116M 1022yConhamCity of Bristol352m - 495m
116M 1023y to 116M 1242ySt Anne’s ParkCity of Bristol459m - 496m
116M 1243y to 117M 0516ySt Anne’sCity of Bristol123m - 521m
117M 0517y to 117M 0934ySt Philip’s MarshCity of Bristol480m - 524m
117M 0935y to 117M 1418yBarton HillCity of Bristol370m - 508m
117M 1419y to 118M 0912yThe DingsCity of Bristol100m - 703m
118M 0913y to 119M 0230yTotterdownCity of Bristol400m - 701m
119M 0231y to 119M 0670yWindmill HillCity of Bristol640m - 790m
119M 0671y to 119M 0824ySouthvilleCity of Bristol754m - 800m
119M 0825y to 120M 0340yBedminsterCity of Bristol574m - 845m
120M 0341y to 120M 1110yBedminster DownCity of Bristol543m - 844m
120M 1111y to 121M 0802yAshton ValeCity of Bristol357m - 897m
121M 0803y to 122M 0494yYanleyNorth Somerset314m - 888m
122M 0495y to 123M 0252yLong AshtonNorth Somerset385m - 1051m
123M 0253y to 124M 0274yCambridge BatchNorth Somerset11m - 1054m
124M 0275y to 124M 1594yFlax BourtonNorth Somerset261m - 741m
124M 1595y to 125M 1154yBackwell GreenNorth Somerset154m - 753m
125M 1155y to 126M 0516yBackwell CommonNorth Somerset394m - 893m
126M 0517y to 126M 1088yBackwellNorth Somerset901m - 1149m
126M 1089y to 126M 1242yWest TownNorth Somerset1130m - 1149m
126M 1243y to 128M 0120yChelveyNorth Somerset209m - 1119m
128M 0121y to 128M 1726yKenn Moor GateNorth Somerset187m - 1098m
128M 1727y to 129M 1000yLower ClaverhamNorth Somerset426m - 1232m
129M 1001y to 130M 0230yYattonNorth Somerset736m - 1218m
130M 0231y to 131M 0736yHorsecastleNorth Somerset653m - 1847m
131M 0737y to 131M 1176yPuxtonNorth Somerset1616m - 1855m
131M 1177y to 132M 1264yHewishNorth Somerset324m - 1600m
132M 1265y to 133M 0692yWest HewishNorth Somerset159m - 790m
133M 0693y to 134M 0516ySt GeorgesNorth Somerset167m - 806m
134M 0517y to 135M 0208yLocking CastleNorth Somerset156m - 680m
135M 0209y to 136M 0802yWeston VillageNorth Somerset79m - 1462m
136M 0803y to 136M 1396yMiltonNorth Somerset1479m - 1926m
136M 1397y to 136M 1484yHuttonNorth Somerset1916m - 1926m
136M 1485y to 138M 1000yOldmixonNorth Somerset543m - 1910m
138M 1001y to 139M 0780yPurnNorth Somerset700m - 956m
139M 0781y to 140M 0934yBatchSomerset - Sedgemoor527m - 1068m
140M 0935y to 141M 1484yWickSomerset - Sedgemoor63m - 1062m
141M 1485y to 142M 0912yHamSomerset - Sedgemoor447m - 1033m
142M 0913y to 143M 0428yBrent KnollSomerset - Sedgemoor469m - 1305m
143M 0429y to 144M 0802yEdithmeadSomerset - Sedgemoor611m - 1298m
144M 0803y to 145M 0868yHighbridgeSomerset - Sedgemoor255m - 983m
145M 0869y to 145M 1638yAlstoneSomerset - Sedgemoor737m - 1038m
145M 1639y to 146M 1462yHuntspillSomerset - Sedgemoor905m - 1294m
146M 1463y to 147M 1154yWest HuntspillSomerset - Sedgemoor1289m - 1681m
147M 1155y to 147M 1242yPawlettSomerset - Sedgemoor1652m - 1674m
147M 1243y to 148M 0868yPuritonSomerset - Sedgemoor690m - 1635m
