RoutePaddock Wood to Strood (via Maidstone West)
SectionPaddock Wood to Maidstone West
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Area MapsPaddock Wood , Maidstone
Extent34M 1422y to 44M 1324y  •  9.944 miles  •  16.004 km
Measured16.005 km (Δ +1m)
GroupingPWS1 , PWS2
NeighboursPWS2 , XTD
NR RegionSouthern
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🏢 Administrative Area

MileageCountryAdministrative Area
34M 1422y to 44M 1324yEnglandKent


📍 Nearest Place and District

MileageNearest PlaceDistrict / CountyDistance
34M 1422y to 35M 0978yPaddock WoodKent - Tunbridge Wells96m - 1083m
35M 0979y to 35M 1374yQueen StreetKent - Maidstone1093m - 1242m
35M 1375y to 37M 0274yBeltringKent - Tonbridge and Malling414m - 1232m
37M 0275y to 37M 1462yHale StreetKent - Tonbridge and Malling898m - 1073m
37M 1463y to 39M 0076yNettlestead GreenKent - Maidstone518m - 1060m
39M 0077y to 39M 1748yNettlesteadKent - Maidstone124m - 940m
39M 1749y to 40M 0714yWateringburyKent - Tonbridge and Malling624m - 848m
40M 0715y to 41M 0362yTestonKent - Maidstone521m - 838m
41M 0363y to 41M 0758yWest FarleighKent - Maidstone645m - 729m
41M 0759y to 42M 0010yHoppers CornerKent - Maidstone593m - 730m
42M 0011y to 42M 1132yKettle CornerKent - Maidstone448m - 704m
42M 1133y to 43M 0670yEast FarleighKent - Maidstone400m - 934m
43M 0671y to 43M 0824yDean StreetKent - Maidstone950m - 951m
43M 0825y to 44M 0186yUpper FantKent - Maidstone202m - 952m
44M 0187y to 44M 0670yLower FantKent - Maidstone120m - 239m
44M 0671y to 44M 1154yTovilKent - Maidstone256m - 588m
44M 1155y to 44M 1324yMaidstoneKent - Maidstone455m - 575m


🏷️ Positional Accuracy Statistics

PropertyCountMinMaxMeanMedianStd Dev
Linear Accuracy42-15m14m0m-0m5m
Normalised Quarter Miles42412y455y439y440y8y
Calibration Segment Length424y440y417y440y93y