RouteShrewsbury and Welshpool Line
Sectionformer Buttington Jn to Aberystwyth
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Area MapsELR change SBA1-SBA2 , Dovey Junction , Aberystwith
Extent31M 0432y to 95M 1421y  •  64.562 miles  •  103.902 km
Measured103.850 km (Δ -52m)
ℹ️ Variation between reported and measured extents
GroupingSBA1 , SBA2
NeighboursDJP , SBA1
NR RegionWales & Western
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🏢 Administrative Area

MileageCountryAdministrative Area
31M 0432y to 74M 0758yWalesPowys
74M 0759y to 80M 0164yWalesGwynedd
80M 0165y to 95M 1421yWalesCeredigion


📍 Nearest Place and District

MileageNearest PlaceDistrict / CountyDistance
31M 0432y to 31M 0912yCefnPowys1032m - 1414m
31M 0913y to 32M 1176yButtingtonPowys338m - 1407m
32M 1177y to 33M 0714yGungrogPowys523m - 1127m
33M 0715y to 33M 0912yBurgess LandsPowys1080m - 1142m
33M 0913y to 34M 1066yWelshpoolPowys745m - 1440m
34M 1067y to 35M 0802ySarn-y-bryn-caledPowys795m - 1432m
35M 0803y to 36M 0318yCilcewyddPowys56m - 812m
36M 0319y to 37M 0604yFronPowys197m - 1601m
37M 0605y to 38M 1242yFordenPowys1282m - 1799m
38M 1243y to 39M 1330yHendomenPowys528m - 1788m
39M 1331y to 40M 1000yCaerhowelPowys68m - 759m
40M 1001y to 41M 0274yGarthmylPowys754m - 1191m
41M 0275y to 42M 0318yFronPowys782m - 1193m
42M 0319y to 43M 0230yGreen LanePowys444m - 944m
43M 0231y to 43M 0582yDôl-forwynPowys601m - 676m
43M 0583y to 44M 0846yAbermulePowys68m - 1202m
44M 0847y to 45M 0076yLlanmerewigPowys1198m - 1299m
45M 0077y to 45M 1154yAberbechanPowys1301m - 1616m
45M 1155y to 47M 0340yPenygelliPowys487m - 1606m
47M 0341y to 47M 1748yNewtownPowys394m - 986m
47M 1749y to 48M 0846yGarth OwenPowys209m - 528m
48M 0847y to 48M 0890yTrehafrenPowys375m - 382m
48M 0891y to 48M 1506yMaesyrhandirPowys86m - 373m
48M 1507y to 49M 1066yNantoerPowys173m - 1085m
49M 1067y to 49M 1132yStepasidePowys1094m - 1102m
49M 1133y to 50M 1220yPenstrowedPowys363m - 1097m
50M 1221y to 51M 1484yAberhafespPowys704m - 1997m
51M 1485y to 53M 1484yCaerswsPowys143m - 2000m
53M 1485y to 54M 1044yWigPowys683m - 991m
54M 1045y to 54M 1176yLlanwnogPowys998m - 1000m
54M 1177y to 55M 1154yPontdolgochPowys261m - 1000m
55M 1155y to 57M 0560yClatterPowys258m - 1946m
57M 0561y to 59M 0912yCarnoPowys116m - 1945m
59M 0913y to 61M 0120yGlanhanogPowys621m - 1597m
61M 0121y to 62M 1132yTalerddigPowys370m - 1266m
62M 1133y to 63M 1638yDol-fâchPowys139m - 1210m
63M 1639y to 64M 1440yLlanbrynmairPowys322m - 884m
64M 1441y to 66M 1044yTafolwernPowys405m - 2360m
66M 1045y to 69M 0032yCommins CochPowys89m - 2346m
69M 0033y to 71M 0032yCemmaes RoadPowys42m - 1878m
71M 0033y to 73M 0010yLlanwrinPowys553m - 1859m
73M 0011y to 73M 1132yPenegoesPowys1370m - 1531m
73M 1133y to 74M 1418yPont Felin-y-ffrîddPowys817m - 1536m
74M 1419y to 76M 0406yMachynllethPowys459m - 1524m
76M 0407y to 78M 0604yDerwenlasPowys215m - 1722m
78M 0605y to 78M 0890yPennalGwynedd1737m - 1870m
78M 0891y to 80M 0230yGlandyfiCeredigion76m - 1875m
80M 0231y to 81M 0428yEglwys FachCeredigion646m - 1528m
81M 0429y to 82M 0296yPant EidalGwynedd1531m - 2061m
82M 0297y to 82M 1330yAber-TafolGwynedd2039m - 2220m
82M 1331y to 83M 0802yTre’r-ddôlCeredigion1955m - 2220m
83M 0803y to 85M 0406yTy MawrCeredigion715m - 1952m
85M 0407y to 86M 0934yYnyslasCeredigion266m - 1213m
86M 0935y to 87M 0824yMorfa BorthCeredigion130m - 1057m
87M 0825y to 87M 1704yBorthCeredigion128m - 432m
87M 1705y to 88M 1088yGlanwernCeredigion40m - 634m
88M 1089y to 89M 0494yDôl-y-BontCeredigion389m - 682m
89M 0495y to 90M 0230yLlandreCeredigion16m - 685m
90M 0231y to 90M 0912yRhydypennauCeredigion267m - 629m
90M 0913y to 90M 1594yPen-y-garnCeredigion261m - 473m
90M 1595y to 92M 0120yBow StreetCeredigion71m - 1296m
92M 0121y to 92M 0384yCapel DewiCeredigion1136m - 1282m
92M 0385y to 93M 0934yComins CochCeredigion582m - 1119m
93M 0935y to 94M 0868yPendreCeredigion124m - 1085m
94M 0869y to 95M 0076yLlanbadarn FawrCeredigion178m - 569m
95M 0077y to 95M 0428yPenparcauCeredigion572m - 662m
95M 0429y to 95M 1308yBuarth MawrCeredigion151m - 666m
95M 1309y to 95M 1421yAberystwythCeredigion83m - 173m


🏷️ Positional Accuracy Statistics

PropertyCountMinMaxMeanMedianStd Dev
Linear Accuracy257-32m62m-0m-0m9m
Normalised Quarter Miles25764y508y437y440y34y
Calibration Segment Length2578y880y442y440y70y