148M 0869y to 148M 1726yDown EndSomerset - Sedgemoor361m - 682m
148M 1727y to 149M 1374yDunballSomerset - Sedgemoor336m - 1111m
149M 1375y to 150M 1132yHorseySomerset - Sedgemoor941m - 1202m
150M 1133y to 151M 0274ySydenhamSomerset - Sedgemoor614m - 1192m
151M 0275y to 151M 1726yEastoverSomerset - Sedgemoor435m - 1060m
151M 1727y to 152M 0164yHampSomerset - Sedgemoor1048m - 1064m
152M 0165y to 153M 0010yDunwearSomerset - Sedgemoor415m - 1048m
153M 0011y to 153M 1286yHuntworthSomerset - Sedgemoor542m - 1028m
153M 1287y to 153M 1484yAnderseaSomerset - Sedgemoor928m - 1037m
153M 1485y to 154M 1220yFordgateSomerset - Sedgemoor128m - 914m
154M 1221y to 155M 0560yLittle MoorSomerset - Sedgemoor495m - 1343m
155M 0561y to 156M 0692yNorthmoor CornerSomerset - Sedgemoor714m - 1353m
156M 0693y to 156M 1572ySt Michael ChurchSomerset - Sedgemoor757m - 863m
156M 1573y to 158M 0208yOutwoodSomerset - Sedgemoor114m - 1123m
158M 0209y to 158M 0340yDurstonSomerset - Taunton Deane1122m - 1132m
158M 0341y to 159M 0670yCharltonSomerset - Taunton Deane158m - 1117m
159M 0671y to 159M 1396yHamSomerset - Taunton Deane704m - 791m
159M 1397y to 160M 1022yCreech St MichaelSomerset - Taunton Deane376m - 799m
160M 1023y to 161M 0098yRuishtonSomerset - Taunton Deane439m - 612m
161M 0099y to 161M 1374yBathpoolSomerset - Taunton Deane109m - 596m
161M 1375y to 162M 0296yMaidenbrookSomerset - Taunton Deane569m - 735m
162M 0297y to 162M 0604yPriorswoodSomerset - Taunton Deane626m - 739m
162M 0605y to 162M 1550yObridgeSomerset - Taunton Deane100m - 610m
162M 1551y to 163M 0274yFirepoolSomerset - Taunton Deane249m - 532m
163M 0275y to 163M 0670yNorth TownSomerset - Taunton Deane526m - 569m
163M 0671y to 164M 0472yFrieze HillSomerset - Taunton Deane297m - 963m
164M 0473y to 164M 0604yStaplegroveSomerset - Taunton Deane974m - 1020m
164M 0605y to 164M 0736yBishop’s HullSomerset - Taunton Deane1028m - 1031m
164M 0737y to 165M 0846yNorton FitzwarrenSomerset - Taunton Deane279m - 1026m
165M 0847y to 165M 1176yUpcottSomerset - Taunton Deane773m - 830m
165M 1177y to 166M 1110yAllerfordSomerset - Taunton Deane303m - 848m
166M 1111y to 167M 0076yHillfarranceSomerset - Taunton Deane787m - 862m
167M 0077y to 167M 1330yTone GreenSomerset - Taunton Deane612m - 836m
167M 1331y to 168M 0560yEast NyneheadSomerset - Taunton Deane612m - 784m
168M 0561y to 168M 1198yHamSomerset - Taunton Deane478m - 656m
168M 1199y to 169M 1022yPooleSomerset - Taunton Deane16m - 919m
169M 1023y to 170M 0912yTonedaleSomerset - Taunton Deane182m - 910m
170M 0913y to 170M 1330yRockwell GreenSomerset - Taunton Deane385m - 680m
170M 1331y to 171M 1044yWestfordSomerset - Taunton Deane197m - 955m
171M 1045y to 171M 1176yHolywell LakeSomerset - Taunton Deane908m - 970m
171M 1177y to 172M 1000ySampford ArundelSomerset - Taunton Deane396m - 897m
172M 1001y to 173M 0736yWhite BallSomerset - Taunton Deane485m - 987m
