RouteFar North Line
SectionInverness to Wick
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Area MapsInverness , Dingwall , Georgemas Jn , Wick
Extent0M -005y to 161M 0845y  •  161.483 miles  •  259.882 km
Measured260.044 km (Δ +163m)
⚠️ Large variation between reported and measured extents
NeighboursHGL2 , INS , KYL , RSW , TSO
NR RegionScotland
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🏢 Administrative Area

MileageCountryAdministrative Area
0M -005y to 161M 0845yScotlandHighland


📍 Nearest Place and District

MileageNearest PlaceDistrict / CountyDistance
0M -005y to 0M 0472yInvernessHighland131m - 295m
0M 0473y to 0M 0934yGlebeHighland213m - 300m
0M 0935y to 0M 0978yCitadelHighland295m - 300m
0M 0979y to 1M 0032yMerkinchHighland144m - 504m
1M 0033y to 1M 0494ySouth KessockHighland476m - 572m
1M 0495y to 1M 1330yClachnaharryHighland385m - 581m
1M 1331y to 2M 0736yScorguieHighland444m - 1060m
2M 0737y to 3M 0230yBlackparkHighland747m - 1052m
3M 0231y to 4M 1660yBunchrewHighland53m - 1867m
4M 1661y to 6M 0780yLentranHighland574m - 1878m
6M 0781y to 7M 0340yInchmoreHighland858m - 1457m
7M 0341y to 8M 1418yKirkhillHighland714m - 1463m
8M 1419y to 10M 1726yBeaulyHighland681m - 1438m
10M 1727y to 11M 0648yRheindownHighland643m - 726m
11M 0649y to 12M 0714yWindhillHighland179m - 1051m
12M 0715y to 13M 1308yMuir of OrdHighland105m - 1092m
13M 1309y to 14M 1484yBalvairdHighland732m - 1099m
14M 1485y to 15M 1308yBishop KinkellHighland914m - 1415m
15M 1309y to 16M 1528yConon BridgeHighland263m - 1412m
16M 1529y to 17M 1704yMaryburghHighland214m - 1285m
17M 1705y to 19M 1352yDingwallHighland205m - 1599m
19M 1353y to 20M 1638yMountgeraldHighland471m - 1608m
20M 1639y to 22M 1110yLemlairHighland534m - 2523m
22M 1111y to 24M 0648yDrummondHighland451m - 2530m
24M 0649y to 26M 0252yEvantonHighland244m - 2481m
26M 0253y to 27M 1572yWestfordHighland285m - 2485m
27M 1573y to 28M 0340yFirhillHighland430m - 669m
28M 0341y to 28M 1418yAlnessHighland121m - 654m
28M 1419y to 29M 0802yDalmoreHighland247m - 819m
29M 0803y to 29M 1506yMilnafuaHighland826m - 1080m
29M 1507y to 30M 1198yAchnagarronHighland1053m - 1550m
30M 1199y to 32M 0428yInvergordonHighland192m - 1534m
32M 0429y to 33M 0538ySaltburnHighland486m - 1065m
33M 0539y to 34M 0142yBalintraidHighland602m - 902m
34M 0143y to 34M 0604yDelnyHighland664m - 830m
34M 0605y to 34M 1330yPolloHighland487m - 654m
34M 1331y to 35M 0648yLower TullichHighland391m - 736m
35M 0649y to 36M 0098yKilmuirHighland459m - 750m
36M 0099y to 36M 1308yMiltonHighland239m - 682m
36M 1309y to 37M 1616yKildaryHighland191m - 1408m
37M 1617y to 38M 0868yNewfieldHighland1216m - 1405m
38M 0869y to 39M 1682yArabellaHighland793m - 1868m
39M 1683y to 42M 0186yLoandhuHighland114m - 1887m
42M 0187y to 43M 0054yHiltonHighland985m - 1399m
43M 0055y to 43M 1418yKnockbreckHighland693m - 1080m
43M 1419y to 46M 0164yTainHighland333m - 2955m
46M 0165y to 47M 1154yQuarryhillHighland2688m - 2966m
47M 1155y to 49M 1352yEddertonHighland387m - 2807m
49M 1353y to 50M 1044yArdmoreHighland15m - 725m
50M 1045y to 51M 0582yDounieHighland481m - 795m
51M 0583y to 53M 0780yArdvannieHighland202m - 2422m
53M 0781y to 55M 1308yCreichHighland1505m - 2438m
55M 1309y to 56M 1572yUpper ArdchronieHighland700m - 1811m
56M 1573y to 57M 0780yKincardineHighland545m - 794m
