RoutePenistone and Huddersfield Line
SectionSpringwood Jn to former Huddersfield Jn
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Area MapsHuddersfield , ELR change PEH-PED1-PED2
Extent0M 0849y to 13M 0960y  •  13.063 miles  •  21.023 km
Measured21.015 km (Δ -8m)
NeighboursMVL3 , PED1
NR RegionEastern
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🏢 Administrative Area

MileageCountryAdministrative Area
0M 0849y to 10M 1506yEnglandWest Yorkshire
10M 1507y to 13M 0960yEnglandSouth Yorkshire


📍 Nearest Place and District

MileageNearest PlaceDistrict / CountyDistance
0M 0849y to 0M 1748yThornton LodgeKirklees169m - 406m
0M 1749y to 1M 0692yYews HillKirklees55m - 411m
1M 0693y to 1M 1154yLockwoodKirklees180m - 333m
1M 1155y to 2M 0120yTaylor HillKirklees188m - 349m
2M 0121y to 2M 0846yBerry BrowKirklees20m - 336m
2M 0847y to 2M 1616yHanging StoneKirklees54m - 381m
2M 1617y to 3M 0912yMag DaleKirklees361m - 846m
3M 0913y to 3M 1330yHonleyKirklees842m - 931m
3M 1331y to 4M 1242yBrockholesKirklees298m - 930m
4M 1243y to 5M 1088yThurstonlandKirklees450m - 976m
5M 1089y to 6M 1396yStocksmoorKirklees170m - 990m
6M 1397y to 7M 1044yShepleyKirklees591m - 1026m
7M 1045y to 7M 1748yShelleyKirklees1022m - 1202m
7M 1749y to 8M 0428yShelley WoodhouseKirklees1102m - 1213m
8M 0429y to 9M 0340yLower CumberworthKirklees285m - 1089m
9M 0341y to 9M 1726yDenby DaleKirklees464m - 674m
9M 1727y to 10M 0956yLower DenbyKirklees485m - 795m
10M 0957y to 11M 0252yUpper DenbyKirklees807m - 1064m
11M 0253y to 11M 1198yIngbirchworthBarnsley983m - 1274m
11M 1199y to 12M 1242yCat HillBarnsley555m - 1276m
12M 1243y to 13M 0296yBridge EndBarnsley629m - 874m
13M 0297y to 13M 0802yPenistoneBarnsley514m - 618m
13M 0803y to 13M 0960ySpring ValeBarnsley407m - 523m


🏷️ Positional Accuracy Statistics

PropertyCountMinMaxMeanMedianStd Dev
Linear Accuracy53-5m6m-0m-0m2m
Normalised Quarter Miles53435y447y440y440y2y
Calibration Segment Length5380y471y434y440y50y