RouteTapton Jn (Chesterfield) to Colne
Sectionformer Masborough Station South Jn to former Skipton North Jn
RemarksUnderstood to be disused 166M 1320y to 175M 1715y and 181M 1650y to 184M 1235y
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Area MapsRotherham , Aldwarke , Swinton , Goldthorpe , Cudworth , Oakenshaw / Crofton , Wakefield , Normanton , Castleford (West) , Neville Hill , Leeds , Apperley Bridge , Shipley , Skipton
Extent161M 1681y to 221M 1516y  •  59.906 miles  •  96.410 km
Measured95.054 km (Δ -1356m)
⚠️ Very large variation between reported and measured extents
GroupingTJC1 , TJC2 , TJC3
NeighboursANS , BIB , CHR , DOL1 , DOL2 , DOL4 , ELN , GUE2 , ILK1 , LEH1 , MEW1 , MEW2 , MKB1 , MVN2 , NOC , OAJ , OSC , RSC , SBF , SJM1 , SKS1 , SKW1 , SMJ1 , TJC2 , WAG1 , WBK , WME , WRG
NR RegionEastern
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🏢 Administrative Area

MileageCountryAdministrative Area
161M 1681y to 177M 0340yEnglandSouth Yorkshire
177M 0341y to 215M 1682yEnglandWest Yorkshire
215M 1683y to 221M 1516yEnglandNorth Yorkshire


