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BAC2Barrow Hill North Jn to Seymour JnUnderstood to be disused
BAC3Clowne Branchformer Elmton and Cresswell Jn to Seymour JnUnderstood to be disused
BAE1Basingstoke and Exeter LineWorting Jn (Basingstoke) to Salisbury (west)
BAE2Basingstoke and Exeter LineSalisbury (west) to Exeter St David’sRecords indicate short mile Fisherton
BAG1Birmingham and Gloucester LineBirmingham New Street to King’s Norton Station Jn
BAG2Birmingham and Gloucester LineKing’s Norton Station Jn to Gloucester
BAH1Barnsley to HorburyHorbury Station Jn to Crigglestone JnUnderstood to be disused
BAH2Barnsley to HorburyCrigglestone Jn to Barnsley Station Jn
BAKBarassie and Kilmarnock LineKilmarnock Station Jn to Barassie Jn
BALBridgend and Abergwynfi LineLlynfi Jn (Bridgend) to Maesteg
BAN1Baglan BranchBriton Ferry to Baglan Branch Jn
BAN2Baglan BranchBaglan Branch Jn to Baglan Bay
BARBarton BranchUlceby North Jn to Barton-on-Humber
BAWBristol to Avonside WharfEaston Road Jn to Barrow Road Refuse Depot
BAYBricklayers Arms BranchUnderstood to be disused
BBBBlackburn and Bolton BranchBolton East Jn to Blackburn Bolton Jn
BBD9Bournemouth West Carriage Sidings
BBJBalham Jn to Beckenham Jn
BBLBennerley and Bulwell LineBrynmawr to BlaenavonUnderstood to be disused
BBMBedford BranchBletchley to Bedford Midland
BBRBognor Regis BranchBarnham Jn to Bognor Regis
BBSBamber Bridge SidingsUnderstood to be disused
BBS1Blackburn Station Sidings
BBS2Blackburn East Lancs Sidings
BBS3Blackburn Bolton Road Goods Sidings
BBS4Blackburn Kings Street Sidings
BBWBradley BranchBradley Jn to Bradley Wood
BCBBessacarr Jn to Black Carr Jn
BCEBolsover Empties Jn to Bolsover CollieryUnderstood to be disused
BCGBirmingham Central Goods BranchUnderstood to be disused
BCHBalloch BranchDalreoch Jn to Balloch
BCJBirmingham CurveBirmingham Curve Jn to Branston Jn
BCOBentley Colliery Branchformer Bentley South Jn to Bentley CollieryUnderstood to be disused
BCRBlackpool North Carriage Sidings
BCVBordesley CurveTyesley South Jn to Bordesley Jn
BDCBorder Counties LineCambridge South Jn to Cambridge (short section)Understood to be replaced by ELR BGK
BDHBrent CurveBrent Curve Jn to Dudding Hill Jn
BDLBarry Docks High Level LineBarry Docks Line Jn to Barry Docks
BDMBow Depot MidlandUnderstood to be part closed
BDNNorthampton LoopBridge Street to Duston North
BDOBarry Docks Low Level Line No. 1Barry Docks Line Jn to Barry Docks Low Level Line 1
BDSSeacombe Jn to Bidston West Jn (part)
BEARedditch BranchBarnt Green Jn to Redditch
BEBBeeston South Jn to Batley North JnUnderstood to be disused
BECBevercotes Colliery BranchBoughton Jn to Bevercotes Colliery
BEJBuxton BranchEdgeley Jn No. 1 to Buxton
BEMBirkenhead North Goods Yard LineBidston East Jn to NR boundaryUnderstood to be part closed
BENWirral LineBidston East Jn to New Brighton
BEWBeighton Jn to Woodhouse Jn
BEXBexleyheath LineSt Johns Jn to Crayford Creek Jn (via Bexleyheath)
BFBBradford BranchBathampton Jn to Bradford Jn
BFCBacon Factory (or Ipswich) ChordEuropa Jn to Boss Hall Jn
BFGStonebridge Park Depot (Wembley)
BFOBletchley Flyover Lineformer Flyover Jn to Fenny Stratford
