RouteWorcester and Hereford Line
SectionShrub Hill Jn to Shelwick Jn
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Area MapsWorcester , Hereford
Extent120M 0993y to 148M 0368y  •  27.645 miles  •  44.490 km
Measured44.438 km (Δ -52m)
ℹ️ Variation between reported and measured extents
NeighboursBLW , OWW , SHL
NR RegionsNorth West & Central  •  120M 0993y to 148M 0186y
Wales & Western  •  148M 0187y to 148M 0368y
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🏢 Administrative Area

MileageCountryAdministrative Area
120M 0993y to 131M 0736yEnglandWorcestershire
131M 0737y to 148M 0368yEnglandHerefordshire


📍 Nearest Place and District

MileageNearest PlaceDistrict / CountyDistance
120M 0993y to 120M 1550yRainbow HillWorcestershire - Worcester479m - 642m
120M 1551y to 121M 1000yWorcesterWorcestershire - Worcester245m - 616m
121M 1001y to 122M 0648ySt John’sWorcestershire - Worcester266m - 836m
122M 0649y to 122M 1374yDines GreenWorcestershire - Worcester770m - 849m
122M 1375y to 123M 0824yRushwickWorcestershire - Malvern Hills154m - 842m
123M 0825y to 124M 0406yBroadmore GreenWorcestershire - Malvern Hills305m - 1211m
124M 0407y to 125M 0076yBransfordWorcestershire - Malvern Hills972m - 1299m
125M 0077y to 125M 0890yBastonfordWorcestershire - Malvern Hills1026m - 1314m
125M 0891y to 126M 0340yPin’s GreenWorcestershire - Malvern Hills621m - 1020m
126M 0341y to 126M 1286yNewlandWorcestershire - Malvern Hills534m - 707m
126M 1287y to 127M 0626yLower HowsellWorcestershire - Malvern Hills205m - 642m
127M 0627y to 127M 1220yUpper HowsellWorcestershire - Malvern Hills317m - 456m
127M 1221y to 128M 0538yMalvern LinkWorcestershire - Malvern Hills356m - 772m
128M 0539y to 128M 1044yLink TopWorcestershire - Malvern Hills784m - 870m
128M 1045y to 128M 1154ySherrard’s GreenWorcestershire - Malvern Hills849m - 869m
128M 1155y to 129M 1022yBarnard’s GreenWorcestershire - Malvern Hills419m - 953m
129M 1023y to 130M 0516yLower WycheWorcestershire - Malvern Hills787m - 968m
130M 0517y to 130M 1704yUpper WycheWorcestershire - Malvern Hills318m - 815m
130M 1705y to 131M 0934yUpper ColwallCounty of Herefordshire232m - 592m
131M 0935y to 132M 0736yColwall StoneCounty of Herefordshire126m - 814m
132M 0737y to 132M 1286yEvendineCounty of Herefordshire820m - 1018m
132M 1287y to 133M 1418yColwallCounty of Herefordshire965m - 1988m
133M 1419y to 133M 1616yLoxterCounty of Herefordshire1981m - 2006m
133M 1617y to 136M 0186yBradlowCounty of Herefordshire266m - 1968m
136M 0187y to 136M 1528yLedburyCounty of Herefordshire1070m - 1933m
136M 1529y to 136M 1572yWellington HeathCounty of Herefordshire1950m - 1956m
136M 1573y to 137M 1154yThe LeysCounty of Herefordshire1106m - 1942m
137M 1155y to 138M 1176yWaller’s GreenCounty of Herefordshire635m - 1091m
138M 1177y to 139M 0670yMunsleyCounty of Herefordshire585m - 1029m
139M 0671y to 140M 0274yTrumpetCounty of Herefordshire654m - 1179m
140M 0275y to 140M 1462yEastwoodCounty of Herefordshire473m - 1167m
140M 1463y to 141M 0494yWood EndCounty of Herefordshire322m - 517m
141M 0495y to 141M 1572yLittle TarringtonCounty of Herefordshire150m - 526m
141M 1573y to 142M 1000yTarringtonCounty of Herefordshire467m - 967m
142M 1001y to 143M 0780yStoke EdithCounty of Herefordshire681m - 1024m
143M 0781y to 144M 1308yShucknallCounty of Herefordshire174m - 1105m
144M 1309y to 145M 1418yWhite StoneCounty of Herefordshire310m - 1116m
145M 1419y to 145M 1528yWithingtonCounty of Herefordshire629m - 641m
145M 1529y to 146M 0472yWest LydiattCounty of Herefordshire607m - 739m
146M 0473y to 146M 0780yNunningtonCounty of Herefordshire655m - 732m
146M 0781y to 147M 0604yEau WithingtonCounty of Herefordshire291m - 908m
147M 0605y to 148M 0368yShelwick GreenCounty of Herefordshire194m - 891m


🏷️ Positional Accuracy Statistics

PropertyCountMinMaxMeanMedianStd Dev
Linear Accuracy113-14m9m-0m-0m3m
Normalised Quarter Miles113414y449y439y440y4y
Calibration Segment Length11327y440y431y440y54y