RouteRomsey Jn to Tunnel Jn
SectionRomsey Jn to Tunnel Jn
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Area MapsRomsey , Salisbury
Extent80M 0722y to 96M 0196y  •  15.701 miles  •  25.269 km
Measured25.291 km (Δ +23m)
GroupingRTJ1 , RTJ2
NeighboursBAE1 , ECR , LAV , RTJ1
NR RegionSouthern
Quail Map 5 — Southern & TfLTRACKmaps Book 5 — Southern & TfL


🏢 Administrative Area

MileageCountryAdministrative Area
80M 0722y to 87M 1000yEnglandHampshire
87M 1001y to 96M 0196yEnglandWiltshire


📍 Nearest Place and District

MileageNearest PlaceDistrict / CountyDistance
80M 0722y to 81M 0582yRomseyHampshire - Test Valley587m - 1408m
81M 0583y to 82M 0252yBelbinsHampshire - Test Valley1289m - 1500m
82M 0253y to 83M 0186yAwbridgeHampshire - Test Valley1012m - 1498m
83M 0187y to 83M 1748yKimbridgeHampshire - Test Valley309m - 1088m
83M 1749y to 85M 0230yDunbridgeHampshire - Test Valley38m - 1364m
85M 0231y to 85M 0560yCritchell’s GreenHampshire - Test Valley1125m - 1369m
85M 0561y to 86M 0912yLockerleyHampshire - Test Valley164m - 1107m
86M 0913y to 87M 0956yEast DeanHampshire - Test Valley59m - 830m
87M 0957y to 89M 0164yWest DeanHampshire - Test Valley262m - 1737m
89M 0165y to 90M 0802yEast GrimsteadWiltshire830m - 1737m
90M 0803y to 91M 1154yWest GrimsteadWiltshire124m - 1059m
91M 1155y to 91M 1484yWhaddonWiltshire878m - 897m
91M 1485y to 92M 1528yAlderburyWiltshire534m - 1192m
92M 1529y to 93M 1528yShute EndWiltshire946m - 1190m
93M 1529y to 94M 1396yPetersfingerWiltshire22m - 1103m
94M 1397y to 95M 0736yMilfordWiltshire274m - 467m
95M 0737y to 96M 0196yWyndham ParkWiltshire394m - 521m


🏷️ Positional Accuracy Statistics

PropertyCountMinMaxMeanMedianStd Dev
Linear Accuracy65-10m10m0m0m2m
Normalised Quarter Miles65429y454y441y441y3y
Calibration Segment Length656y440y425y440y70y