RouteLondon Victoria to Brighton Main Line
SectionEarlswood Jn to Brighton
ELR MapsAtlas , Interactive
Area MapsRedhill , Crawley , Copyhold Jn , Burgess Hill , Brighton
Extent21M 0288y to 50M 1180y  •  29.507 miles  •  47.487 km
Measured47.551 km (Δ +64m)
ℹ️ Variation between reported and measured extents
GroupingVTB1 , VTB2 , VTB3
NeighboursBLI1 , BPJ , BTL , CJA1 , CJA2 , KJE1 , PPH , RED2 , TBH1 , VTB2
NR RegionSouthern
Quail Map 5 — Southern & TfLTRACKmaps Book 5 — Southern & TfL


🏢 Administrative Area

MileageCountryAdministrative Area
21M 0288y to 26M 1000yEnglandSurrey
26M 1001y to 46M 0340yEnglandWest Sussex
46M 0341y to 50M 1180yEnglandBrighton and Hove


📍 Nearest Place and District

MileageNearest PlaceDistrict / CountyDistance
21M 0288y to 21M 0824yRedhillSurrey - Reigate and Banstead725m - 1183m
21M 0825y to 21M 1022yMead ValeSurrey - Reigate and Banstead1156m - 1194m
21M 1023y to 22M 1000ySouth EarlswoodSurrey - Reigate and Banstead179m - 1141m
22M 1001y to 22M 1616yWhitebushesSurrey - Reigate and Banstead495m - 688m
22M 1617y to 24M 0384ySalfordsSurrey - Reigate and Banstead331m - 1485m
24M 0385y to 24M 1418yMeath GreenSurrey - Reigate and Banstead1173m - 1486m
24M 1419y to 26M 0362yHorleySurrey - Reigate and Banstead192m - 1164m
26M 0363y to 27M 0274yFernhillWest Sussex - Crawley847m - 1155m
27M 0275y to 27M 1660yTinsley GreenWest Sussex - Crawley1080m - 1375m
27M 1661y to 29M 0362yThree BridgesWest Sussex - Crawley529m - 1383m
29M 0363y to 29M 0648yBurleys WoodWest Sussex - Crawley908m - 990m
29M 0649y to 30M 0274yFurnace GreenWest Sussex - Crawley625m - 980m
30M 0275y to 31M 0956yMaidenbowerWest Sussex - Crawley801m - 2332m
31M 0957y to 32M 1374yBalcombe LaneWest Sussex - Mid Sussex1488m - 2333m
32M 1375y to 35M 0252yBalcombeWest Sussex - Mid Sussex408m - 2339m
35M 0253y to 36M 0560yBrook StreetWest Sussex - Mid Sussex2144m - 2335m
36M 0561y to 38M 0142yCommercial SquareWest Sussex - Mid Sussex105m - 2176m
38M 0143y to 38M 1132yHaywards HeathWest Sussex - Mid Sussex559m - 771m
38M 1133y to 39M 1396yBolnore VillageWest Sussex - Mid Sussex189m - 1133m
39M 1397y to 40M 1594yWorld’s EndWest Sussex - Mid Sussex373m - 1136m
40M 1595y to 42M 0714yBurgess HillWest Sussex - Mid Sussex536m - 1827m
42M 0715y to 44M 0186yHassocksWest Sussex - Mid Sussex143m - 1824m
44M 0187y to 44M 1726yClaytonWest Sussex - Mid Sussex603m - 928m
44M 1727y to 46M 0934yPyecombeWest Sussex - Mid Sussex206m - 1660m
46M 0935y to 48M 0098yWaterhallThe City of Brighton and Hove23m - 1670m
48M 0099y to 48M 0626yPatchamThe City of Brighton and Hove717m - 840m
48M 0627y to 49M 0648yWithdeanThe City of Brighton and Hove37m - 823m
49M 0649y to 50M 0758yPrestonThe City of Brighton and Hove30m - 864m
50M 0759y to 50M 1180yBrighton and HoveThe City of Brighton and Hove534m - 879m


🏷️ Positional Accuracy Statistics

PropertyCountMinMaxMeanMedianStd Dev
Linear Accuracy120-9m21m1m0m3m
Normalised Quarter Miles120430y463y441y440y3y
Calibration Segment Length12035y440y433y440y49y