RouteMwyndy Branch
Sectionformer Mwyndy Jn to former Maesaraul Jn
RemarksUnderstood to be disused
ELR MapsAtlas , Interactive
Area MapsPontyclun , Beddau
Extent0M -260y to 1M 0893y  •  1.655 miles  •  2.664 km
Measured2.173 km (Δ -491m)
⚠️ Large variation between reported and measured extents
NeighboursELY , LTR
NR RegionWales & Western
Quail Map 3 — Western & WalesTRACKmaps Book 3 — Western & Wales


🏢 Administrative Area

MileageCountryAdministrative Area
0M -260y to 1M 0893yWalesRhondda, Cynon, Taff


📍 Nearest Place and District

MileageNearest PlaceDistrict / CountyDistance
0M -260y to 0M 0054yPontyclunRhondda Cynon Taf714m - 918m
0M 0055y to 0M 1506yTalbot GreenRhondda Cynon Taf418m - 904m
0M 1507y to 1M 0893yCross InnRhondda Cynon Taf289m - 716m


🏷️ Positional Accuracy Statistics

PropertyCountMinMaxMeanMedianStd Dev
Linear Accuracy4-475m28m-123m-22m237m
Normalised Quarter Miles4157y448y303y302y169y
Calibration Segment Length487y1580y728y623y639y