173M 0737y to 174M 0428yRed BallDevon - Mid Devon597m - 977m
174M 0429y to 174M 0912yBurlescombeDevon - Mid Devon544m - 836m
174M 0913y to 175M 1176yGreat FossendDevon - Mid Devon141m - 1361m
175M 1177y to 175M 1726yAppledoreDevon - Mid Devon1216m - 1373m
175M 1727y to 177M 0956yAyshfordDevon - Mid Devon597m - 1591m
177M 0957y to 178M 0582ySampford PeverellDevon - Mid Devon1591m - 2023m
178M 0583y to 180M 0824yWillandDevon - Mid Devon744m - 2027m
180M 0825y to 181M 1220yStoneyfordDevon - Mid Devon241m - 1436m
181M 1221y to 182M 1022yCullomptonDevon - Mid Devon527m - 1155m
182M 1023y to 183M 0076yMuttertonDevon - Mid Devon806m - 1145m
183M 0077y to 184M 0384yWestcottDevon - Mid Devon412m - 1202m
184M 0385y to 184M 1462yBradninchDevon - Mid Devon1151m - 1210m
184M 1463y to 186M 0648yHeleDevon - Mid Devon268m - 1238m
186M 0649y to 187M 0846yStockwellDevon - Mid Devon1049m - 1671m
187M 0847y to 188M 1088yColumbjohnDevon - East Devon546m - 1674m
188M 1089y to 189M 1000yReweDevon - East Devon231m - 993m
189M 1001y to 191M 0538yStoke CanonDevon - East Devon87m - 1772m
191M 0539y to 191M 0560yUpton PyneDevon - East Devon1790m - 1790m
191M 0561y to 193M 0538yDuryardDevon - Exeter513m - 1781m
193M 0539y to 194M 0054yExwickDevon - Exeter386m - 1000m
194M 0055y to 194M 0890yFoxhayesDevon - Exeter354m - 670m
194M 0891y to 195M 0318ySt ThomasDevon - Exeter463m - 788m
195M 0319y to 196M 0934yMarsh BartonDevon - Exeter339m - 1378m
196M 0935y to 196M 1088yAlphingtonDevon - Exeter1397m - 1492m
196M 1089y to 197M 0758yCountess WearDevon - Exeter1149m - 1500m
197M 0759y to 199M 0626yExminsterDevon - Teignbridge540m - 1984m
199M 0627y to 199M 0692yTopshamDevon - Exeter1999m - 2025m
199M 0693y to 201M 1110yPowderhamDevon - Teignbridge639m - 2009m
201M 1111y to 202M 1638yStarcrossDevon - Teignbridge27m - 1408m
202M 1639y to 203M 1616yCockwoodDevon - Teignbridge221m - 1005m
203M 1617y to 205M 0824yDawlish WarrenDevon - Teignbridge113m - 1274m
205M 0825y to 206M 1220yDawlishDevon - Teignbridge378m - 1261m
206M 1221y to 208M 0406yHolcombeDevon - Teignbridge461m - 1314m
208M 0407y to 209M 0824yTeignmouthDevon - Teignbridge227m - 1311m
209M 0825y to 210M 0010yShaldonDevon - Teignbridge718m - 911m
210M 0011y to 210M 0758yRingmoreDevon - Teignbridge927m - 1253m
210M 0759y to 211M 1066yBishopsteigntonDevon - Teignbridge903m - 1251m
211M 1067y to 212M 0450yCombeinteignheadDevon - Teignbridge1227m - 1398m
212M 0451y to 212M 0956yNethertonDevon - Teignbridge1389m - 1444m
212M 0957y to 212M 1726yBucklandDevon - Teignbridge1084m - 1441m
212M 1727y to 213M 0604yKingsteigntonDevon - Teignbridge929m - 1071m
213M 0605y to 213M 1044yBucklandDevon - Teignbridge965m - 989m
213M 1045y to 214M 0164yKnowles HillDevon - Teignbridge642m - 980m
214M 0165y to 214M 1066yPenninnDevon - Teignbridge266m - 711m
214M 1067y to 215M 1066yMilberDevon - Teignbridge148m - 1336m
