RoutePriory Yard to Hull Central Goods Line
SectionHessle East Jn to Dairycoates
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Area MapsHull
Extent0M -038y to 1M 0746y  •  1.445 miles  •  2.326 km
Measured2.327 km (Δ +1m)
NR RegionEastern
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🏢 Administrative Area

MileageCountryAdministrative Area
0M -038y to 1M 0746yEnglandKingston upon Hull


📍 Nearest Place and District

MileageNearest PlaceDistrict / CountyDistance
0M -038y to 0M 1660yGipsyvilleCity of Kingston upon Hull409m - 963m
0M 1661y to 1M 0746yDairycoatesCity of Kingston upon Hull337m - 972m


🏷️ Positional Accuracy Statistics

PropertyCountMinMaxMeanMedianStd Dev
Linear Accuracy7-11m12m0m-0m7m
Normalised Quarter Miles7427y453y439y440y9y
Calibration Segment Length738y636y363y440y211y