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HACHarworth Colliery BranchFirbeck Jn to Harworth CollieryUnderstood to be disused
HAGHamworthy Goods BranchHamworthy Jn to Hamworthy Goods
HAH1Haverton Hill South BranchBelasis Lane Jn to ELR change
HAH2Haverton Hill South BranchEnd of Branch to ELR changeUnderstood to be disused
HAJHadfield and Ardwick Jn LineArdwick Jn to former Regional Boundary (Dunford Bridge)Understood to be part closed
HAMHampton Court FlyoverSurbiton (Down Hampton Court Line Jn) to Hampton Court (via Hampton Court Jn)
HANHanwell LoopHanwell Jn to Drayton Green Jn
HARKing’s Lynn Harbour BranchUnderstood to be disused
HASHarrogate Goods Sidings
HAUHabrough Jn to Ulceby South Jn
HAY1Harrogate to York LineYork Skelton Jn to 18M 60ch
HAY2Harrogate to York Line18M 60ch to Harrogate
HBLMorecambe North CurveHest Bank Jn to Bare Lane Jn
HBSHull to Seamer West Jn (via Bridlington)West Parade Jn to Seamer West Jn
HCDHolmes ChordHolmes Jn to Rotherham Central Jn
HCM2Newcastle-under-Lyme BranchMadeley to SilverdaleUnderstood to be disused
HCM3Newcastle-under-Lyme BranchMadeley Jn to Madeley Chord JnUnderstood to be disused
HCNHartford CurveHartford LNW Jn to Hartford CLC JnCLC: Cheshire Lines Committee
HCSHeaton Carriage SidingsKnown extreme anomalies with data source accuracy
HDBHertford LoopWood Green North Jn to Langley Jn
HDCHereford Curveformer Rotherwas Jn to former Red Hill Jn
HDRHither Green Jn to Rochester Bridge Jn (via Dartford)
HDSHornsey Ferme Park Sidings
HDS1Hornsey EMU Depot
HDTSouthbury LoopHackney Downs North Jn to Cheshunt Jn (via Southbury)
HDYHendy LoopMorlais Jn East to Hendy Jn
HEBHertford East BranchBroxbourne Jn to Hertford East
HECHeck Old CurveUnderstood to be disused
HEDHeathrow Express Depot
HEGHartford East Jn to Hartford North Jn
HEMHawthorn Colliery BranchUnderstood to be disused
HENHenley-on-Thames BranchTwyford to Henley-on-Thames
HGCHazel Grove ChordHazel Grove East Jn to Hazel Grove High Level Jn
HGG1East Grinstead BranchHurst Green Jn to East Grinstead
HGL1Highland Main LinePerth South Jn to Stanley Jn
HGL2Highland Main LineStanley Jn to Inverness
HGP4Hither Green DepotLoco Depot
HGP5Hither Green DepotPre-assembly Depot
HGP6Hither Green DepotDown Networker Berthing and Washers
HGP7Hither Green DepotDown Yard Freight Sidings
HGP8Hither Green DepotGrove Park Carriage Berthing Shed
HGP9Hither Green DepotUp Networker Berthing and Washer
HHHBlackfriars to Herne Hill South Jn
HHJHooton to Helsby LineHooton Jn to Helsby Jn
HHTHerne Hill South Jn to Tulse Hill South Jn
HHWHatton CurveHatton North Jn to Hatton West Jn
HILHillhouse BranchShewalton Moss GF to HillhouseUnderstood to be disused
HIMHigh Marnham BranchShirebrook East Jn to High Marnham Power Station
HIWHighworth BranchHighworth Jn to Rover WorksUnderstood to be part closed
HJBDoncaster Avoiding LineHexthorpe Jn to Bentley Jn
HJMHepscott Jn to Morpeth Jn
HJSSaltend BranchHessle Road Jn to Saltend
HJWHounslow SpurHounslow Jn to Whitton Jn