BGDBurghead BranchAlves Jn to BurgheadUnderstood to be disused
BGEBoldon Colliery Jn to Green Lane Jn
BGHBrampton BranchBrampton and Gashouse BranchUnderstood to be disused
BGKBethnal Green to King’s LynnBethnal Green East Jn to King’s Lynn
BGL1Bristol and Gloucester LineGloucester Yard Jn to former Tuffley Jn
BGL2Bristol and Gloucester Lineformer Tuffley Jn to Westerleigh
BHBBristol Harbour BranchNot owned by Network Rail
BHIBasford Hall Independent LinesBasford Hall Jn to Sydney Bridge Jn
BHI1Basford Hall Independent LinesSidings
BHLBerks and Hants LineSouthcote Jn to former Patney & Westbury (or Chirton) Jn
BHMBarrow Hill Motive Power Depot
BHPBoultham Jn to Pyewipe Jn
BIBShipley North CurveShipley Bingley Jn to Bradford Jn
BIDBurntisland Docks Branchformer Burntisland Dock Jn to NR / FPA boundary Burntisland DockUnderstood to be disused
BIKBickershaw Colliery BranchUnderstood to be disused
BJN1Bromley Jn to Norwood JnUp Crystal Palace Line
BJN2Bromley Jn to Norwood JnDown Crystal Palace Line
BJRBassaleg Jn and Rhymney LineBassaleg Jn to Machen
BJW1Bescot to Wichnor Jn LineBescot Jn to Walsall Pleck JnPleck Curve
BJW2Bescot to Wichnor Jn LineWalsall Pleck Jn to Ryecroft Jn
BJW3Bescot to Wichnor Jn LineRyecroft Jn to Wichnor Jn
BKEBasingstoke BranchWestbury Line Jn to Basingstoke
BKRBarking Riverside ExtensionBarking Tilbury Line East Jn to Barking Riverside
BKSBrancliffe Jn to Kirk Sandall Jn
BLCBilsthorpe Colliery BranchBilsthorpe Colliery Jn to Rufford No. 1 Coal Stacking SiteUnderstood to be disused
BLFformer Bensham Curve Jn to Low Fell Sidings JnUnderstood to be disused
BLI1Brighton to Littlehampton LineBrighton to Littlehampton Jn
BLI2Brighton to Littlehampton LineLittlehampton Jn to Littlehampton
BLJShepcote Lane East Jn to Broughton Lane Jn
BLLBristol Loop LineFeeder Bridge Jn to Dr Day’s Jn
BLPLymington BranchBrockenhurst Jn to Lymington Pier
BLT1Bletchley SidingsCarriage, Arrival, Wagon Maintenance
BLT2Bletchley SidingsCCE, TMD, Cambridge Sidings
BLT3Bletchley SidingsField, Top, S&T Sidings
BLWBirmingham Loop Line (Worcester)Rainbow Hill Jn to Worcester Tunnel Jn
BME1Minster East Jn to Buckland JnMinster East Jn to Minster South Jn
BME2Minster East Jn to Buckland JnMinster South Jn to Buckland Jn
BMJBlackfriars Jn to Metropolitan Jn
BML1London Waterloo to WeymouthLondon Waterloo to Northam JnShort mile noted in records
BML2London Waterloo to WeymouthNortham Jn to Dorchester JnShort mile noted in records
BML3London Waterloo to WeymouthDorchester Jn to WeymouthWeymouth Line
BNCBrecon Curve (Hereford)
BNEBenton North Jn to former Earsdon Jn
BNGBromley North BranchGrove Park Jn to Bromley North
BNJBentley Colliery North CurveBentley West Jn to Bentley North JnUnderstood to be disused
BNNBedford to Hardingstone JnBrackmills to former Hardingstone JnUnderstood to be disused
BNWBoldon New CurveBoldon East Jn to Boldon North Jn
BNY1Dean Road Sidings to Green Lane JnUnderstood to be disused
BOC1Bolsover CollierySeymour Jn to BolsoverUnderstood to be disused
BOHHartburn CurveBowesfield Jn to Hartburn Jn
BOK1North London Lineformer Broad Street to Camden Road Jn (via Dalston Jn)
BOK2North London LineCamden Road Jn to Kensal Green