📍 Nearest Place and District

MileageNearest PlaceDistrict / CountyDistance
161M 1681y to 162M 0648yMasbroughRotherham261m - 500m
162M 0649y to 162M 0692yThorn HillRotherham513m - 517m
162M 0693y to 163M 0296yNorthfieldRotherham203m - 754m
163M 0297y to 163M 1550yParkgateRotherham602m - 883m
163M 1551y to 164M 1352yAldwarkeRotherham597m - 1020m
164M 1353y to 164M 1594yRyecroftRotherham990m - 1035m
164M 1595y to 165M 1044ySandhillRotherham826m - 983m
165M 1045y to 166M 1198yKilnhurstRotherham317m - 987m
166M 1199y to 167M 0824ySwintonRotherham106m - 730m
167M 0825y to 168M 0472yBow BroomRotherham433m - 1251m
168M 0473y to 170M 0032yManversRotherham153m - 1328m
170M 0033y to 170M 1748yBroomhillBarnsley905m - 1331m
170M 1749y to 172M 0340yDarfieldBarnsley28m - 1006m
172M 0341y to 173M 1726yEdderthorpeBarnsley366m - 2014m
173M 1727y to 174M 1704yBelle GreenBarnsley948m - 2019m
174M 1705y to 175M 0428yCudworthBarnsley721m - 937m
175M 0429y to 176M 0142yWest GreenBarnsley588m - 1049m
176M 0143y to 176M 1748yCarltonBarnsley837m - 1262m
176M 1749y to 178M 0252yRoystonBarnsley1223m - 1481m
178M 0253y to 179M 1594yCold HiendleyWakefield937m - 1852m
179M 1595y to 181M 1484yWaltonWakefield215m - 1844m
181M 1485y to 181M 1506ySandal MagnaWakefield1172m - 1172m
181M 1507y to 181M 1682yAgbriggWakefield1178m - 1187m
181M 1683y to 183M 0516yHorse Race EndWakefield15m - 1172m
183M 0517y to 183M 1330yKirkthorpeWakefield530m - 815m
183M 1331y to 184M 0076yWarmfieldWakefield322m - 524m
184M 0077y to 184M 1066yGoosehillWakefield8m - 578m
184M 1067y to 185M 0142yWoodhouseWakefield481m - 642m
185M 0143y to 185M 0626yNormantonWakefield500m - 633m
185M 0627y to 185M 1396yAshfieldWakefield313m - 500m
185M 1397y to 186M 0296yEllentreesWakefield429m - 725m
186M 0297y to 187M 0230yLow CommonWakefield538m - 1131m
187M 0231y to 188M 0186yMethleyLeeds141m - 1131m
188M 0187y to 189M 0208yWood RowLeeds85m - 1279m
189M 0209y to 189M 1506yOultonLeeds710m - 1263m
189M 1507y to 190M 1418yWoodlesfordLeeds308m - 861m
190M 1419y to 191M 1396yJohn O’ GauntsLeeds688m - 1073m
191M 1397y to 192M 0208yRothwell HaighLeeds1068m - 1189m
192M 0209y to 193M 0318yStourtonLeeds207m - 1184m
193M 0319y to 193M 1374yWoodhouse HillLeeds313m - 608m
193M 1375y to 193M 1572yHunslet CarrLeeds545m - 601m
193M 1573y to 194M 0890yHunsletLeeds45m - 540m
194M 0891y to 194M 1682yPottery FieldLeeds361m - 728m
194M 1683y to 195M 0164yCamp FieldLeeds672m - 735m
195M 0165y to 195M 1198yHolbeckLeeds404m - 657m
195M 1199y to 196M 0604yNew WortleyLeeds351m - 681m
196M 0605y to 197M 0384yArmleyLeeds213m - 750m
197M 0385y to 197M 1638yUpper ArmleyLeeds652m - 1076m
197M 1639y to 198M 0780yKirkstallLeeds491m - 1072m
198M 0781y to 199M 0120ySandfordLeeds324m - 561m
199M 0121y to 199M 0648yMoorsideLeeds513m - 612m
199M 0649y to 200M 0670yNewlayLeeds86m - 930m
200M 0671y to 201M 0450yRodleyLeeds771m - 1232m
201M 0451y to 202M 0736yCalverleyLeeds980m - 1245m
202M 0737y to 203M 0626yApperley BridgeBradford639m - 1249m
203M 0627y to 203M 1022ySimpson GreenBradford680m - 758m
203M 1023y to 204M 0428yThackleyBradford271m - 676m
204M 0429y to 204M 1440yThackley EndBradford292m - 522m
204M 1441y to 205M 0076yCharlestownBradford505m - 549m
205M 0077y to 205M 0274yWest RoydBradford539m - 550m
205M 0275y to 205M 1374yWood EndBradford173m - 539m
205M 1375y to 205M 1396yWindhillBradford511m - 511m
205M 1397y to 206M 1110yShipleyBradford118m - 872m
206M 1111y to 207M 0670yMoorheadBradford780m - 1024m
207M 0671y to 207M 1484yCottingley BarBradford632m - 1010m
207M 1485y to 208M 0120yCottingleyBradford558m - 632m
208M 0121y to 208M 1022yOld HillsBradford61m - 548m
208M 1023y to 208M 1616yBingleyBradford108m - 333m
208M 1617y to 209M 0736yBailey HillsBradford76m - 458m
209M 0737y to 210M 0824yCrossflattsBradford92m - 1251m
210M 0825y to 210M 1000yEast MortonBradford1270m - 1288m
210M 1001y to 211M 0032yThwaites BrowBradford803m - 1285m
211M 0033y to 211M 1220yThwaitesBradford77m - 786m
211M 1221y to 211M 1286yWorth VillageBradford233m - 250m
211M 1287y to 212M 0054yPark Wood BottomBradford84m - 264m
212M 0055y to 212M 0384yEastwoodBradford276m - 442m
212M 0385y to 212M 0450yKeighleyBradford429m - 446m
212M 0451y to 212M 0824yLawkholmeBradford211m - 419m
212M 0825y to 212M 1286yShowfieldBradford90m - 232m
212M 1287y to 213M 0252yBeechcliffeBradford144m - 459m
213M 0253y to 214M 0384yLow UtleyBradford295m - 1325m
214M 0385y to 215M 1220ySteetonBradford556m - 1334m
215M 1221y to 216M 0692yEastburnBradford685m - 904m
216M 0693y to 217M 0450yCross HillsNorth Yorkshire - Craven265m - 846m
217M 0451y to 217M 1132yGlusburnNorth Yorkshire - Craven695m - 959m
217M 1133y to 217M 1396yHigh FarnhillNorth Yorkshire - Craven959m - 985m
217M 1397y to 218M 1550yCononleyNorth Yorkshire - Craven234m - 968m
218M 1551y to 219M 1198yCononley WoodsideNorth Yorkshire - Craven435m - 837m
219M 1199y to 220M 0516yLow SnaygillNorth Yorkshire - Craven662m - 837m
220M 0517y to 220M 0780yHorse CloseNorth Yorkshire - Craven650m - 836m
220M 0781y to 220M 1506yBurnsideNorth Yorkshire - Craven308m - 633m
220M 1507y to 221M 0516yNew TownNorth Yorkshire - Craven165m - 550m
221M 0517y to 221M 1516yRockwoodNorth Yorkshire - Craven519m - 979m


🏷️ Positional Accuracy Statistics

PropertyCountMinMaxMeanMedianStd Dev
Linear Accuracy200-1183m65m-7m-0m86m
Normalised Quarter Miles200367y546y440y440y14y
Calibration Segment Length20015y16228y527y440y1143y