RouteShrewsbury and Hereford Line
SectionShrewsbury Severn Bridge Jn to former Rotherwas Jn
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Area MapsShrewsbury , Craven Arms , Hereford , ELR change HNL1-HDC-SHL
Extent0M 0228y to 52M 0421y  •  52.110 miles  •  83.862 km
Measured83.808 km (Δ -54m)
ℹ️ Variation between reported and measured extents
NeighboursAFE , BNC , CWL1 , CWL2 , HDC , SBA1 , WAH , WSJ2
NR RegionWales & Western
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🏢 Administrative Area

MileageCountryAdministrative Area
0M 0228y to 32M 0164yEnglandShropshire
32M 0165y to 52M 0421yEnglandHerefordshire


📍 Nearest Place and District

MileageNearest PlaceDistrict / CountyDistance
0M 0228y to 0M 0450yShrewsburyShropshire538m - 551m
0M 0451y to 1M 0120yColehamShropshire361m - 731m
1M 0121y to 1M 0758yBelle VueShropshire745m - 1009m
1M 0759y to 1M 0824ySuttonShropshire1017m - 1035m
1M 0825y to 1M 1726yMeole BraceShropshire907m - 1036m
1M 1727y to 2M 1638yPulleyShropshire639m - 1220m
2M 1639y to 3M 0824yBayston HillShropshire1191m - 1306m
3M 0825y to 4M 0912yLittle LythShropshire783m - 1294m
4M 0913y to 4M 1154yCondoverShropshire1044m - 1088m
4M 1155y to 5M 0516yChatfordShropshire814m - 1084m
5M 0517y to 5M 1616yStapletonShropshire741m - 942m
5M 1617y to 7M 0758yDorringtonShropshire270m - 1366m
7M 0759y to 8M 0802yLongnorShropshire1238m - 1360m
8M 0803y to 9M 1330yLeebotwoodShropshire159m - 1342m
9M 1331y to 10M 1154yHollyhurstShropshire637m - 1375m
10M 1155y to 11M 1704yAll StrettonShropshire482m - 1365m
11M 1705y to 12M 1132yBattle FieldShropshire343m - 919m
12M 1133y to 12M 1594yChurch StrettonShropshire285m - 424m
12M 1595y to 13M 0912yWorldsendShropshire272m - 892m
13M 0913y to 14M 1242yLittle StrettonShropshire241m - 1037m
14M 1243y to 16M 0428yMarshbrookShropshire7m - 1379m
16M 0429y to 17M 0780yFelhamptonShropshire196m - 1378m
17M 0781y to 17M 1550yUpper AffcotShropshire587m - 717m
17M 1551y to 18M 0142yStreffordShropshire654m - 729m
18M 0143y to 18M 1748yWistanstowShropshire371m - 947m
18M 1749y to 19M 1616yNewingtonShropshire66m - 962m
19M 1617y to 20M 1110yCraven ArmsShropshire224m - 719m
20M 1111y to 21M 1198yStokesayShropshire45m - 908m
21M 1199y to 22M 0428yAldonShropshire873m - 1077m
22M 0429y to 23M 0230yOniburyShropshire225m - 1084m
23M 0231y to 24M 0230yWoottonShropshire258m - 1349m
24M 0231y to 24M 0494yWaltonShropshire1362m - 1484m
24M 0495y to 26M 0648yBromfieldShropshire728m - 2019m
26M 0649y to 27M 1748yLudlowShropshire405m - 2020m
27M 1749y to 28M 0340yLudfordShropshire833m - 957m
28M 0341y to 28M 1616ySheetShropshire845m - 1355m
28M 1617y to 29M 0516yLudfordShropshire1372m - 1586m
29M 0517y to 29M 1220yAshford CarbonellShropshire1070m - 1572m
29M 1221y to 31M 0252yAshford BowdlerShropshire164m - 1298m
31M 0253y to 32M 0208yWooffertonShropshire416m - 1295m
32M 0209y to 32M 0560yWysonCounty of Herefordshire618m - 752m
32M 0561y to 32M 1550yBrimfieldCounty of Herefordshire755m - 1211m
32M 1551y to 33M 0648yCombertonCounty of Herefordshire1193m - 1302m
33M 0649y to 34M 0318yOrletonCounty of Herefordshire1259m - 1590m
34M 0319y to 35M 0384yMoretonCounty of Herefordshire931m - 1592m
35M 0385y to 36M 0516yLustonCounty of Herefordshire839m - 1664m
36M 0517y to 37M 0824yThe BroadCounty of Herefordshire855m - 1666m
37M 0825y to 38M 0054yThe MarshCounty of Herefordshire577m - 938m
38M 0055y to 38M 1066yLeominsterCounty of Herefordshire470m - 774m
38M 1067y to 39M 0714yEatonCounty of Herefordshire572m - 942m
39M 0715y to 40M 0142yElms GreenCounty of Herefordshire592m - 954m
40M 0143y to 40M 1198yWhartonCounty of Herefordshire108m - 655m
40M 1199y to 40M 1572yFordCounty of Herefordshire245m - 304m
40M 1573y to 41M 0516yMarlbrookCounty of Herefordshire51m - 353m
41M 0517y to 42M 0164yNewtonCounty of Herefordshire63m - 900m
42M 0165y to 43M 1286yHope under DinmoreCounty of Herefordshire22m - 1693m
43M 1287y to 44M 0516yLitmarshCounty of Herefordshire1536m - 1685m
44M 0517y to 45M 0010yUrdimarshCounty of Herefordshire1354m - 1555m
45M 0011y to 45M 1462yWalker’s GreenCounty of Herefordshire1094m - 1404m
45M 1463y to 46M 0340yWellington MarshCounty of Herefordshire1154m - 1210m
46M 0341y to 47M 0340yMoreton on LuggCounty of Herefordshire624m - 1207m
47M 0341y to 47M 1462ySutton St MichaelCounty of Herefordshire1022m - 1398m
47M 1463y to 47M 1572ySutton St NicholasCounty of Herefordshire1405m - 1418m
47M 1573y to 47M 1682yLyde CrossCounty of Herefordshire1398m - 1413m
47M 1683y to 48M 0758yShelwickCounty of Herefordshire921m - 1385m
48M 0759y to 49M 0758yShelwick GreenCounty of Herefordshire73m - 905m
49M 0759y to 49M 0890yShelwickCounty of Herefordshire693m - 783m
49M 0891y to 49M 1418yMunstoneCounty of Herefordshire785m - 822m
49M 1419y to 51M 0098yCollege HillCounty of Herefordshire450m - 823m
51M 0099y to 51M 0406yAylestone HillCounty of Herefordshire610m - 668m
51M 0407y to 51M 0780yPortfieldsCounty of Herefordshire504m - 663m
51M 0781y to 52M 0186yBartonshamCounty of Herefordshire192m - 656m
52M 0187y to 52M 0406yEign HillCounty of Herefordshire663m - 740m
52M 0407y to 52M 0421yLower BullinghamCounty of Herefordshire739m - 740m


🏷️ Positional Accuracy Statistics

PropertyCountMinMaxMeanMedianStd Dev
Linear Accuracy210-14m13m-0m-0m3m
Normalised Quarter Miles210424y454y440y440y3y
Calibration Segment Length21012y440y437y440y33y