HLDHartlepool Docks Branchformer Lancaster Road Jn to Hartlepool DocksUnderstood to be disused
HLF1Hall Lane Jn to Foxlow JnELR change to Hall Lane JnUnderstood to be disused
HLF2Hall Lane Jn to Foxlow JnELR change to Foxlow JnUnderstood to be disused
HLKHigh Level Bridge Jn to King Edward Bridge South Jn
HLLHeathrow Airport Link LineAirport Jn to Heathrow Tunnel JnRefer to HLL1 / HLL2 beyond 12M 0672y
HLL1Heathrow Airport Link LineHeathrow Tunnel Jn to Heathrow Airport Terminal 4British Airports Authority (BAA) owned
HLL2Heathrow Airport Link LineHeathrow Tunnel Jn to Heathrow Airport Terminal 5British Airports Authority (BAA) owned
HMN1Hamilton CircleMotherwell Jn to former Ross Jn
HMN2Hamilton CircleNewton East Jn to former Ross Jn
HNBHendon BranchRyhope Grange Jn to South Dock
HNCHambleton North CurveHambleton East Jn to Hambleton North Jn
HND1Longbridge to HalesowenUnderstood to be disused
HNL1Hereford and Newport LineRed Hill Jn to Maindee West Jn
HNL2Hereford and Newport LineBrecon Curve Jn to Bulmers SidingsUnderstood to be disused
HNOHartford North Jn to Oakleigh Siding
HNRNorthampton LoopHanslope Jn to Rugby (via Northampton)
HNSHeaton Norris and Guide Bridge LineHeaton Norris Jn to Guide Bridge Station Jn
HOB2St Helens BranchHaydock Branch Jn to Ashton in Makerfield
HOKHorrocksford BranchHorrocksford Jn to HorrocksfordUnderstood to be part closed
HOSHolgate Jn to Skelton Jn (via Slow Lines)
HOTHorwich Town Branchformer Blackrod Jn to HorwichUnderstood to be disused
HOUHounslow LoopBarnes Jn to Feltham Jn (via Hounslow)
HPCHare Park Jn to Crofton West Jn
HPQParkeston Quay Goods Yard
HPWHarringay ChordHarringay Park Jn to Harringay West
HSAStratford BranchHatton Station Jn to Stratford-upon-Avon
HSCHambleton South CurveHambleton South Jn to Hambleton West Jn
HSEDover Archcliffe Jn to Hawkesbury Street Jn
HSJSnow Hill to Smethwick LineHandsforth Jn to Smethwick Jn
HSLHythe and Sandgate BranchUnderstood to be disused
HSTGlasgow City Union LineHigh Street Jn to Shields Jn
HTGIsle of Grain Branch (Goods Line)Hoo Jn to Isle of Grain
HTMShaftholme Flyover (or North Doncaster Chord)Haywood Jn to Thorpe Jn
HTWHeath Town Jn to Walsall Lichfield Road JnUnderstood to be disused
HUEHunslet East Goods BranchNeville Hill West Jn to Hunslet East
HUL1Leeds to HullHull to Selby
HUL2Leeds to HullSelby to Selby South Jn
HUL3Leeds to HullSelby South Jn to near Micklefield (former Regional boundary)
HUL4Leeds to Hullnear Micklefield (former Regional boundary) to Leeds
HUNHunterston Low Level BranchHunterston Jn to NR boundary (Clydeport)
HWGHartford West Goods CurveHartford West Jn to Hartford North Jn
HXS1Hunts Cross to Southport (Northern Line)Liverpool Central to Hunts Cross West Jn
HXS2Hunts Cross to Southport (Northern Line)Sandhills Jn to Liverpool Central (Pemberton to Mersey Railway)
HXS3Hunts Cross to Southport (Northern Line)Sandhills Jn to Southport
HYDHyndland West CurveHyndland North Jn to Hyndland West Jn
HYMHealy Mills YardUnderstood to be part closed