57M 0781y to 58M 1220yArdgayHighland33m - 1206m
58M 1221y to 59M 0450yCornhillHighland1209m - 1491m
59M 0451y to 60M 1066yBalinoeHighland14m - 1472m
60M 1067y to 61M 0142yCulrainHighland324m - 674m
61M 0143y to 62M 0054yInvershinHighland379m - 1368m
62M 0055y to 63M 1066yInveranHighland390m - 1366m
63M 1067y to 64M 1704yAchinduichHighland233m - 1201m
64M 1705y to 65M 1132yAchanyHighland905m - 1126m
65M 1133y to 66M 1748yGruidsHighland244m - 1183m
66M 1749y to 67M 0934yRhinamainHighland547m - 1185m
67M 0935y to 68M 0252yTorrobleHighland163m - 533m
68M 0253y to 68M 0450yBalloanHighland360m - 469m
68M 0451y to 68M 1088yRhian BreckHighland432m - 556m
68M 1089y to 70M 1726yTomichHighland476m - 3290m
70M 1727y to 73M 0274yMuieHighland532m - 3297m
73M 0275y to 74M 1330yArdachuHighland302m - 2114m
74M 1331y to 78M 0208yPittentrailHighland225m - 3000m
78M 0209y to 81M 0142yLittle TorbollHighland1442m - 3005m
81M 0143y to 83M 1242yKirktonHighland2m - 2186m
83M 1243y to 85M 1528yGolspieHighland304m - 1856m
85M 1529y to 86M 1528yBackiesHighland1551m - 2713m
86M 1529y to 89M 0626yDollHighland1036m - 2701m
89M 0627y to 89M 0912yArdachewHighland1213m - 1338m
89M 0913y to 90M 0758yLower BroraHighland128m - 1195m
90M 0759y to 90M 1110yBroraHighland178m - 314m
90M 1111y to 91M 0472yEast BroraHighland85m - 708m
91M 0473y to 92M 0428yDalchalmHighland169m - 812m
92M 0429y to 93M 1110yAchrimsdaleHighland830m - 2810m
93M 1111y to 96M 0098yLothbegHighland746m - 2796m
96M 0099y to 97M 0692yLothmoreHighland641m - 1584m
97M 0693y to 98M 0956yCulgowerHighland645m - 1636m
98M 0957y to 100M 0164yPortgowerHighland164m - 1637m
100M 0165y to 100M 1748yGartymoreHighland331m - 837m
100M 1749y to 101M 0186yWest HelmsdaleHighland606m - 713m
101M 0187y to 101M 0846yEast HelmsdaleHighland249m - 596m
101M 0847y to 102M 0098yWest HelmsdaleHighland242m - 778m
102M 0099y to 106M 1616yMarrelHighland49m - 6641m
106M 1617y to 109M 0384yCulgowerHighland6653m - 9485m
109M 0385y to 110M 1110yLothbegHighland9500m - 11464m
110M 1111y to 119M 1220yKinbraceHighland40m - 11447m
119M 1221y to 123M 0560yLochsideHighland20m - 3678m
123M 0561y to 131M 0472yForsinardHighland189m - 7885m
131M 0473y to 135M 0252yThe GluttHighland7266m - 10011m
135M 0253y to 142M 0450yDorreryHighland640m - 9999m
142M 0451y to 142M 0736yOlgrinmoreHighland1053m - 1208m
142M 0737y to 144M 0824yScotscalderHighland111m - 2209m
144M 0825y to 144M 1484yHarpsdaleHighland2039m - 2209m
144M 1485y to 146M 0714yHalkirkHighland1153m - 2028m
146M 0715y to 147M 1330ySibsterHighland130m - 1457m
147M 1331y to 149M 0956yClayockHighland206m - 2142m
149M 0957y to 151M 1220yGillockHighland1349m - 2658m
151M 1221y to 153M 0010yNorth WattenHighland2144m - 2672m
153M 0011y to 153M 0626yWattenHighland1952m - 2145m
153M 0627y to 155M 0868yEast WattenHighland429m - 1938m
155M 0869y to 156M 1154yBilbsterHighland726m - 1504m
156M 1155y to 158M 0120yWinlessHighland469m - 1560m
158M 0121y to 159M 1286ySibsterHighland605m - 1578m
159M 1287y to 160M 0054yGillockHighland1241m - 1272m
160M 0055y to 161M 0252yMiltonHighland419m - 1260m
161M 0253y to 161M 0845yWickHighland271m - 757m


🏷️ Positional Accuracy Statistics

PropertyCountMinMaxMeanMedianStd Dev
Linear Accuracy646-35m33m0m0m4m
Normalised Quarter Miles646402y476y440y440y4y
Calibration Segment Length6465y880y440y440y24y