215M 1067y to 215M 1396yKingskerswellDevon - Teignbridge1289m - 1331m
215M 1397y to 216M 0032yAbbotskerswellDevon - Teignbridge1186m - 1286m
216M 0033y to 216M 1044yKingskerswellDevon - Teignbridge1021m - 1247m
216M 1045y to 216M 1506yNorth WhilboroughDevon - Teignbridge1225m - 1252m
216M 1507y to 218M 0780yDaintonDevon - Teignbridge135m - 1228m
218M 0781y to 219M 1330yIpplepenDevon - Teignbridge1203m - 2112m
219M 1331y to 219M 1704yTorbryanDevon - Teignbridge2116m - 2153m
219M 1705y to 222M 0450yLittlehempstonDevon - South Hams312m - 2142m
222M 0451y to 223M 0406yTotnesDevon - South Hams440m - 1321m
223M 0407y to 224M 0296yLongcauseDevon - South Hams615m - 1014m
224M 0297y to 224M 0978yDartingtonDevon - South Hams1032m - 1599m
224M 0979y to 224M 1616yBelsfordDevon - South Hams1206m - 1610m
224M 1617y to 226M 1154yTigleyDevon - South Hams14m - 1453m
226M 1155y to 227M 1550yRatteryDevon - South Hams1205m - 1770m
227M 1551y to 228M 1198yHarbournefordDevon - South Hams1537m - 1764m
228M 1199y to 229M 1528ySouth BrentDevon - South Hams154m - 1572m
229M 1529y to 230M 0780yAishDevon - South Hams283m - 878m
230M 0781y to 230M 1198ySouth BrentDevon - South Hams895m - 1146m
230M 1199y to 231M 1176yChestonDevon - South Hams138m - 1152m
231M 1177y to 232M 0494yWrangatonDevon - South Hams504m - 782m
232M 0495y to 232M 1418yMoorhaven VillageDevon - South Hams249m - 775m
232M 1419y to 233M 1242yBittafordDevon - South Hams68m - 1134m
233M 1243y to 234M 0692yFilhamDevon - South Hams842m - 1151m
234M 0693y to 236M 0626yIvybridgeDevon - South Hams592m - 2081m
236M 0627y to 238M 0274yCorntownDevon - South Hams444m - 2092m
238M 0275y to 239M 0538yVentonDevon - South Hams351m - 1242m
239M 0539y to 239M 1242ySparkwellDevon - South Hams795m - 1046m
239M 1243y to 240M 0780yLangageDevon - South Hams597m - 1037m
240M 0781y to 240M 1000yHemerdonDevon - South Hams734m - 775m
240M 1001y to 241M 0450yChaddlewoodCity of Plymouth606m - 796m
241M 0451y to 241M 1022yPlymptonCity of Plymouth549m - 807m
241M 1023y to 242M 0120yColebrookCity of Plymouth281m - 541m
242M 0121y to 242M 0912yUnderwoodCity of Plymouth371m - 619m
242M 0913y to 242M 1242yWoodfordCity of Plymouth630m - 699m
242M 1243y to 243M 0362yMarsh MillsCity of Plymouth215m - 695m
243M 0363y to 243M 1484yCrabtreeCity of Plymouth184m - 724m
243M 1485y to 244M 0956yLairaCity of Plymouth98m - 717m
244M 0957y to 244M 1726yLipson ValeCity of Plymouth45m - 363m
244M 1727y to 245M 0340yLipsonCity of Plymouth333m - 439m
245M 0341y to 245M 1110yMutleyCity of Plymouth167m - 433m
245M 1111y to 245M 1528yFord ParkCity of Plymouth305m - 478m
245M 1529y to 246M 0565yPennycomequickCity of Plymouth74m - 490m


🏷️ Positional Accuracy Statistics

PropertyCountMinMaxMeanMedianStd Dev
Linear Accuracy981-36m40m-1m-0m5m
Normalised Quarter Miles981401y484y439y439y6y
Calibration Segment Length98121y880y442y440y38y