RouteNorth Devon Line
SectionCrediton to Barnstaple
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Area MapsColeford Jn , Barnstable
Extent179M 0549y to 211M 0783y  •  32.133 miles  •  51.713 km
Measured51.903 km (Δ +190m)
⚠️ Large variation between reported and measured extents
NR RegionWales & Western
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🏢 Administrative Area

MileageCountryAdministrative Area
179M 0549y to 211M 0783yEnglandDevon


📍 Nearest Place and District

MileageNearest PlaceDistrict / CountyDistance
179M 0549y to 179M 1396yFordtonDevon - Mid Devon10m - 742m
179M 1397y to 180M 1748yUtonDevon - Mid Devon467m - 1437m
180M 1749y to 181M 0296yVenny TedburnDevon - Mid Devon1448m - 1564m
181M 0297y to 182M 0934yNeopardyDevon - Mid Devon353m - 1571m
182M 0935y to 183M 0736yYeofordDevon - Mid Devon135m - 872m
183M 0737y to 183M 1022yColebrookeDevon - Mid Devon688m - 891m
183M 1023y to 184M 0406yPenstoneDevon - Mid Devon91m - 669m
184M 0407y to 184M 1704yColefordDevon - Mid Devon103m - 792m
184M 1705y to 186M 0714yCopplestoneDevon - Mid Devon78m - 1492m
186M 0715y to 188M 0802yMorchard RoadDevon - Mid Devon38m - 1793m
188M 0803y to 190M 0362yKelland CourtDevon - Mid Devon201m - 1790m
190M 0363y to 191M 0142yNymet RowlandDevon - Mid Devon675m - 1116m
191M 0143y to 193M 1176yChensonDevon - Mid Devon2m - 2723m
193M 1177y to 193M 1308yWembworthyDevon - Mid Devon2682m - 2721m
193M 1309y to 194M 0362yBridge ReeveDevon - Mid Devon2159m - 2665m
194M 0363y to 194M 1594yChulmleighDevon - North Devon1487m - 2149m
194M 1595y to 196M 0164yBridge ReeveDevon - Mid Devon653m - 1481m
196M 0165y to 198M 0450yColleton MillsDevon - North Devon87m - 2275m
198M 0451y to 199M 0186yBurringtonDevon - North Devon2031m - 2268m
199M 0187y to 199M 1528yChittlehamholtDevon - North Devon1628m - 2268m
199M 1529y to 202M 0516yKingfordDevon - North Devon181m - 2205m
202M 0517y to 202M 0560yChittlehamholtDevon - North Devon2219m - 2219m
202M 0561y to 202M 1528yWarkleighDevon - North Devon2013m - 2212m
202M 1529y to 205M 1616yUmberleighDevon - North Devon135m - 2171m
205M 1617y to 207M 1154yChapeltonDevon - North Devon18m - 1836m
207M 1155y to 208M 0340yHernerDevon - North Devon923m - 1559m
208M 0341y to 208M 1044yHarracottDevon - North Devon1575m - 1782m
208M 1045y to 209M 1748yBishop’s TawtonDevon - North Devon226m - 1765m
209M 1749y to 210M 1154yChestwoodDevon - North Devon149m - 553m
210M 1155y to 211M 0186yLakeDevon - North Devon444m - 590m
211M 0187y to 211M 0783ySticklepathDevon - North Devon110m - 600m


🏷️ Positional Accuracy Statistics

PropertyCountMinMaxMeanMedianStd Dev
Linear Accuracy130-40m42m1m1m8m
Normalised Quarter Miles130397y486y442y441y9y
Calibration Segment Length130102y440y435y440y35y