RouteNottingham to Barnetby
SectionCOM Lincoln to Barnetby
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Area MapsBarnetby , Lincoln
Extent12M 1166y to 41M 0557y  •  28.654 miles  •  46.114 km
Measured46.200 km (Δ +85m)
ℹ️ Variation between reported and measured extents
GroupingNOB1 , NOB2 , NOB3
NeighboursDOW , MAC3 , SPD3
NR RegionEastern
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🏢 Administrative Area

MileageCountryAdministrative Area
12M 1166y to 13M 0912yEnglandNorth Lincolnshire
13M 0913y to 15M 0934yEnglandLincolnshire
15M 0935y to 17M 0538yEnglandNorth Lincolnshire
17M 0539y to 41M 0557yEnglandLincolnshire


📍 Nearest Place and District

MileageNearest PlaceDistrict / CountyDistance
12M 1166y to 13M 0868yCoskillsNorth Lincolnshire829m - 2052m
13M 0869y to 14M 0912yBigbyLincolnshire - West Lindsey2030m - 2112m
14M 0913y to 14M 1330ySomerbyLincolnshire - West Lindsey2046m - 2111m
14M 1331y to 17M 0076yHowshamNorth Lincolnshire563m - 2037m
17M 0077y to 18M 1638yNorth Kelsey MoorLincolnshire - West Lindsey321m - 1835m
18M 1639y to 19M 1704yMoortownLincolnshire - West Lindsey877m - 1335m
19M 1705y to 21M 1440yHolton le MoorLincolnshire - West Lindsey966m - 2127m
21M 1441y to 22M 1660yClaxbyLincolnshire - West Lindsey1103m - 2131m
22M 1661y to 24M 1484yUsselbyLincolnshire - West Lindsey828m - 2458m
24M 1485y to 27M 1682yMarket RasenLincolnshire - West Lindsey170m - 2470m
27M 1683y to 28M 0054yMiddle RasenLincolnshire - West Lindsey2428m - 2501m
28M 0055y to 30M 0032yBuslingthorpeLincolnshire - West Lindsey1169m - 2489m
30M 0033y to 30M 0560yFriesthorpeLincolnshire - West Lindsey1312m - 1520m
30M 0561y to 31M 0912yWickenbyLincolnshire - West Lindsey630m - 1304m
31M 0913y to 32M 0890ySnellandLincolnshire - West Lindsey315m - 1003m
32M 0891y to 33M 0758yReasbyLincolnshire - West Lindsey190m - 899m
33M 0759y to 34M 0934yStainton by LangworthLincolnshire - West Lindsey155m - 898m
34M 0935y to 35M 1308yLangworthLincolnshire - West Lindsey804m - 1746m
35M 1309y to 35M 1396ySudbrookeLincolnshire - West Lindsey1757m - 1763m
35M 1397y to 37M 0626yReephamLincolnshire - West Lindsey154m - 1743m
37M 0627y to 38M 1044yCherry WillinghamLincolnshire - West Lindsey177m - 1287m
38M 1045y to 39M 1396yWashingboroughLincolnshire - North Kesteven1176m - 1944m
39M 1397y to 40M 0780ySt GilesLincolnshire - Lincoln1525m - 1961m
40M 0781y to 41M 0557yLincolnLincolnshire - Lincoln1079m - 1514m


🏷️ Positional Accuracy Statistics

PropertyCountMinMaxMeanMedianStd Dev
Linear Accuracy118-30m32m1m1m5m
Normalised Quarter Miles118407y475y441y441y7y
Calibration Segment Length1187y440y427y440y68y