RouteGreat Western Main Line (GWML)
SectionChacewater to Penzance
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Area MapsELR change MLN3-MLN4 , St Erth , Penzance
Extent305M 1435y to 326M 1208y  •  20.871 miles  •  33.589 km
Measured33.552 km (Δ -37m)
GroupingMLN1 , MLN2 , MLN3 , MLN4
NeighboursMLN3 , SIV
NR RegionWales & Western
Quail Map 3 — Western & WalesTRACKmaps Book 3 — Western & Wales


🏢 Administrative Area

MileageCountryAdministrative Area
305M 1435y to 326M 1208yEnglandCornwall


📍 Nearest Place and District

MileageNearest PlaceDistrict / CountyDistance
305M 1435y to 305M 1726yChacewaterCornwall1005m - 1130m
305M 1727y to 306M 1660yBlackwaterCornwall537m - 1126m
306M 1661y to 308M 0318yScorrierCornwall90m - 1071m
308M 0319y to 308M 1308yMount AmbroseCornwall471m - 805m
308M 1309y to 309M 0538yTreleighCornwall337m - 689m
309M 0539y to 309M 0824yPlain-An-GwarryCornwall529m - 700m
309M 0825y to 310M 0296yRedruthCornwall13m - 560m
310M 0297y to 310M 0384yPlain-An-GwarryCornwall574m - 591m
310M 0385y to 310M 1000yChurch TownCornwall271m - 589m
310M 1001y to 310M 1484yCarn Brea VillageCornwall157m - 265m
310M 1485y to 311M 0120yBlowinghouseCornwall278m - 468m
311M 0121y to 311M 0274yTolskithyCornwall472m - 479m
311M 0275y to 311M 1066yIllogan HighwayCornwall407m - 646m
311M 1067y to 311M 1726yPoolCornwall623m - 723m
311M 1727y to 312M 1088yBreaCornwall219m - 727m
312M 1089y to 313M 0318yPengegonCornwall145m - 617m
313M 0319y to 313M 1462yCamborneCornwall440m - 726m
313M 1463y to 314M 1594yPenpondsCornwall92m - 1018m
314M 1595y to 315M 1110yRoseworthyCornwall854m - 1149m
315M 1111y to 316M 0582yCarnhell GreenCornwall1007m - 1566m
316M 0583y to 317M 0362yConnor DownsCornwall809m - 1553m
317M 0363y to 318M 0076yAngarrackCornwall168m - 811m
318M 0077y to 318M 0934yGuildfordCornwall29m - 514m
318M 0935y to 318M 1066yVentonleagueCornwall276m - 325m
318M 1067y to 319M 0208yCopperhouseCornwall228m - 562m
319M 0209y to 319M 0890yFoundryCornwall34m - 580m
319M 0891y to 320M 0230yHayleCornwall36m - 920m
320M 0231y to 320M 1132yGriggsCornwall571m - 909m
320M 1133y to 321M 0538yRose-an-GrouseCornwall41m - 562m
321M 0539y to 322M 0098yCanon’s TownCornwall341m - 887m
322M 0099y to 322M 0384yWhitecrossCornwall875m - 893m
322M 0385y to 322M 1396yCockwellsCornwall861m - 1057m
322M 1397y to 323M 0120yCrowlasCornwall915m - 1057m
323M 0121y to 323M 1550yGwallonCornwall511m - 914m
323M 1551y to 324M 1198yNewtownCornwall426m - 902m
324M 1199y to 325M 0912yLongrockCornwall74m - 838m
325M 0913y to 326M 0648yChyandourCornwall111m - 839m
326M 0649y to 326M 0934yTrythoggaCornwall569m - 746m
326M 0935y to 326M 1208yPenzanceCornwall509m - 740m


🏷️ Positional Accuracy Statistics

PropertyCountMinMaxMeanMedianStd Dev
Linear Accuracy85-19m18m-0m0m6m
Normalised Quarter Miles85420y460y439y440y6y
Calibration Segment Length8539y440y432y440y48y