BOK3North London LineKensal Green Jn to Willesden High Level Jn
BOK4North London LineWillesden High Level Jn to Acton Wells JnKew Curve
BOK5North London LineActon Wells Jn to Old Kew Jn
BOK6North London Linemileage change to Old Kew Jn
BOOformer Castleford East Jn to Bowers (or Ledston) OpencastUnderstood to be disused
BPCCalverton Colliery BranchBestwood Park Jn to Calverton Colliery
BPHBlisworth to PeterboroughBridge Street Jn to former Hardingstone JnUnderstood to be disused
BPJLovers Walk DepotUnderstood to be part closed
BPOBlyth Power Station SidingsBlyth Cambois Power Station Branch Jn to Cambois Power StationUnderstood to be disused
BPPMiles Platting Connecting LinePhilips Park No. 1 Jn to Brewery Siding Jn
BPWBishop’s Waltham BranchBotley to Bishop’s WalthamUnderstood to be mostly disused
BRABraintree BranchBraintree to Witham Jn
BRBBrentford BranchSouthall to Brentford Goods
BRDBurma Road LineTerminus Jn to Shields Jn
BRI1Brocklesby and Immingham BranchBrocklesby Jn to Ulceby North Jn
BRI2Brocklesby and Immingham BranchUlceby North Jn to Immingham Dock
BRLBristol Relief LineNorth Somerset Jn to Bristol West Jn
BRYBarry LineCardiff East Jn to Barry Island
BSCCorby North Jn to Corby Steelworks
BSD1Bescot SidingsDown Local Sorting Sidings
BSD2Bescot SidingsDown Reception Sidings
BSD3Bescot SidingsDown Storage Sidings
BSD4Bescot SidingsDown Sorting Sidings
BSD5Bescot SidingsDiesel Depot
BSD6Bescot SidingsUp Sorting Sidings
BSD8Bescot SidingsDown Local Sorting Sidings
BSFBattersea Pier Jn to Factory Jn
BSGBicester ChordBicester South Jn to Gavray Jn
BSJBootle Branch to Southport LineBootle Jn crossover
BSNBrunthill Station SidingsStainton Jn to Kingmoor Yard (Carlisle)
BSP1Battersea Pier Jn to Pouparts JnBattersea Pier Jn to Longhedge ‘A’ Jn (via Stewarts Lane)
BSP2Battersea Pier Jn to Pouparts JnLonghedge ‘B’ Jn to Pouparts Jn
BSWBristol and South Wales Union LineBristol East Jn to Severn Tunnel Jn
BTBBarlow Tip BranchBrayton Jn to Barlow Tip (Siding)Understood to be disused
BTCBlackheath Jn to Charlton Jn (via Angerstein Jn)
BTEBarking East LoopBarking Tilbury East to Barking East JnKnown anomalies with data source accuracy
BTH1South Bermondsey Jn to Horsham JnSouth Bermondsey Jn to Sutton Jn
BTH2South Bermondsey Jn to Horsham JnSutton Jn to Epsom Jn
BTH3South Bermondsey Jn to Horsham JnEpsom Jn to Horsham Jn
BTJSheffield District LineBrightside to Treeton Jn (part)
BTK4Bentinck (Annesley) Colliery Branchformer Bentinck Colliery Jn to Bentinck Empty Wagon BranchUnderstood to be disused
BTLBrighton to Lewes Jn
BUTBute East Dock BranchLong Dyke Jn to Cardiff Docks
BUXHindlow, Buxton, and High Peak Jn Line No. 1Buxton to Brigg’s Sidings
BWCLynemouth Goods LineBedlington Jn to Woodhorn Colliery
BWC1Alcan Branch Jn to LynemouthUnderstood to be disused
BWLBowhill BranchGlencraig Jn to Bowhill Washery NR boundaryUnderstood to be disused
BWO1Ashington to ButterwellAshington Jn to Butterwell OpencastUnderstood to be disused
BWO2Ashington to ButterwellButterwell Jn to Butterwell Opencast
BWWWapping Wharf BranchBristol Wapping Wharf Jn to Ashton JnUnderstood to be part closed
BYEBury St Edmunds Goods SidingsUnderstood to be disused
BYLByrehill BranchDubbs Jn to Byrehill Jn