RouteGreat Western Main Line (GWML)
SectionSt Germans to Chacewater
ELR MapsAtlas , Interactive
Area MapsLiskeard , Lostwithiel , Par , Burngullow Jn , Truro , ELR change MLN3-MLN4
Extent256M 0874y to 305M 1451y  •  49.328 miles  •  79.385 km
Measured79.212 km (Δ -174m)
⚠️ Large variation between reported and measured extents
GroupingMLN1 , MLN2 , MLN3 , MLN4
NeighboursFAL1 , FOY , LIJ , LIL , LOF , LOO , MLN2 , MLN4 , PAR , SDS
NR RegionWales & Western
Quail Map 3 — Western & WalesTRACKmaps Book 3 — Western & Wales


🏢 Administrative Area

MileageCountryAdministrative Area
256M 0874y to 305M 1451yEnglandCornwall


📍 Nearest Place and District

MileageNearest PlaceDistrict / CountyDistance
256M 0874y to 257M 0340ySt GermansCornwall102m - 808m
257M 0341y to 257M 1352yPolbathicCornwall825m - 1358m
257M 1353y to 258M 1638yTrerulefootCornwall237m - 1346m
258M 1639y to 260M 0714yBudge’s ShopCornwall363m - 1824m
260M 0715y to 260M 1264yDoddycrossCornwall1630m - 1834m
260M 1265y to 262M 0912yLower ClickerCornwall323m - 1619m
262M 0913y to 263M 1374yHorningtopsCornwall1099m - 2114m
263M 1375y to 265M 0098yLiskeardCornwall966m - 2124m
265M 0099y to 266M 0758yMoorswaterCornwall231m - 1100m
266M 0759y to 267M 1154yDobwallsCornwall580m - 1103m
267M 1155y to 268M 1044yDoubleboisCornwall82m - 810m
268M 1045y to 269M 1132yRedpostCornwall470m - 1294m
269M 1133y to 270M 1000yMiddle TaphouseCornwall1207m - 1774m
270M 1001y to 272M 0670yWest TaphouseCornwall1687m - 2467m
272M 0671y to 272M 1572yLittle DownsCornwall2383m - 2479m
272M 1573y to 276M 0604yBofarnelCornwall687m - 2486m
276M 0605y to 276M 0736yLostwithielCornwall1647m - 1722m
276M 0737y to 276M 1572yBridgendCornwall917m - 1628m
276M 1573y to 277M 0054yLostwithielCornwall708m - 898m
277M 0055y to 277M 0868yBridgendCornwall222m - 691m
277M 0869y to 278M 0142yLostwithielCornwall282m - 983m
278M 0143y to 278M 0164yBridgendCornwall1002m - 1002m
278M 0165y to 279M 1198yMilltownCornwall104m - 1404m
279M 1199y to 280M 1682yTreesmillCornwall243m - 1386m
280M 1683y to 281M 0648yTywardreathCornwall482m - 636m
281M 0649y to 281M 1330yKilhallonCornwall499m - 650m
281M 1331y to 283M 0428yParCornwall436m - 1906m
283M 0429y to 284M 1352yCarlyon BayCornwall202m - 1911m
284M 1353y to 285M 0670yHolmbushCornwall242m - 566m
285M 0671y to 286M 0010yMount CharlesCornwall222m - 669m
286M 0011y to 287M 0164ySt AustellCornwall167m - 1085m
287M 0165y to 288M 0692yTrewoonCornwall54m - 1071m
288M 0693y to 289M 0120yHornickCornwall644m - 971m
289M 0121y to 289M 0450yLanjethCornwall796m - 981m
289M 0451y to 290M 0538yHendraCornwall463m - 990m
290M 0539y to 291M 1484yCoombeCornwall81m - 1777m
291M 1485y to 292M 0054yTrelionCornwall1785m - 1835m
292M 0055y to 294M 0274yGrampound RoadCornwall110m - 1820m
294M 0275y to 294M 0912yLadockCornwall1425m - 1534m
294M 0913y to 296M 0428yProbusCornwall1150m - 1937m
296M 0429y to 298M 1220yTresillianCornwall1058m - 2300m
298M 1221y to 299M 0824yIdlessCornwall1496m - 2286m
299M 0825y to 299M 1264yKenwynCornwall1205m - 1484m
299M 1265y to 300M 1176yTruroCornwall487m - 1190m
300M 1177y to 300M 1484yKenwynCornwall762m - 796m
300M 1485y to 302M 0164yHighertownCornwall304m - 1128m
302M 0165y to 302M 1308yGlowethCornwall1141m - 1481m
302M 1309y to 304M 0692yThreemilestoneCornwall811m - 1539m
304M 0693y to 305M 1451yChacewaterCornwall864m - 1559m


🏷️ Positional Accuracy Statistics

PropertyCountMinMaxMeanMedianStd Dev
Linear Accuracy200-51m49m-1m-0m7m
Normalised Quarter Miles200384y493y439y440y8y
Calibration Segment Length2006y440y434y440y48y