RouteParkgate Tram Transfer Line
ELR MapsAtlas , Interactive
Area MapsRotherham , Aldwarke
Extent0M -006y to 0M 0296y  •  0.172 miles  •  0.276 km
Measured0.276 km (Δ +0m)
NR RegionEastern
Quail Map 2 — EasternTRACKmaps Book 2 — Eastern


🏢 Administrative Area

MileageCountryAdministrative Area
0M -006y to 0M 0296yEnglandSouth Yorkshire


📍 Nearest Place and District

MileageNearest PlaceDistrict / CountyDistance
0M -006y to 0M 0032ySt Ann’sRotherham920m - 944m
0M 0033y to 0M 0296yEastwoodRotherham915m - 944m


🏷️ Positional Accuracy Statistics

PropertyCountMinMaxMeanMedianStd Dev
Linear Accuracy3-0m0m0m0m0m
Normalised Quarter Miles3435y471y449y440y19y
Calibration Segment Length36y285y101y11y160y